Women want to emancipate themselves

“At home I am in war with my husband, but in the end I won! “Hooray share in a roar of laughter, followed by the other women gathered around the delicious couscous they have prepared. Eight women from the southern suburbs of Villejuif responded Saturday at the invitation of the Social Center Eugene-Candon City to talk about discrimination and access to rights, in the presence of social workers and a representative of Planned Parenthood.
“When you are an immigrant woman is often more difficult to access the same things as men, whether to leave or to work, says a referent. Initially, there is the language barrier, but little by little, they become more open and flourish. A group of women and planned to mount a play next year around the theme of access rights. A big challenge for those mothers most of whom do not speak French very well and for which to show off is not obvious.
Hooray arrived in France in 1993 while her husband was already living there for twenty years. This woman of Algerian origin confesses that she had to fight for access to a certain freedom: “In Algeria, tradition dictates that the wife stays at home. The husband does not want his wife so by lack of confidence. Me, my son pushed me to leave, to take French classes. It’s hard with my husband, but he understands more and more, it has evolved. “Naima, a facilitator in the center of Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis), rebounds:” I do not think this problem is specific to immigrant women. The man is afraid of losing his role. It is difficult for him to seek the advice of his wife. “Even though they are rare, the cons-examples exist. “Some women do not speak out because it is forbidden. Mine’s the opposite. My husband encourages me, “says Sukran, of Turkish origin. I’m shy and I tend to stay home. Now I’m taking French classes. “
The center participates in social effect to the empowerment of women by offering literacy classes, helping to build a resume to seek employment. It also offers meetings around parenting, health, human rights … “These women represent a silent majority who demand to be expressed, said Mostapha Hafidi, director of the office. We must consolidate this exchange because it allows to express lots of messages in the field of access to law, citizenship, education … “

Barcelona: The president Laporta is out of politics

Precisely, the exploits of small-sized Argentine could transform this fascinating and wealthy 47 year old lawyer in the most powerful political separatist Catalonia, never seen his hidden desire for a land free from Spanish power. In reality, Laporta has not yet formally announced his candidacy, but has already built a website for the campaign – laporta2010.cat – that only the first day has registered over 270 thousand contacts, testifying to what the popularity of the president of Barca is directly related to recent results of the club. “I will continue to devote the best years of my life to the nation that I love – one reads on the home – and has finally come for all time to serve the Catalonia. Website, which can be followed via Twitter and Facebook, are also disclosed some opinion polls, according to which if Laporta is now founded a new party would immediately less than 17% of the vote and perhaps even a large number of seats in the Catalan parliament. Needless to say, yet another success in the Champions League Barcelona, coupled perhaps with the title in La Liga, would consent to other Catalan separatist cause, though many columnists accuse Laporta azulgrana to use the club for its political aims.
Ambitions – “He confused his personal ambitions with those of Barcelona – Paco Cabezas explained on the online of” El Mundo “-. Laporta should not use his position as chairman of a club with millions of fans worldwide, each with their own political ideas, to promote his dream of a free Catalonia. Criticisms, however, does not seem to move an inch azulgrana a number that, according to rumors, is carrying out private surveys to assess its actual grip on the people before the official announcement of his descent into politics, expected in April 25 . “I’m attracted to the idea of a new party that believes that Catalonia should be an independent state – Laporta said the same in a recent interview – and I know I could be the leader.” Words that have transformed the Catalan champion of many separatist groups, including those known to Reagrupament, which could become a party in effect before the autumn elections and invited him to open up its annual conference. “I’m sure we will end up working together,” said the founder of the movement, Joan Carretero. And until that belief can be achieved very, Laporte relies on the magical feet of Messi, who is neither Spanish nor Catalan, but with her class infinite can put all agree, regardless of the political spectrum.

Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde, the apple of discord

A new episode of the conflict between French and Dutch language has once again plunging Belgium in a political crisis. On 22 April, the coalition government led by Prime Minister Yves Leterme has collapsed.
The Prime Minister, the Christian Democrats and Flemish (CD & V), has submitted his resignation to King Albert II after the Open VLD Flemish party, one of five teams represented in the government slammed the door. The sovereign has not yet indicated whether he accepted the resignation.
If elections are called, they will take place in June, just weeks before that Belgium take the rotating presidency of the European Union.
The poll also occur at a time when support for Flemish independence movement progresses in public opinion. Polls show the independence of Flanders training seduce currently some 40% of Flemish voters.
Yves Leterme had already offered his resignation in July 2008 against a background of linguistic crisis, but the king had refused. He had however accepted a subsequent resignation in December 2008, related to political and financial scandal of the dismantling of Fortis Bank. He returned to office in November 2009.

Saipem, already strong in the quarterly prices

Saipem is currently yielding a 69% to 29 euros per square Affairs, while the price of Brent crude was steady at $ 83.63 a barrel, pending the submission of quarterly scheduled for this afternoon. Analysts at Credit Suisse expect the first three months of 2010 revenues to 2.6 billion euros, an EBIT of 281 million and earnings per share to 0.38 euros, down 10% year over year 11% over the previous quarter, in line with the directions of the consensus at 0.39 euros.

Despite expectations of strong results, the broker has confirmed the finding underperform and price target to 21 euros, because of an assessment of the action too expensive. According to analysts, “the offshore may be surprising, following the good performance achieved recently in West Africa from the main competitor to Acergy, while for the onshore, we expect modest growth in revenues.
More specifically, “we expect growth of 5% of sales resulting from offshore drilling compared to last quarter,” analysts at Credit Suisse explained, stressing that the focus will be mainly at the start of the drilling ship Saipem 12000 (scheduled for May) and the possibility of further delays in the completion of drilling Scrabble 8:09 (postponed from June to August and November).
“The onshore drilling would benefit from further expansion of the fleet in the last quarter of 2009 and 2010, analysts continued, pointing out major projects with a view to Clov, P55, Iara / Guara and Shah. According to estimates from broker, Saipem is a P / E of 18.8 times for 2011, a premium of 20% from the field, exchanging 15 times, and premium of 15% compared to competitor Technip (15.7 times), against a historical average of 20% and 9%.


Exposition of the Shroud in 2010, Cathedral of Turin, news: 2 million visitors expected until May 23 to visit the Holy Shroud, Images and Youtube videos Rai Tg 2 files and Italy Open Studio One – After ten years the Holy Shroud is again exposed to the public. Visit the Cathedral of San Giovanni in Turin.
The Holy Shroud, by believers regarded as the cloth that was used to wrap the body of Jesus, certainly the most famous relic known to the world.
Carefully restored in 2002 to repair fire damage occurred in the sixteenth century that destroyed the Sainte Chapelle du Saint-Suaire to Chambry, then where was kept the Holy Shroud of Jesus will be on display until May 23, 2010.
The numbers fielded for the event are significant: about two hundred policemen and policemen, four volunteers available in 2 thousand and 500 entered service in order inside and outside the cathedral, more than 500 assistance for disabled 520 engaged in hospitality and information to pilgrims in the churches of the historic center and 250 who work in the Museum of the Shroud.
At the Cathedral of Turin are expected up to 2 million visitors.

The Shroud is a linen sheet of yellow ocher, rectangular in shape and size of about 442×113 cm. Thickness of about 0.34 millimeters, weighing approximately 2.450 kg. sewn on a canvas support, also of linen, the same size.
The hand-woven cloth with a herringbone weave and warp-weft ratio of 3:1. Corresponding to one long side and stitched the cloth was cut along the length of a few inches from the edge.