Is iPad Air 2 the best Apple tablet?

iPad Air 2 is probably still the best Apple tablet on the market. Even if Apple has also released their biggest tablet ever launched, iPad Pro, many customers will most likely will still opt for the iPad Air 2. Why? Because it has a good price and its specs are great. 

Before releasing the iPad Pro, probably all customers thought that iPad Air 2 is pretty big, but now, it seems like a perfectly portable size. To be added that the software found on this tablet is also very good, due to iOS 9, as thanks to its powerful processor, users can enjoy split-screen apps.

So, as it was already mentioned, this tablet also has an affordable price, at least when looking at its specs. The iPad Air 2 is available at the price of 499 dollars for the 16GB model, 599 dollars for the 64GB model and 699 dollars for the 128GB version. Moreover, customers can also opt for keyboard accessory, which will make iPad Air 2 a great portable writing tool. Owners could also use this tablet for watching movies, because it has an incredible screen and it handles multitasking.

As for iPad Pro, this huge tablet is without a doubt perfect for creative professionals who are looking for a high-end tablet that comes with a Pencil add-on. Of course, these kinds of specs are coming with a consisting price. So, this makes iPad Air 2 the most affordable and perfect tablet from the Apple lineup. The A8X processor found on this tablet runs wonderfully and it is probably faster than the iPad Mini 4. The battery life is also rated at approximately 10 hours between charges. Moreover, owners can use the iOS 9 battery-saving feature, which will help them extend battery life.

However, probably next year, Apple will come with a new tablet that will be even better. A new tablet is always welcomed on the market, even if the market is filled with a large variety of models. Probably, customers are willing to see more tablets that come with a stylus or Smart Connector ports. 

The new Vaio Z Canvas

Probably, customers are still thinking about Sony Vaio’s laptop model and its amazing design. Unfortunately for its fans, Sony has sold the brand. But, there are some good news on this market, too, because Vaio is back as an independent brand and released the new Vaio Z Canvas. 

Now, the interesting fact is that this new Windows tablet is more powerful than many other devices on the market, including Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The new device is perfect for those who love to draw and paint, because Vaio Z Canvas comes with a stylus and an amazing display.

As it was earlier mentioned, Vaio comes as an independent brand and wants to conquer the market with its new device. The new Vaio Z Canvas is available at the price of 2,200 dollars, which is a little bit expensive, but it also has an incredible hardware hidden between the chasses. The new 12.3-inch device comes with Windows 10 operating system, a battery-powered stylus, a detachable keyboard, impressive hardware that can run video editing software and an ultra-high resolution screen. 

So, what exactly hides the new Vaio Z Canvas? Well, a 47-watt, H-series Intel Core i7 processor, accompanied by 16GB of memory, 1TB of solid-state storage and Intel’s most powerful Iris Pro graphics. This means that we are talking about one of the most powerful devices on the market. 

As for design, Vaio Z Canvas looks pretty good, with an aluminum base that measures right about 12 inches, which is quite thick compared with an iPad. Moreover, this new device is very light and thin, compared with other high-end devices that are on the market and which come with the same amount of processing power. 

It feels like a solid built, meaning that it will probably survive a couple of accidental beatings. To be added, that the company has declared that the tempered glass screen was built to resists droppings from any angle. The 12.3-inch screen comes with a 2,560×1,704-resolution, meaning that it is right about at the same level with the Retina displays. Another attraction is the built-in kickstand and the keyboard, which are well built and very useful.

The new V-Moda Crossfade Wireless

Headphones are starting to be used by many customers these days. There are several famous brands which are releasing high-end headphones every year, offering an incredible sound. V-Moda is one of these brands and its flagship over-ear model, called the Crossfade M-100, is one of the best headphones on the market, at the moment. 

However, Val Kolton, V-Moda’s CEO, has promised that his company will release a new model that will sound as good as their flagship device. Well, it looks like they managed to do that, because they have released the new device called V-Moda Crossfade Wireless. 

At first sight, the new model looks approximately the same as the previous one. However, there are some changes that the new V-Moda Crossfade Wireless has, especially inside. The new model comes with a rechargeable battery, situated in the left ear cup. The company claims that the battery life will go up to approximately 12 hours of use, which is decent enough. Probably, the new V-Moda Crossfade Wireless will be a major attraction on the market, precisely due to its battery life. To be added that this device also comes with a cable, and once it is plugged in, it probably sounds better than the original M-100, thanks to some new improvements. 

To be added that the new V-Moda Crossfade Wireless doesn’t come with dual microphones, meaning that users can hear themselves inside the headphone when they are talking on the phone. The microphones is pretty good and users can talk on the phone without any problem and with a good sound quality. The new headphone isn’t probably the lightest on the market, weighting 10.3 ounces, but the built quality is incredible. Customers will also receive a protective carrying case, making that it is very easy to be transported during travel. 

Another interesting thing it that V-Moda Crossfade Wireless comes with one-year warranty, but the company declared that if the headphone will break after a year, they will replace the product for half price, more exactly 150 dollars. At the moment, the new headphone is available in two colors: white silver and phantom chrome. 

An innovative smart bulb, BeOn Starter

The new BeOn Starter is an innovative smart bulb that introduces some interesting new features on the market. BeOn Starter comes with a yellow module situated into the center of the bulb. What is that module? Well, it is a battery backup that will shine even if the power is off. 

Moreover, that module also has a microphone that listens for burglar alarm and doorbell, and also has a Bluetooth radio that will sync up with the user’s smartphone. So, this means that BeOn Starter is probably the smartest bulb on the market. 

Another interesting fact about the new BeOn Starter is that it has the capacity to learn the owner’s usage patterns. What does that mean? Well, the user will tell the system that he is away for the day, and BeOn Starter will replay the user’s typical lighting changes, so that everyone will think that he is at home. This is an interesting new feature, making BeOn Starter a security bulb. However, the built-in battery is also a great feature, because if the owner is coming home and wants to turn on the light, even if there is no power, the bulb will turn on. 

With so many good features, there also must be some minuses. For example, this new bulb comes at a high price, which means that it will not be an option for everyone. BeOn Starter is available at the price of 75 dollars, but customers who need about three of these will have to pay around 200 dollars. This is a high price, making everyone wonder if the bulb is really worth it. Moreover, BeOn Starter has some limitations, meaning that it can only be integrated with alarm systems or doorbells, and that’s it. Unfortunately, users cannot program a timed schedule and cannot integrate the bulb with a larger smart home platform. 

Overall, BeOn Starter is an interesting bulb that will help users secure their home or to have light, even if the power is off. The big question is if the 75 dollars price for a bulb will be worth paying.

A smart plug called Nyrius Smart Outlet

Now that the holidays are coming, probably many customers are willing to buy a smart plug because it does not seem to be a good idea to get outside the house by night and when it is very cold to turn on the Christmas lights. Now, with the new Nyrius Smart Outlet, this will no longer be needed. 

Smart plugs are the foundation of a smart home, which is a very good thing. To be added that these new smart devices are starting to gather all things into a single place. This means that all devices plugged into the Nyrius Smart Outlet can be automatically switched on from a smartphone.

The new Nyrius Smart Outlet is one of the most interesting smart plugs on the market. Of course, there are many companies that have released this type of plug, but Nyrius comes with some attracting features.

Nyrius Smart Outlet is available at the price of 40 dollars, which makes it cheaper compared with other smart plugs, for example Belkin WeMo Insight Switch. However, Belkin is probably way better than this one and many customers will most likely opt for it, even if it costs 20 dollars more.

Of course, Nyrius Smart Outlet also comes with some down sides. For example, the Bluetooth connectivity is spotty and sometimes it is not very responsive. Besides these, the new smart plug works well and the setup is pretty easy. Basically, users will just have to insert the plug into the socket and pair it via Bluetooth with their phone. After these steps have been checked, users will have full access to the Nyrius Smart Outlet features. The app is also very simple and in only a few minutes, users will be familiarized with it. 

So, the app interface is very simple, showing three primary functions of the plug, which is good compared with other smart plug apps. As for Nyrius Smart Outlet’s design, it is pretty decent featuring a matte-white body that covers both inputs completely. From distance, Nyrius Smart Outlet looks like a tiny rectangle that can be easily mistaken with something else.

Learn more about Asus Chromebit

What can be better than a desktop computer that users can pop out from their pocket and stick it into a monitor or TV via USB?

Well, knowing the fact that many other Windows 10 laptops come out at the price of 200 dollars or even less, many customers will say that the Computer Stick is not so good. 

But, having a computer that can be carried into a pocket is without a doubt a good deal for everybody. This year, Intel was the first company that has released a mini computer, called Intel Compute Stick, which was an Atom-powered Windows micro-desktop and had the starting price of 119 dollars.

Now, Asus is the second company which entered this market, with the new Asus Chromebit. This new tiny computer comes with Chrome OS and is available at the price of 85 dollars. This seems to be a very good deal for everybody. Now, probably everyone has seen how Chrome OS works and what features it offers to its users. Google’s PC operating system is pretty good lately and has some apps and features that can be very useful. The new Asus Chromebit looks like an oversized USB key, meaning that it is travel friendly. 

So, for making this portable PC work, users must have a constant power, because this stick doesn’t come with internal battery. Moreover, it needs to be connected to the HDMI input on a monitor and TV and it also needs a keyboard and mouse, which will be connected via Bluetooth. That’s right about it, the installation is very simple and users can browse the Web or write into Google Docs in a couple of minutes. 

Returning to the Chrome OS, probably customers who are already using this operating system know that the system is built to run the Google Chrome Web Browser and nothing else. Moreover, the new Asus Chromebit was built for cloud-based work, but it also has 16GB of internal storage for movies or music files.

The new Asus Chromebit is a very good tiny PC, because users have the possibility to see movies through famous online services, like Netflix or Amazon. 

Facebook has updated Messenger with the “Face Recognition” feature

Facebook Messenger is without a doubt one of the most used tools for talking and sharing photos with friends. But, we are living in so agitated and demanding times that we simply forget to send friends the photos we take together. So, Facebook has thought about that and came up with a new feature, called Photo Magic. 

This new app will scan all the photos in the user’s phone using face recognition and will notify the user on the option to send to its friends the pics that they are in. The facial recognition feature raised a few privacy concerns in the past.

Well, it looks like Facebook has released this new feature in a similar manner with the feature that prompts users to tag a friend when they upload a photo to a Facebook Wall. The new Magic Photo app will be released in an updated Facebook Messenger Android app starting on Monday. To be added that the first update will be released in Australia and it is just a matter of time until it will be available in other countries, as well. Moreover, there is also an iOS version that will be available soon. 

So, probably most users are willing to send photos using the Messenger chat, rather than posting them on a friend’s wall. The new Magic Photo app comes in helpful and if it recognizes multiple friends in the photo, this app will open a chat with everyone involved. This means that the user will just have to tap on the send button and the photos will be delivered to everyone involved in the photo, so it really is simple. To be added that other famous apps from the Facebook family, like WhatsApp and Instagram will not have the Magic Photo feature, which is too bad, because they are some of the most used places for users to share photos. 

To be mentioned that the Magic Photo feature also has the ability to speed up the process a little. So, once the user takes a photo with friends, the app will immediately send a notification to alert him to share the photo with them.

The new Motorola Droid Maxx 2

In the last couple of years, Motorola has released one of the most interesting smartphones on the market. With phones like Moto X, this company has been a strong contender for brands such as Apple or Samsung. 

These days, Motorola has released the new Droid Maxx 2, which has some interesting features. First of all, let’s step back a little and remember that Motorola has released the original version of this model in 2013 and it was called Droid Maxx. That model was highly known for its enduring battery life and of course, it’s high-end specs. 

So, knowing the original model, Droid Maxx, probably everyone was expecting to see an even better version of it. Well, it is not the case because the new Motorola Droid Maxx 2 is more like a Moto X Play, but dressed up as a Verizon Wireless exclusive. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but there are some things that are not as everyone was expecting to be. For example, its speed is not as impressive as it should be on a Maxx line. As for battery, even if it lasts long, it doesn’t last as long as its predecessor.

The new Motorola Droid Maxx 2 is available at the price of 384 dollars. This price is probably the main attraction on this device, because at the specs and features that this phone has, the company can easily put a 500 dollars price tag. So, under the hood there is a 1,7GHz Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor from Qualcomm, which is pretty fast, especially for an all-day use. It also comes with a 5.4-inch display and a 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution. To be added that the screen is shatterproof, meaning that it cannot easily broke. Motorola Droid Maxx 2 also homes a 3,760mAh battery and 64GB of internal memory that can go up to 2TB via microSD slot.

The new Motorola Droid Maxx 2 is a mid-range device that will probably raise interest, especially among clients who are searching for a phone which has a decent battery life and features. 

TAG Heuer makes its debut on the smartwatch market

The famous TAG Heuer has made an interesting step, entering the smartwatch market. This Swiss company is famous and well-known for its 155-year-old impressive history and luxurious watches. 

These days, TAG Heuer has made quite a surprising move, releasing TAG Heuer Connected Watch. This new device was developed in partnership with Google and Intel. 

“It’s the marriage of knowledge, the marriage of research and development,” has declared Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer. “For TAG Heuer this is a milestone for our brand but also a milestone for the Swiss watch industry,” he continued. 

The new TAG Heuer Connected Watch is available at the price of 1,500 dollars, which is not affordable for everybody. This new smartwatch is powered by Google’s Android Wear OS, but it is the first device that features an Intel processor. 

So, this device hides under the hood a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, accompanied by 1GB of Ram and 4GB of internal storage. With such kind of specs, this watch is one of the most impressive on the market. To be added that TAG Heuer Connected Watch comes with a memory that is doubled compared with other Android Wear watches. However, the question is if this amount of memory will make a difference. 

Other interesting things that customers will find on this watch are the accelerometer for tracking user’s steps and Wi-Fi for some features that can be paired from the phone. As for design, this smartwatch looks simply amazing. It is built from grade 2 titanium, which offers a premium feel, but it is also heavier than other smartwatches out there. Moreover, it measures 12.8mm thick and weighs approximately 52 grams. 

As for display, this one measures 46mm and has a 360×360-pixel resolution, protected by sapphire crystal. This means that the screen is highly protected from scratches. This feature can also be found on the new and more affordable Huawei Watch. 

TAG Heuer Connected Watch comes with a 410mAh battery, which the company claims that can last approximately 25 hours on a single charge. This is a good improvement, compared with the Apple Watch that can go up to less than 18 hours with mixed use. 

A cheap phone called HTC Desire 520

The new HTC Desire 520 is recommended to those who are searching for a cheap phone and a display that is similar with those dating back to 2009.

Still, this device doesn’t come with impressive specs or features that will transform it into a strong contender on the market. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the phone is bad and people should not buy it. We know that HTC has released many budget-friendly smartphones, but this one is probably the cheapest phone on the market.

The new HTC Desire 520 can be bought at the price of 100 dollars, which will be a huge attraction for clients who don’t want to spend a large amount of money.

At first sight, this phone looks pretty good and appealing to average consumers. The 4.5-inch device can be very comfortable and users can put it without any problems in their pockets. Moreover, it has a quad-core processor and 8-megapixel camera, which are not impressive at all, but are decent for making calls, texting or search something on the Web. 

So, what’s not to like at this device? The new HTC Desire 520 is probably the most recommendable phone for children or old people. For those who are searching for a high-end device, this phone is not recommended, because if they dive deeper, they will see a poor battery life, limited storage and a dated operating system. 

However, this is not something that we can blame HTC for, because for releasing a device that costs 100 dollars, it is obvious that the company had to make some sacrifices. So, the 4.5-inch display comes with an 840×480-pixel resolution, which is approximately 217 pixels per inch. We all know that more pixels will make the content look better on the screen, but not in this case. The new HTC Desire 520 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, but there are some doubts if the device will be updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This phone also has 8GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot situated under the back. Unfortunately, HTC Desire 520 lacks NFC, meaning that users will not be able to make mobile payments.