Catholic League disturbed by Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance

Many more celebrities try to impress their audiences by setting up unusual performances, but Nicki Minaj has gone a little bit too far. Or at least this is what the Catholic League thinks after declaring themselves disturbed by Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance, says Washington Post.

The singer shocked everyone when she showed up dressed as a cardinal priest at the Grammys accompanied by a man representing the Pope. As if this was not enough, the artist went on stage to interpret her latest single “Roman Holiday” and mocked many of the Catholic values.

Bill Donohue, the Catholic League President wrote a press release to criticize Nicki Minaj’s number and to blame the Recording Academy for allowing the singer to insult the Catholic Church. He began his statement by describing the scenery of the show. Donohue mentioned the mock confessional skit, the video representing mock exorcism and the sexual innuendos that were made during the performance.

The President of the Catholic League finds that the Recording Academy is the only one to blame for this performance. In his opinion, the organizers of the Grammy Awards should have prevented Nicki Minaj for displaying such behavior. He concluded by saying that the Academy wouldn’t have allowed an artist to offend Judaism or Islam and they should equally respect other religions, too.

Ken Ehrlich, the executive producer of the Grammy telecast told the press that the organizers of the show don’t like to limit the creativity of their artists. He further added that he knew the singer had an alter ego and she allowed her to freely express herself on stage.

Minaj, on the other hand, claims she was constrained by the Grammy organizers to sing “Roman Holiday”. The artist would have liked to interpret another song from her repertoire, but the producers of the show liked “Roman Holiday” so much that they didn’t want to hear something else.

The artist explained that her Roman alter ego is part of the movie she has been developing for two years. Although they released interviews to the press, neither the Recording Academy nor Minaj has issued a response to the Catholic League’s open letter.

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  1. No!!! I felt it was poor taste, 1/3 of her performance, I turned the station, due to my 10 yr old grand daughter was watching, this was inappropriate for her.

  2. It’s just unoriginal, she could’ve done so much more with the concept, but instead went for the direct, boring way.
    With regards to the Catholics, that’s the problem in the modern world, trying to satisfy everyone. There’ll always be someone who disagrees with what someone else is doing.
    Look at Lady GaGa’s meat dress, for vegans that is highly offensive and shouldn’t be allowed.
    In the end, Nicki Minaj, your show was an unoriginal bore….

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