Cedric Benson, 3-game suspension for lockout misconduct

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter recently reported that Cincinnati Bengals’s Cedric Benson faces a 3-game suspension for lockout misconduct. The wide receiver has violated the personal conduct policy and the court hearing will take place next week, on Tuesday.  The news was previously reported on Yahoo!, but is now confirmed.

Cedric Benson believes that he’s got a strong case to argue against the NFL. At the same time, NFL believes it has sufficient evidence to impose his suspension for three games. The appeal next week could have the accusations dropped, the sentence reduced, or it could make no change in the sentence whatsoever.  Schefter says that no matter the outcome, Benson is going to miss the game against Buffalo at Jacksonville. “He’s played with the suspension hanging over his head the first two weeks of the season and he will play with the suspension on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers,” he added.

If he loses the appeal, Benson will be banned for three games, but at the moment there is no information regarding which games he will miss.
28-year-old Cedric Benson was released from jail on September 3, 2011, after spending five days behind bars for two misdemeanor assault charges. At the court hearing he pleaded no contest and received a sentence of 20 days in jail. However, his volunteer work (mopping the floors, helping with painting the crews) got him out a lot sooner.

This was not the first time Benson got in trouble with the law. Last year, we has arrested for beating up an employee of a bar in Austin. The incident brought him in front of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. That time, he got away with no punishment. He was very honest about that case, too. He pleaded no contest. This year, in July, he punched a former roommate, also pleading no contest afterwards. For that, he got 20 hours of community work and had to pay the victim an undisclosed amount of money .

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