Bed bugs Getting Resistant to Popular Pesticides: New Study Reveals

Bed bugs Getting Resistant to Popular Pesticides

Bed bugs or nighttime blight for so many and while getting rid of them used to be as simple as calling your exterminator that may not be the case forever in a new study.

University researchers tested two commonly used pesticides on populations of bed bugs gathered from different parts of the country to see how effectively these chemicals kill these pests.

What they found is that some of the bed bugs tested were resistant to one or even both pesticides finding that higher levels were needed to defeat some of these insects.

A sign that pesticides alone soon may not solve our bed bug problem. So for now experts suggest a multi legged approach one that uses pesticide but also incorporates other methods like traps steam and even physical removal.

All this means a call for more research into new ways to prevent and destroy these bugs.

K-Pop Girl Group TWICE New Single ‘Knock Knock’ Is Rocking it out

K-Pop Girl Group TWICE New 'Knock Knock'

After all the sweet photos and cute teaser photos, finally their new hit is out! .The new single “Knock Knock” was released today and it has already over 3 million  hits in just a few hours!

Here is the last single from K-Pop Girl Group TWICE:’Knock Knock’ Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. Let us know what you think about it in the comments?