Catherine Zeta Jones must reduce caffeine and sugar consumption

Catherine Zeta Jones has been reported to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder last month. A team of British scientists who were investigating a possible link between the bipolar disorder trigger and manifestation and the nutrients intake on a daily basis have discovered that too much caffeine and insufficient vitamin intake can be responsible for the manifestations of the disease.

With all the present problems in her life, Mrs. Zeta Jones was the perfect candidate for a mental condition caused by stress. Her husband’s illness – Michael Douglas’s cancer – may have tormented her enough to create loss of balance in the body’s immune system. It is very possible that she may have changed her eating habits suddenly, as a sign of bipolar disorder.

According to the study presented by the Lewisham Counseling and Counselor Associates on May 6th at the 17th Annual BACP Research Conference held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, bipolar disorder can be triggered by an insufficient intake of Omega 3 acids, Vitamin B and Magnesium. It has also been concluded that erratic diet habits represent the first symptom of the disease.

The team of researchers was led by Evanne Constantine and Wesley Freeman-Smith. The subject of their studies, the link between bipolar disorder and insufficient vitamin intake, was intuited by many for a long time. Even common people knew it. You don’t have to be a doctor to see that what you eat affects your body in numerous ways. Some people observe that a chocolate bar boosts their energy, other see that if they drink green tea in the morning they feel lighter during the day and the examples could continue. Still, it takes scientists to validate what we feel is right.

Evanne Constantine & co have reached the conclusion that Omega 3 acids, Magnesium and Vitamin D daily intake redue the mood swings’s intensity and frequency. In addition, reducing caffeine and sugar may also be helpful.

The scientists state that even though diet plays a crucial role in the disease’s appearance  and triggering, the current treatment considers it as part of traditional alternatie medicine and don’t pay much attention to it.

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition characterized by sudden and intense mood swings, from depression and isolation to choleric aggressive behavior. Even though the person realizes something is wrong with his/ her reactions, he/ she cannot control them. At present the only treatment available is medication. Constantine and Freeman-Smith believe that people with bipolar disorder need to be informed of the nutritional intake benefits.

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