British Police To Monitor Social Media Websites In Advance or Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral

The death of the former Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, has triggered compassionate reactions, as well as unexpected bursts of joy on behalf of her opponents. Given the recent riots, the British police announced on Thursday that social media websites will be monitored in advance of the Baroness’ funeral to prevent other outbreaks of violence, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The late Baroness Margaret Thatcher will be buried next Wednesday during a state funeral ceremony. The event might be disturbed by protestors, whom police officers will closely watch during the ceremony. Commander Christine Jones, who is in charge of the operation, confirmed the news that the British police will monitor all the activity registered on social media websites during the days preceding the funeral.

Authorities have resorted to this measure after numerous outbreaks of violence have taken place in the days following the former Prime Minister’s death. Protestors in Brixton and Bristol “celebrated” the Baroness’ death by organizing violent street parties. Officers have reasons to believe that similar events have been planned Saturday, as well as, Wednesday, the day when the funeral ceremony is set. Rapid response units will be deployed, so riots could be put off as soon as they start. Moreover, plain clothes officers will be patrolling the streets and violent protests will be recorded so the police can later on identify the culprits.

Rumor has it that a major protest could take place this Saturday in Trafalgar Square. Anarchists plan to re-enact the poll tax riots by hanging an effigy of the former prime minister. The British police is, therefore, gathering online information to make sure that the macabre “party” doesn’t become violent. The MPS will, nevertheless, apply moderate measures because they don’t want to repeat the 2011 episode. The authority was highly criticized back then because they pre-emptively arrested people to ensure the safety of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their wedding ceremony.


Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda To Be Exhumed After 40 Years

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda will be exhumed after 40 years because his driver suggested that the Nobel-prize winner could have been poisoned. The former chauffer, Manuel Osorio claims the assassination of the poet might have been requested by the agents of General Augusto Pinochet, the Associated Press relates.

40 years after he was buried, the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda will be exhumed to verify whether he died of natural causes or whether he was killed. The decision was taken after his former driver, Manuel Osorio declared that the late poet might have been poisoned out of General Augusto Pinochet’s order.

The former chauffer further declared that the poet was intoxicated during the period of time he was hospitalized at the Santa Maria clinic in Santiago. In his opinion, the doctors curing the Noble prize winner have injected the poison in his stomach. Although he has no proofs supporting his declaration, Osorio is convinced that the poet’s murder was ordered by the general.

The motifs that might have determined Pinochet to order Neruda’s assassination remain unknown, but the Chilean government is willing to pay more attention to the investigation of the case. In fact, the poet’s grave will be opened in the following days and his body will be subject to closer medical analyses to determine the exact cause of his death.

Pablo Neruda, born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. Two years later, he passed away and his family declared that the cause of his death was the prostate cancer he had been suffering from for a long period of time. The poet was buried in Isla Nera beside his third wife, Matilde Urrutia.

Pablo Neruda is internationally known for his love poems and the numerous literature prizes he has won. His poems sound great even when translated in various languages, which is why, Colombian novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez described him as “the greatest poet of the 20th century in any language”.

Duchess Kate’s Word That Sent British Tabloids Into A Frenzy

Duchess Kate sent all British tabloids into a frenzy during her Tuesday’s visit to Grimsby, England. Upon receiving a teddy bear from a fan, Prince William’s wife uttered a sound that gave birth to many suppositions in response. Read the full article to find out the rest of the story.

The queen may be the only one sitting on the chair of state, but when it comes to the media’s attention, the members of the royal family like to take turns at making headlines. Few days after Queen Elizabeth II has been released from the hospital after a mild case of gastroenteritis, it was time for Duchess Kate to be in the spotlight. Since the weather was not good enough for a session of topless or bikini photos, the Duchess settled herself to making an accidental word slip causing great buzz among the media.

As she visited Grimsby, England to promote Prince’s Trust Charity, Kate received a white teddy bear from one of the persons in the crowd. The Duchess was very pleased with the gift and replied: “Thank you. I will take that for my d…”. Although she did not pronounce the entire word, reporters and well-wishers in the crowd have immediately implied that the duchess was willing to say ‘daughter’, thus revealing the gender of her unborn baby.

The wave of suppositions was fueled by the testimonies of the people standing in the crowd, next to Kate. Sandra Cook, for instance, who was standing next to the woman who handed the teddy bear asked the duchess whether she had meant to say daughter or not, but she received no clear answer. Kate insisted that the gender of the baby is unknown for the moment, but none of the persons, who were present at the visit believed her declaration. Prince William’s wife ended her declaration with a decisive “We’re not telling” convincing even more royal followers that the next heir will be a girl.

The palace hurried to support Kate Middleton’s declaration by issuing an official statement through which they vehemently declined all rumors. Spokespersons told the press that the rumors are false, so the royal family has no comments to make in relation to the gender of the baby.

Meanwhile, the press has to deal with a new conflict arising from the fact that one of the bystanders heard the duchess refer to the baby as ‘he’. The royal family is not expected to make any announcements about the gender of the baby until due date as the rules of the palace prohibit it.

Update on Queen Elizabeth II’s Health Condition

Queen Elizabeth II was taken to a hospital in London after being diagnosed with gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach lining and intestines. The official declaration issued by the Buckingham Palace further stated that the Queen is in a very good condition and doctors expect to release her within two days.

They say there is a place where even the king prefers to go alone, but Queen Elizabeth II comes to contradict the saying. Having dealt with stomach problems this weekend, the 86-year-old sovereign chose the hospital bed instead of the proverbial throne. She was diagnosed with gastroenteritis – a mild affection of the intestines – so Prince Charles was interrupted from his feverish race towards the chair of state and forced to retrace his course.

The queen will be released from the hospital within two days, but she will continue to remain under close observation because of her frail condition. The representatives of the royal family have already postponed or canceled the tasks that she was supposed to accomplish this week. The sovereign was supposed to attend a military parade in the Welsh city of Swansea on Friday, but her stomach ailment prevented her from fulfilling her duties. On Wednesday, the 86-year-old royal was set to leave on a two-day visit to Italy, but she will remain in England, instead.

The palace decided to take the queen to the King Edward VII hospital as a “precautionary measure”, but medical tests have shown that the monarch is in a very good condition. Even during her admittance to the hospital, the queen was “in good spirits” being encouraged by the crowd of well-wishers, who have gathered in front of the hospital’s main entrance.

Queen Elizabeth II has never dealt with severe health issues during the 61 years she has spent on the throne. While anti-monarchists may be tempted to associate her good health condition with the delightful idleness that usually characterizes the royal family, the queen’s medical history proves that being a sovereign could, in fact, be very risky. The royal member twisted her knee during a visit at the Newmarket racecourse in 2003 and had to undergo surgery to repair the damaged cartilage.

The younger members of the royal family will undergo medical tests in the following period because they could suffer from gastroenteritis, too. This virus can be highly infectious and, just like the hereditary monarchy, it could be transmitted from one member of the family to another.

New Report Shows Link Between Chinese Government And Hacking Attacks Against US

A new report published by the American company Mandiant proves that there is a link between the Chinese government and the numerous hacking attacks that have been performed against US media institutions. The security firm claims the Chinese groups of hackers have been hired by the Chinese government to breach media companies, such as, New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

The Chinese government, as well as many Chinese manufacturers, has been accused in the past of using various methods to gain access to the computers of American companies and gather information. The evidence, however, was not enough to support these allegations, so the accusations were eventually dropped. The 60-page report that the American company, Mandiant, published on Monday contains all the proofs that the American authorities were looking to show that the Chinese government has been behind the hacking attacks performed against US.

Based on the information disclosed in the papers, the attacks originated in a building near Shanghai, the headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398. Given the location of the attacks, the security company s convinced that the hacking groups either belong to the said unit of the People’s Liberation Army or they are controlled by the Chinese military. The fact that the Chinese government controls all Internet-related networks is another reason why Kevin Mandia, Mandiant’s founder, believes the Chinese government is aware of the hacking attacks.

The subject was immediately addressed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei during a scheduled news conference. He denied all the allegations made by the American company and described the use of rough material as “neither responsible nor professional”. He further added that China, too, has been the target of numerous hacking attacks in the past years along with the United States of America and other countries.

Hong Lei concluded his declaration by assuring viewers that the Chinese government has adopted very strict laws against hacking. Yet, hacking attacks still occur, the most powerful one coming from a security company in Virginia, named Mandiant Corp.

Dubai Metro Awards An iPhone 5 Every Day To Passengers

RTA, the national metro network of Dubai, has launched an innovative campaign according to which passengers have the possibility to win a free iPhone 5 every day if they use this means of transportation. This campaign is meant to determine many more local inhabitants to use public transportation, the Associated Press reports.

Ramadan Abdullah, Director of Rail Operation, RTA Rail Agency organized a press conference to announce that Dubai inhabitants will have the possibility to take part in an innovative “Use and Win” campaign as long as they travel by metro. “This drive will increase the ridership of both the Red and Green Lines,” was the explanation that the director provided for the campaign.

According to his declaration, the campaign will last until the end of February. Meanwhile, metro users have the chance to take part in daily draws at the end of which a passenger will receive an iPhone 5. Not all passengers can take part in the campaign as there are some conditions that need to be fulfilled first. Only passengers who travel at least two times with the metro and have one of the three Nol cards (Gold, Silver and Blue) are eligible to take part in the campaign. In fact, the more people travel with the metro, the more chances there are for them to win an iPhone 5.

Passengers, who want to take part in the draws, must travel at least one zone during one trip. The eligibility of the travelers will be verified by a special team, which is also responsible for drawing of the winners. The Nol card number at the backside of the card is the main element that will be taken into consideration for the selection of the winners. RTA’s Twitter account, Facebook page, and RTA’s portal will be uploaded each day with the winning cards until the campaign is over at the end of the month.

There is also a phone number (055-4704724) that was made available for winners to get all the information they need regarding their places and hours where they can get their prizes. The first winner has already been presented by CEO of Rail Agency Adnan Al Hammadi at Emirates Airline Station.

New York, New England To Be Hit By Massive Blizzard

A new danger threatens the East Coast of America after the devastating Superstorm destroyed great part of the cities last year. This time it is a massive blizzard that is expected to make its presence felt in New York, New England and other important cities in the following days, according to the Associated Press.

Meteorologists announced on Friday that the Northeast part of the continent will be hit by a massive blizzard. Experts expect up to 2 feet of snow to cover the Interstate 95 corridor from the New York City area to Boston and beyond. The population in New York City and other cities in the region have already started to gather supplies so they won’t have to get out of the house in the following period. Road crews are ready to intervene with salt, sand and shovels in case the snow is too big.

Unlike other storms who have received names, the upcoming blizzard has not been baptized yet. Some online users have ventured into naming it Frankenblizzard, but the name hasn’t been officially adopted. Alan Dunham, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Taunton, Mass. told the press that the storm is going to be one of the most dangerous blizzards so far. “Wherever you need to get to, get there by Friday afternoon and don’t plan on leaving,” he recommended.

Various cities have taken measures against the blizzard, including Boston, Providence, R.I., Hartford, Conn. School was canceled on Friday and more than 2,600 flights were removed from airports’ schedule until Saturday.

Based on meteorologists’ reports the first snowflakes will start falling on Friday morning and their volume will intensify on Friday night and Saturday. Wind gusts could get as rapid as 65 mph, whereas power outages and flooding could affect most of the cities that were hit by last year’s Superstorm.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg reassured New Yorkers and people living on the East coast that authorities are ready to interfere in case the snow gets unbearable. He further stated that he hopes the weather reports are exaggerated and there won’t be such a massive amount of snow after all. Nevertheless, the fact that the blizzard comes during a weekend when the traffic is lighter, will make it much easier for snowplows to clean the streets.

Have Fun and Make Money Playing Online Bingo

Ask anybody you want, the biggest wish they have is to win the big jackpot playing the lottery. But the odds of actually winning the national lottery jackpot are pretty small compared to the chances of making money or winning prizes playing online bingo.

There are literally hundreds of websites online that give you the chance of making money by playing free online bingo games. And each such website adds to your experience different entertainment options such as meeting new people, all kinds of additional prizes, discounts and even a variety of bingo games. The most user friendly site I found was Not to mention, it was the most fun! So the only question is: are you ready to enter a new world of possibilities?

There is a long history to the US bingo game, dating back to 1929 when Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York went to Jacksonville, Georgia to start his own business. It was then when Ed Lowe got introduced to the game of Beano, the original Bingo game that came from Italy. He started organized the game during carnivals and it wasn’t until a woman won the game and instead of shouting “Beano” she said “BBBingo”. It wasn’t long before Bingo became a huge thrill across the US. He even organized the largest Bingo game in history, with 60,000 players and ten cars being given away as the big prizes.

One of the main questions people have about playing free online bingo games is if this is considered gambling. A lot of persons fear playing bingo is challenging their moral standpoint, but grandma and grandpa do it at their retirement home, so how can this be considered wrong? Bingo is a form of toned down gambling when the prizes include money, but it’s nothing like poker or casino games. Bingo is a fun game but like every other thing that includes you investing your hard-earned money, use caution above everything else.

The main purpose of playing bingo games is having fun. For decades, bingo was all about bringing the community together and giving people a chance to win a prize they’d not normally afford upfront. Churches and charity organizations still stage Bingo games every weekend or so to give people in the community a chance to bond and win prizes. But the appeal for the game and the desire to make money or win a car has prompted the surge of online free bingo games, like Party Bingo for instance.

New 2013 Trend: Fake Braces

The New Year has just begun and new trends have started to make their presence felt. Strange as it may seem, one of the most worn accessory of 2013 will be, according to the Associated Press, the fake braces. Read the full article to find out more about this trend.

Braces have become a fashion trend in Southeast Asia where children, teenagers and adults alike sport these mouth accessories as often as they can. Asian people no longer consider braces a medical device, but rather an alluring status symbol considering that dental care is very expensive in this region. An average family pays over $1,200 in Bangkok to get a pair or real braces, which is why many more Asians adorn their mouths with dental appliances to prove they are wealthy.

The fake braces trend was also fueled by the recent geek fashion that has started to make its presence felt on the international catwalks. It goes hand in hand with the thick rimmed glasses and the back-to-school clothes that are very popular at present. Moreover, famous pop stars like Katy Perry have proven that braces can be popular by wearing them in their most recent videos.

Fake braces are usually applied in beauty salons, but there are cheaper variants as well for those who cannot afford the first option. Teenagers, for instance, can purchase their fake braces on the Internet and learn how to apply them through do-it-yourself tutorials. Teenagers can choose all the models and colors they want as the market has a wide variety of dental appliances.

Cool as they may seem, metal mouths can be dangerous, especially when the job is accomplished by amateurs. Doctors warn teenagers that wearing fake braces can cause severe health problems. These appliances are usually made out of cheap materials and they can cause multiple sores on the gums and in the mouth. Thailand has already banned the use of fake braces after a 17-year-old girl contracted a thyroid infection and lost her life.


Fireman Killer Wrote Chilling Note Before Attack

William Spengler, the fireman who killed two fire fighters in a Lake Ontario ambush on Tuesday, wrote a chilling note before the attack. Police officers have stated that the murderer intended to set the entire neighbourhood on fire and kill as many people as possible, Huffington Post reports.

Gerald L. Pickering, the police chief in Webster, told the press that new evidence was discovered in the case of the 62-year-old gunman called William Spengler. According to him, the gunman left a typewritten note announcing his criminal intentions. Spengler planned to burn down great part of the city and do what he likes best, that is, “killing people”. Great part of the writing was unintelligible, but there are some portions that will most likely be used as evidence.

Fire fighters received a call on Tuesday to put out a car fire and a special unit was sent in the area. When they arrived at the scene, the fire fighters discovered that the burning house and car were, in fact, an ambush. The gunman attacked them; four men were injured and two others were killed in the volley of bullets.

Investigators spent several hours looking for the killer. They eventually found his lifeless body near the beach. According to the police report, Spengler committed suicide by shooting himself to the head. Chief Pickering declared that the gunman used a semi-automatic rifle to kill the fire fighters, but two other weapons might have been involved, as well. Based on the analysis of the recovered bullets, the gun was a .223 Bushmaster rifle, the same weapon that was used in the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre.

William Spengler had the profile of a criminal. He was imprisoned in 1981 for bludgeoning his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer and was released in 1998. He was on parole until 2006, but the Webster police claim his conduct had been irreproachable in the past years.