Celeb’s secrets to healthy hair

If your hair is subject to various noxious treatments like celebrities’ locks, you may want to consider some of their secrets to healthy hair. Yahoo! News spoke to some of the most famous women in Hollywood who are worldly-renowned for their long and shiny tresses.

Colombian bombshell, Sofia Vergara thinks it is important to give your hair some rest. For that, she lets her hair air dry as often as possible, precisely because her career forces her to use heat styling tools and products almost every day. In addition, Sofia told fashion reporters that it is very important to wash your hair every day. This way, you avoid the built-in that is often caused by styling products and you reduce breakage.

Although she is often given as an example on hairstyle websites, Olivia Wilde confessed that she doesn’t pay too much attention to her tresses. The actress focuses on natural products rather than the ones containing too many chemicals. The fact that she doesn’t style her hair very often is an important factor contributing to the looks of her locks, Wilde added.

The tip provided by Rachel Bilson may seem a little bit unusual for you, especially if you like to style your hair and look preppy all the time. The actress told the press that she rarely brushes her hair because she finds them really noxious to her mane. Victoria Secret model Elsa Hosk prefers to take care of her hair from within; therefore, she recommends women to adopt a proactive diet. The model explained Yahoo! News viewers that it is important to stay hydrated, that is, to drink as many liquids as possible. Eating avocado and nuts is another trick that Elsa uses whenever she wants to restore vitality to her tired hair.

Nikki Reed learned all the tricks that she knows from her mom who is a hairdresser. Instead of using commercial products, the actress relies on homemade masks containing natural ingredients when it comes to keeping her hair healthy. The sexy brunette stated that she often puts avocados in her hair to make it shinier.

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