Russia President Vladimir Putin Announces Divorce

The Associated Press reports that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has revealed his intentions o filing for divorce after 29 years of marriage. He and his wife, Lyudmila Putina, have agreed that it is better to separate since they have always lived separate lives.

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has always kept his personal life away from the media, but this Thursday, he revealed during a show on the national television that his marriage has never been perfect. For that matter, Vladimir and his wife, Lyudmila, have decided that the safest thing to do is to file for divorce and lead separate lives.

Vladimir refused to say what caused them to file for divorce and simply concluded “to each his own life”. Lyudmila Putina, on the other hand, has never shied away from expressing her grievances in the public. During the Thursday’s televised appearance, she told reporters that she never liked the air travel and the publicity she received as Vladimir’s wife.

Her confessions were, nevertheless, included in a 2002 biography called “Vladimir Putin: the Road to Power”. Putina’s contribution to the book is almost entirely made out of complaints in an attempt to prove that the President has never been a good husband, not even during their three-year courtship. Lyudmila claims she has always felt humiliated by Vladimir and therefore, grew distant.

The biographer, Oleg Blotsky, has even provided several examples to better illustrate the inappropriate conduct that Vladimir had towards his wife. He wrote in his book that during the period the two were dating, that is, in the 1980s, Putina was always forced to wait for Vladimir for more than an hour at their meeting places. She was very disturbed by his behavior, especially since he has always been punctual at work.

It wasn’t just Putina that was ignored and mistreated by Vladimir. According to her declaration, the President missed the birth of their first child because he was away on a business trip. This did not prevent Vladimir from criticizing his wife for her cooking when they would first see each other.

The recent interview has confirmed all the rumors, according to which, the marriage between the two has been more formality than fulfillment. The presidential couple concluded by saying that their divorce will be a civilized one as they have both agreed that it is better to separate.

East Coast Could Face Tropical Storm Andrea’s Fury

MIAMI (AP) – The East Coast is expecting to face the fury of a new hurricane as tropical storm Andrea become more and more intense. The Atlantic hurricane season’s first tropical cyclone has affected great part of northern Florida and is now moving towards Georgia and Carolina.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami never expected the tropical storm Andrea to turn into a hurricane, but the first tropical cyclone grew stronger as it advanced through the territory of the East Coast. The evolution of the tropical storm is carefully observed by weather experts, but it is impossible to determine its exact effects. So far, the northern side of Florida has been the most affected with winds of 45 mph and heavy rains which ruined most inhabitants’ houses.

In spite of the storms, Andrea is expected to lose its intensity by Friday evening, according to weather forecasters. Georgia and Carolina, the two eastern states that are expected to be influenced by the hurricane in the following days, will most likely get sloppy and drenched due to the large quantities of water that are expect to fall in the area.

Even though the tropical storm is expected to lose its intensity, weather forecasters recommend people to remain wary this weekend as the rain could damage their homes and cause multiple floods. The message was reinforced by Florida Governor, Rick Scott, who told the media that the biggest risk at present is to see the tropical storm turn into a tornado. He, therefore, recommended residents to remain vigilant until authorities lift the warning.

Andrea may be moving at fast pace, but weather experts at the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami reassure residents that this is good news. If it had been a slower storm, the effects would have been bigger as Andrea would have had more time to dump rain.

Theater Shooting Suspect To Get Mental Evaluation

James Holmes, the suspect who opened fire in a Colorado theater will get a mental evaluation on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. The court allowed the suspect to get evaluated by psychiatrists after blaming the events on insanity reasons.

Mental evaluation is required by law whenever the court is dealing with cold-blood murders such as the ones performed by James Holmes, a neuroscience graduate student who killed several people in a Colorado theater, last year. The court agreed that Holmes should get mentally evaluated, but it could take a while until the Colorado Mental Health Institute could issue a report on the suspect’s condition. A mental-health professional will have to read first the evidence gathered for the case and the file contains 40,000 pages.

160 counts of murder have been brought against James Holmes, who killed 12 people and injured 70 more during the July 20 rampage. Prosecutors want to obtain the death penalty, but the suspect’s legal representatives claim he is not mentally healthy and, therefore, needs to receive adequate medical care. Prosecutors could not provide an exact date for Holmes’ evaluation; they have told the press that an August 2 deadline has been set up, but mental experts may not be able to get a correct diagnosis by then. If that be the case, judge Carlos Samour Jr. will set a new deadline, even though he still hopes he can begin Holmes’ trial in February.

Defense lawyers are willing to do whatever it takes to get their client rid of the death penalty. They told the press that they will try to seek a change of venue by claiming that the case has been affected by pretrial publicity.

Howard Zonana, a professor of psychiatry at Yale University and medical director of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, revealed that the suspect’s case has to be well-studied before the examination because the mental-health professional has to be up to date with all the aspects that have been discussed in court. Depending on the case, the evaluation period could be longer or shorter.

Why Did Disneyland Jack Up Prices?

Disneyland announced on Monday that ticket prices have been increased now that the summer holiday is getting closer and customers are expected to queue for hours in front of the gates. The company claims the 6% increase won’t prevent people from visiting the theme park, especially in the summer holiday, Fox News reports.

Hotels and resorts are getting ready to welcome guests for the summer holiday. Some have prepared affordable offers, while others have increased ticket prices being sure that guests will visit them no matter what. Disneyland belongs to the second category now that the theme park has revealed that ticket prices will increase by 6%. The most visible difference, however, is for the tickets that are valid for a longer period of time.

The company’s spokesperson revealed that a one-day ticket for adults will cost $95, whereas for children ages nine and younger will cost $89. Until now, adults had to spend $89 on a one-day ticket and children $83. The increase is valid for all Disneyland theme parks, be they in Orlando or California. Parking passes, too, will be more expensive starting this month; visitors will pay $1 more for a one-day ticket.

The most visible differences will be for the tickets that are valid on a longer period of time or which contain exclusive services. The Deluxe Annual Passports, which allow customers to visit the California parks 315 days a year, have been subject to the biggest cost increase; thus, consumers will have to pay $499 instead of $469. Premium Annual Passports went up by $20 and they now cost $669. The Disney Premier Passport, the most expensive ticket, which allows unlimited access to the California and Florida parks, will cost $979 and not $849.

There are several tricks that visitors can use to save money and compensate for the budget holes that the recent increase may cause. Looking for bundled packages and over packing to avoid unwanted expenses are the first two steps you need to make to reduce Disneyland costs.

Washington State Bridge Collapses; Car Plunges Into Water

A Washington state bridge collapsed on Thursday evening sending two pickup truck drivers into the water. According to reporters at CBS News, authorities are working to find out the cause which might have led to the partial collapse of the Interstate 5 bridge.

Dan Sligh and his wife were supposed to enjoy their camping trip, but their plans were shattered by the imminent collapse of the Interstate-5 bridge in Washington state. The two passengers did not manage to stop the car when the bridge started to fall apart and they plunged in the water. They survived the incident, but had to be taken to the hospital to get medical treatments for the superficial wounds they have suffered. Doctors at the Skagit Valley Hospital, where Dan and his wife were transported, confirmed there were no victims during the incident.

Marcus Deyerin, a spokesman for the Northwest Washington Incident Management Team, told the press that only two vehicles plunged in the water during the collapse. None of the passengers were injured, but the team will continue to investigate the scene to eliminate all doubts. Authorities will talk to the people that were involved in the accident and those who have witnessed the event to figure out what happened on the bridge that is located 60 miles north of Seattle in Skagit County.

At the first look, the structure of the 58-year-old bridge doesn’t seem to have been too frail to support vehicles. Police officers believe the driver of a commercial truck might be responsible for the incident. It is possible that the truck hit the side of the bridge weakening its structure and causing it to collapse. Officials have no evidence in support of their suppositions as they haven’t been able to speak with the driver yet.

Whether the heavy truck was responsible or not for the bridge collapse, the event has opened a new debate related to the safety of America’s infrastructure. Barry LePatner, author of “Too Big to Fall: America’s Failing Infrastructure and the Way Forward,” claims most U.S. bridges need to undergo various restoration works to avoid similar accidents in the future.

You Tube Comedy Week: What Should We Expect?

You Tube plans to entertain its users with many more funny videos by celebrating the Comedy Week between May 19 and 25. Many performances from well-known British and American standup comedians will be featured on the video sharing website this week, so here is what you should expect, according to the Guardian.

You Tube has decided to celebrate comedy by opening a special channel featuring funny performances during 19 – 25 of May. The event was announced by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who declared himself a fan of comedy, even though his muscly looks would never let us suspect it. The “Terminator” star told You Tube viewers they should expect to see many videos from comedy actors like Vince Vaughn, Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman and many others. The Comedy Week clip is full of many references to social networking trends, such as, planking or Harlem Shake. Hints to “Terminator” lines are not absent from the clip, either, as Arnold mocks his own character.

You Tube will post spoofs and funny rap battles videos the entire week, but viewers will be able to watch performance of great Hollywood actors. Owen Wilson has confirmed his participation at the Comedy Week, while Ricky Gervais has already posted the first guitar lesson of one of his alter egos, David Brent, which will be followed by other similar videos. David Mitchell and Jamie Oliver – the famous British cook – will also take part in You Tube’s celebration of the Comedy Week.

Personally, I find Ricky Gervais’ You Tube performance very weak compared to his previous standup comedy shows. The other videos posted haven’t managed to bring a smile on my face, either, but I’m assuming comedians are just getting started. The channel is definitely worth keeping an eye on, even for staying in touch with the latest comedy news.

Newark International Airport Incident: Two Airplanes Clip Wings

The Associated Press reports that two passenger airplanes getting ready to take off at the Newark International Airport clipped their wings on Wednesday afternoon. The incident occurred at around 7:30 p.m. when Scandinavian Airlines Flight 908 on its way to Oslo hit the tail of the Nashville-bound ExpressJet Flight 4226.

Authorities at Newark International Airport were getting ready for the worst when two of the airplanes on the runway clipped their wings. Scandinavian Airlines Flight 908 and Nashville ExpressJet Flight 4226 were getting ready to take off at around 7:30 on Wednesday afternoon. The airport traffic control tower witnessed the two planes bumping into each other, but there was nothing they could do to prevent the incident.

According to witness’ declaration the Scandinavian airplane heading to Oslo hit the tail of the Nashville ExpressJet. Although the passengers were not injured, the two planes were severely damaged as the wing of the Scandinavian Airlines plane was entirely broken. Both airplanes headed to the gates and the passengers were disembarked after the accident. Authorities are now investigating the scene and the two airplanes to determine what might have caused the incident. No other details have been released by the airport spokesperson for the moment.

The accident scared all the passengers on board of the two planes, but they did not suffer any physical injuries. United ExpressJet officials told reporters at the Associated Press that all the 31 passengers left the airplane normally and they were taken to the terminal by bus in order to be re-accommodated. The company further stated that they are now working to find the cause of the incident and to prevent similar episodes from taking place again in the future.

The airport schedule was completely ruined after the airplane incident and workers had to rearrange all their flights. Passengers had to wait until the airport managed to get back into harness, but their flights had been delayed by 45 minutes.

Twesumes – Can They Really Land You a Job?

Some companies prefer traditional CVs, but other confess they would love to see how daring and original their applicants can get. Twesumes – 140-character resumes that are posted on Twitter – represent the latest trend job seekers can resort to, but can they really land you a job? Read the full article and find out what experts think about Twesumes.

Twitter resumes were first introduced in 2011, but very few people have actually used them. Analysts think applicants were right to show reluctance towards Twesumes as there are very few companies that would actually accept this format. According to Sai Pradhan, a headhunter and managing director for TrufflePig Search in Hong Kong, using the Twitterverse to apply for a job position is very unlikely to draw managers’ interest. He believes the 140 characters available on Twitter are not enough to provide all the information that is usually included in the CV. “I cannot imagine someone explaining their breadth of experience in just 140 characters,” he added.

Despite living in the high speed era, Pradhan considers the selection process must not be reduced to Twesumes. He acknowledges the fact that sometimes you need to create a controversy to draw managers’ attention, but using a 140-character resume is too much. Twesumes can only work as brief introductions and links to the real CVs, in the headhunter’s opinion.

Some companies, however, have made it clear that they prefer “web presence” instead of traditional resumes. Union Square Ventures, for instance, requested job seekers to post links to the websites where they have been most active; the trend has been rapidly adopted by many other tech companies. The largest Twitter campaign was the one developed by the chief marketing officer of U.S. technology company Enterasys, Vala Afshar. The latter posted a job announcement for the position of senior social media strategist requiring candidates to post #SocialCV links and have more than 1,000 Twitter followers. Hundreds of applicants have posted links, but only 15 of them have been selected for in-person interviews. This proves, in Pradhan’s opinion, that recruitments performed with the help of social media cannot replace the traditional face-to-face selection process.

Authorities Disclose New Information on the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect

Fox News reports that authorities have disclosed new information in relation to the person who is believed to be responsible of the Boston Marathon bombing. According to the most recent declarations of the police, the suspect could hail from Chechnya or Turkey.

After numerous investigations, police officers managed to identify two persons who are believed to be related to the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday. Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers involved in the explosions, is a 19-year-old student at Cambridge, Massachusetts University. He has lived in the United Stated in the past years, but he originates from an oversee country, most likely Chechnya or Turkey, according to authorities.

Sources related to the investigation claim that the federal law enforcements are trying to find out whether the two brothers have received military training before their arrival in the United States. Online records indicate that Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev won a $2,500 scholarship from the city of Cambridge in 2011.

Soon after authorities published the pictures of the two suspects on Thursday, the two men surfaced causing further damage in the city. They shot a police officer, robbed a convenience store and carjacked a man. They became even more aggressive when Boston police summoned them to surrender. The two suspects responded with gun fires and explosives that were hurled from the stolen car. One of the suspects was killed during the shoot-out, whereas the second one fled the scene. Officers are now looking for Suspect 2 who is believed to be armed and very dangerous.

Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, told reporters at Fox News that the majority of the collected evidence indicates that the two suspects are responsible for Monday’s Boston explosions which killed 3 men and hurt 180 others. He further revealed that authorities think the two men belong to a terrorist group. The two suspects must have been trained to come to America and kill people.

World’s Cities on Alert After Boston Marathon Blasts

The effects of the Boston Marathon blasts were felt in all the major cities of the world as authorities have taken additional measures to increase security and prevent similar attacks from happening. According to the Associated Press, Los Angeles, New York and London have all intensified law enforcement presence after the Monday’s explosions in Boston.

Despite the surge in security that U.S. authorities have imposed after the 9/11 terrorist attack, the recent events at the Boston Marathon have proven that similar blasts are still possible on the American territory, as well as other countries. Consequently, world’s main cities have chosen to increase protection for the most important institutions in the following period. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Detroit and San Diego are the U.S. states that were the first to announce new security measures.

British officials and authorities fear a similar attack could be planned on their territory, as well, especially since the funeral of the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is due to take place this week. Sunday’s Marathon, which will be held in London with the participation of numerous international athletes, has constrained British police to review the security plans they have prepared for the event. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have also been used by law enforcement agencies to request people to denounce any suspicious activity to the police.

Terrorist attacks could take place at any time in the major cities of the world, but UK officials have many more reasons to fear an act of terrorism because Margaret Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday will gather the most important political figures in Britain. The event which will take place at Saint Paul’s Cathedral will be attended by Queen Elizabeth II and her family, as well as other dignitaries. The procession during which Thatcher’s flag-draped coffin will be carried on a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of London, has raised many concerns for authorities and security agencies who are planning the event.