Catherine-Zeta Jones Scared Of Family Health Issues

Catherine-Zeta Jones and her family have been through various health issues lately. The actress confessed Us Weekly that these problems have scared her so much that she has decided to pay more attention to her health.

The “Rock of Ages” star has been through a rough period in the past two years. First, her husband, Michael Douglas, was diagnosed with throat cancer. One month later, Catherine-Zeta Jones revealed in an interview that her son, Dylan had “special needs”. In April 2011, the actress herself had to seek treatment for her bipolar disorder.

Speaking with reporters at Us Weekly, Jones confessed that she was very scared by her family’s health issues. Despite everything, she has managed to see the silver lining behind the clouds and they are now in a “much better place”.

Jones further added that their lives changed completely ever since they were faced with these problems. She has adopted a new perspective on a personal and a professional level. In addition, the actress is no longer interested in what other people might think or say about her.

Being constantly preoccupied about her son and her husband’s health condition determined Catherine-Zeta Jones to adopt a healthier lifestyle. She does everything she can to cut back on her busy schedule because she wants to be able to enjoy life with her family.

Although they have been through a lot of struggles, Catherine and Michael don’t regard themselves as strong persons. They prefer to say that the recent experiences have given them a powerful lesson about life and have enabled them to find new solutions for unexpected situations. She and her husband would often congratulate themselves for being able to dodge their issues. Everything is now going great in Jones’ family and she hopes things will stay like this for a long period of time because “it’s been a tough road”.

Catherine concluded the interview by thanking all her friends and fans for the support they have shown to her family. The 42-year-old star stated that Michael found the strength to defeat his throat cancer through the letters he received from his fans.

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