Armstrong Loses His Tour De France Titles And Records

After choosing not to pursue arbitration in the anti-doping case, Lance Armstrong will lose all his Tour de France titles and records by Friday. The professional road racing cyclist could also receive a lifetime ban even though he is retired and will soon turn 41 years old, the Associated Press reports.

Lance Armstrong chose to continue his cycling career in spite of his health problems and now the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency will prevent him from taking part in other competitions again. The American cyclist won seven Tour de France titles from 1999 to 2005, but they will all be withdrawn by Friday, according to the Agency’s announcement.

The battle between Armstrong and the anti-doping authority has been going on for a long period of time; every time the cyclist won a Tour de France title, his performance was immediately contested by authorities claiming that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Claiming that he is tired of proving his innocence, the 40-year-old professional chose not to pursue arbitration in the said case. As a result, the name of the record-breaking cyclist will be eliminated from all record books and he will not be allowed to take part in other sports competitions for the rest of his life.

There is, however, hope that the decision of the U.S. Anti-Doping agency will not be enacted by Friday. The sport’s governing body, the International Cycling Union is expected to have a say on the final decision of the Agency. Travis Tygart, USADA’s chief executive, thinks the Union should not interfere with the Agency’s opinion. They should apply the anti-doping code and strip Armstrong of all his titles and career accomplishments.

Lance Armstrong released a statement saying that he is indifferent to the agency’s opinion. The professional cyclist has done everything in his power to bring evidence proving his innocence, but he grew tired of the entire situation. He described the case as an “unconstitutional witch hunt” and expressed his regret that his career ended with this “nonsense”.

Diana Nyad Abandons Halfway Swim From Cuba To Florida

Storms, cold and jellyfish stings slowed down Diana Nyad in her quest to swim 103 miles from Cuba to Florida, across the Florida Straits without a shark cage. Official observer Steve Munatones announced Diana Nyad was forced to abandon halfway the swim from Cuba to Florida.

Diana Nyad is the first swimmer to attempt cross the Florida Straits without shark protection. We’re confident Nyad’s attempt to swim 103 miles from Cuba to Florida is just the beginning. Tuesday early morning, Diana Nyad was forced to call it quits, after official observers decided she was putting her life in danger.

“We pulled her out of the water. The dangers were so great that we couldn’t risk anyone’s life, including her own” said Steve Munatones on “Good Morning America”. The official observer said that the 62-year-old swimmer survived two consecutive nights of storm, hypothermia and jellyfish stings.

When Diana Nyad’s team stopped her and pulled her out of the water, the 62-year-old female daredevil was shivering after swimming in 85-degree waters and her lips and tongue were swollen from salty water.

“We had a very, very large squall” said Mark Sollinger, director of operations for Nyad’s team. “We actually even call it a front, move into our location very, very rapidly so that combinations of things made it very, very, very dangerous, not only for Diana but any other member of our team in the water” Sollinger told CBS News.

“This morning as a team we decided that to continue after we had been through for another 28 to 40 hours just wasn’t going to make sense on a lot of levels, including the overall safety” of everybody involved Sollinger added.

The endurance swimmer told her team she didn’t want to stop her swim from Cuba to Florida at that point. Candace Hogan, crew member, said everybody knows Diana Nyad’s “mind can handle” the swim. “But there will always be a point where a human body can’t go any farther. What no one knows is where that line is drawn in Diana Nyad” Hogan added.

Diana Nyad turns 63 years this Wednesday. It would have been a great birthday present for the endurance athlete to complete the 103 miles swim from Cuba to Florida. This is her third attempt since last year to become the first person to swim across Florida Straits without a shark cage.

Kobe Bryant Sets Record In Chinese Charity Game

Kobe Bryant finished his 2012 season by setting a record at the Chinese charity game that took place over the weekend. The basketball player scored 68 points in less than 15 minutes entertaining the entire crowd that was present on court, says ABC News.

Kobe Bryant lived up to his reputation when he helped his team mates win the charity game held in Shanghai this weekend. Even though he was tired after the busy summer, the Los Angeles Lakers player managed to score 68 points in 15 minutes and dismantle the rivaling team. His job was not as difficult as usual because the other team consisted mainly of A-listers and entertainers.

Bryant’s fans were the first to hear about the basketball player’s achievements when he offered them a detailed description on his Facebook account. He stated that he was keen on dropping the 68 points because he wanted to test his stamina after his colleagues were down double digits in the first half.

The Chinese charity game may not have pushed Kobe’s abilities to the maximum, but it certainly offered him the chance to exercise his moves and get ready for his sixth title this fall. Until he starts a new season with the Lakers, Bryant will take part in several Nike projects in China. He is set to start a new marketing tour for the sports apparel company as he has done in the past seven years. These deals will enable Kobe to continue making money even after his on-court career is over.

Kobe Bryant will not end his basketball career anytime soon, considering that he is a talented and highly-appreciated player. His success comes from the fact that he puts the same passion in every game, no matter how big or how small the stake may be. In fact, Chinese fans loved him during the Shanghai game because he did his best to win the game and make a show.  

Tom Brady: “Being Married To Gisele Is Stressful”

Football stud, Tom Brady released an interview for VMAN magazine in which he admits that being married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen is stressful. The difficulty arises from the fact that the New England quarterback has to take part in many fashion-related events and look stylish all the time.

Football players and sexy models make great teams, but their lives are not as easy as it may appear at first sight. Tom Brady revealed some of the aspects of his marriage in a recent interview with the VMAN magazine. Even though the New England Patriots quarterback is getting along very well with his wife, their hectic schedules make their marriage very stressful.

According to Brady, taking part in well-known fashion events, such as the Met Ball, is one of the most difficult things that the football player has to do. There is a lot of pressure on his wife because she has to wear the right dress and look gorgeous all the time. This, in turn, affects all the members of the family, not just Gisele.

In spite of all the stress, Tom Brady acknowledges that Gisele is the one who pulls the laboring oar. He told the press that her job looks easy because she makes it look so, but there are many sacrifices she has to make for everything to be perfect.

Tom Brady also tackles the subject of parenthood after being long admired for the affection that he shows towards his two sons, Jack, 4, and Benjamin, 2. The football player stated that he grew up in a “sensitive” environment with three older sisters and two loving parents. Thanks to them, he was able to learn how to express his real emotions.

Brady may be a tough guy on the field, but in his private life, he is an affectionate parent and husband. He confessed that he likes to kiss his boys a thousand times a day and surround them with as much love as possible. In fact, the quarterback plans to have two more kids in the near future.

This Is Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s Candy Business

Endorsements might be fun and financially productive, but it’s nothing like owning a business. Over the weekend, in New York, Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s candy business launched.

Many athletes have a sweet tooth, and Siberian born tennis star Maria Sharapova is no stranger when it comes to gummy candies. It was during a research for other gummy relishes that the tennis star suddenly realized the market was lacking brand awareness. Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s candy business is dubbed to do just that.

It’s not exactly the first choice of business, professional athletes would usually make. Most of them would turn to fashion, restaurants and spa centers, but not Maria Sharapova. The four-time Grand Slam title winner is confident her new candy business will be a success, in the end it has her name pinned to it.

Maria Sharapova first talked about her candy business, Sugarpova, at this year’s French Open. She called her new investment “the most exciting project” she’s ever been a part of. Sugarpova is “my own business, my own investment, my own money” the tennis star said.

Sugarpova is a brand of luxe candy with 12 products. The tennis star, commonly in Forbes’ list of best paid female athletes year after year got the idea while looking for gummy candies. “That kind of clicked in my brain” Maria Sharapova said when she noticed the market was lacking brand awareness. Coupled with the athletes desire to have a business of her own, this is how Sugarpova was born.

“I’ve worked with so many companies over the last few years, whether it was doing a collection or being part of an ad or face of a brand” she recently stated. “I wanted to own something – something 100% me. Where I make all the final decisions; here I’m involved from start to finish; where I was bringing in my own people…and investing my own money” added Maria Sharapova.

“I wanted fun and young and nothing too serious. That’s how it came about with candy” the tennis star revealed of her new business, Sugarpova.

It was Jeff Rubin, founder of It’sugar and creator behind the FAO Schweetz at the Schwarz stores, that came up with Maria Sharapova’s candy business name, Sugarpova.

Red Sox Star, Johnny Pesky Passes Away at 92

The Associated Press reports that Red Sox star, Johnny Pesky passed away at 92 years old on Monday afternoon. His death was announced by baseball commissioner Bud Selig, who took the opportunity to remind everyone of Pesky’s great career achievements.

Johnny Pesky played for the Red Sox for almost 60 years. He passed away on Monday at the venerable age of 92 years old. His memory will always be remembered due to the accomplishments he made in the baseball world. In fact, baseball players and people in the sports industry expressed their deepest regrets for the death of the Red Sox icon.

Baseball commissioner, Bud Selig was the first to announce that Johnny Pesky passed away. He told the press that the “national pastime has lost one of its greatest ambassadors”. He further added that Pesky represented a model for many baseball players because he was always loyal to the Boston Red Sox.

Fenway Park, the ballpark where he spent most of his lifetime, has honored Pesky by naming the right-field foul pole after his name. The plaque was unveiled on his 87th birthday anniversary on September 27, 2006 describing the pole as “Pesky’s Pole”. They named it this way because the former Red Sox pitcher Mel Parnell told everyone that Pesky won a game by scoring a home run around the pole. This story led to a legend claiming that Johnny curled almost all his home runs around the pole. Truth is, only six of his 17 home runs were made at the Fenway.

The last time Pesky visited the Fenway ballpark was a week before he died on August 5. He was very glad that he was present at the game between Boston and Minnesota when the Red Sox obtained a 6-4 victory. He was also present at the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, on April 20. His fans were very impressed to see the Red Sox legend burst into tears during the pregame ceremony.

Ryan Lochte Makes Acting Debut In 90210

From the looks of it, Michael Phelps isn’t the only Olympic swimmer to appear on television. Ryan Lochte prepares to make his acting debut in “90210” as guest star.

The competition between Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps has never been more cutthroat. Both of them have been hinting at new TV projects and while Michael Phelps already scored a reality show deal, Ryan Lochte is preparing for an acting debut. According to TVLine, Ryan Lochte will make his acting debut in an upcoming episode of “90210”.

Executive Producers Patti Car and Lara Olsen for “90210” are thrilled with Ryan Lochte’s guest staring in their TV series. “When we found out Ryan Lochte was going to be in town and might appear on ‘90210’, we felt like we’d won a gold medal” said the show’s producers.

“Team USA are all-stars in our book, and we’re so excited he’s making an appearance on the show” the producers’ statement adds. “We only wish the episode was a surf event so we could have gotten him in the water, but he deserves a little rest on dry land” producers concluded.

Ryan Lochte’s guest starring and acting debut in “90210” will air October 29. Ryan Lochte will play himself, so he won’t be having any potential challenges in creating his character. The Olympic swimmer will show up at a resort where Naomi and Max will be vacationing.

Since the recent 2012 Olympic Games in London, Ryan Lochte has been pretty vocal about his TV projects. “I’m definitely looking towards Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor, so we’ll see what happens” the Olympic swimmer said in an interview for “Today”.

He even launched a sort of challenge for Michael Phelps. “Since I’m used to competing against Michael Phelps, I’d have him on the [Dancing With The Stars]. I could do ‘Dancing With The Stars’! Yeah, I think so” Ryan Lochte told Us Weekly.

Around that time, Ryan Lochte’s Sports Agent Erika Wright told The Hollywood Reporter: “I cannot tell you the exact shows, but two different reality show concepts have been offered and one additional is being discussed”.

Well, until we get to see Ryan Lochte’s showing off his skills at “Dancing With The Stars” we’ll get a preview of his acting career in “90210”. Are you excited?

Dolphins Cut Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson a.k.a Ochocinco got arrested over the weekend for domestic violence charges. The new scandal had Dolphins decide to cut Chad Johnson off the team, just 24 hours later after his arrest.

Over the weekend, Chad Johnson or Ochocinco was arrested. Ochocinco and his wife, Evelyn Lozada got into an argument over a box of condoms. Evelyn found the box of condoms in her husband’s vehicle and confronted him about it. Ochocinco reacted so aggressively, Evelyn ran to a neighbor’s house to “get away from” him.

TMZ reports the officer who arrested Chad Johnson noticed Evelyn Lozada had a wound on her forehead. Evelyn Lozada claims Chad Johnson head-butted her. The police officer who arrested the Miami Dolphins’ former football star said Evelyn Lozada had a three-inch gash on her forehead.

Chad Johnson spent Saturday evening and night behind bars for allegedly head-butting his wife. Early Sunday, Johnson made bail on a $2,500 bond. Hours later, the Miami Dolphins announced they decided to cut Chad Johnson off the team. From the looks of it, the Dolphins were just waiting for Chad Johnson’s next big scandal.

Coach Joe Philbin for the Miami Dolphins said Sunday after team practice he is going to see Johnson soon. “We’re going to deal with this” the coach said just before the football star made bail. “We’re not going to waste time…We’re all in this thing together. Everybody that sets foot in this building, we’re all held to a high standard” the coach stated.

A few hours later, the Miami Dolphins announced Chad Johnson is released from the team. But some Dolphins stars have a different take on that. “It’s going to be an even bigger distraction right now, I think, because of the simple fact we let him go” said Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby early Monday.

“I think if we were going to be with the guy, if he was going to be our guy, we have to stand behind him – even though the situation came about. He didn’t get that third strike” argued Karlos Dansby.

According to Chad Johnson’s attorney, Evelyn Lozada asked the police to forbid her husband from making any contact with her. Chad Johnson, formerly known as Chad Ochocinco is looking at one year in jail and a $1,000 fine if he will be convicted on the simple domestic battery misdemeanor charge.

Gabby Douglas Finishes Eighth On Uneven Bars

Following a week of great performances, Gabby Douglas finished eighth on uneven bars on Monday’s Olympic competition. The 16-year-old athlete claimed she was very tired, but promised she will do a lot better on Tuesday, her final day of competition, says the Associated Press.

Gabby Douglas accustomed us all with amazing Olympic performances. On Monday, however, she made an uncharacteristic mistake which caused her to finish eighth on uneven bars. She was outrun by the Russian contestant, Aliya Mustafina who scored 16.133 points and won the gold medal, as well as by China’s He Kexin (15.933) who took the silver medal. The bronze medal was won by Beth Tweddle from Britain (15.916).

Despite her loss, Douglas told the press that she was very glad for the other contestants who managed to make their dreams come true. She explained that she was physically and mentally exhausted from the repeated training sessions and performances, so she made an unthinkable mistake. In fact, the uneven bars routine was perfectly executed last week during previous performances.

The 16-year-old athlete could not completely recover because she was always involved in a physical activity. She confessed that her body is always aching when she wakes up no matter how much sleep she gets because she trains every day and competes every other day.

Even though her body is stiff from so much physical effort, Gabby promised fans to offer them one of the best performances on Tuesday, that is, her final day of competition. She will compete with Aly Raisman on the balance beam. She will then, meet with Jordyn Wieber, the reigning all-around world champion who will compete for gold on the floor.

Two other American male athletes will compete on Tuesday in the horizontal bar final. They are Jonathan Horton from Houston and Danell Leyva of Miami, who won the bronze in men’s all-around.

Tyson Gay Struggles With Tears As Usain Bolt Gets World’s Fastest Athlete Title

Tyson Gay finished the Olympic 100 meters on Sunday without getting any medal, whereas Usain Bolt was named the world’s fastest athlete. Tyson, who lost by 0.01 seconds, struggled to contain his tears while he spoke with the press, ESPN reports.

Tyson Gay would have won any race with his time of 9.80 seconds, but Usain Bolt set new standards for worldwide athletes with his open-mouthed time of 9.63. The results he obtained this year were even better than the 9.69 time he set four years ago in Beijing. As a result, Tyson Gay finished with 0.01 seconds later than his teammate, Justin Gatlin, narrowly missing the bronze medal.

At the end of the race, Tyson made his appearance in front of the press explaining the results of the competition. He stated that he tried as much as he could to win the race, but he “just came short”. Gay was convinced that there was nothing else he could have done on the field, so he felt no regret for not trying harder. Even so, he could hardly finish his sentences because the tears were choking him.

The 29-year-old athlete has had a series of disappointments in the past years. He was declared the world champion of the 100 and 200 meter races after the 9.69 time he registered in 2009. He was also named the second fastest man in history, but he never managed to obtain an Olympic medal.

Finishing the Sunday race on the fourth place was very difficult for Gay who had very big expectations for the London Olympics. In 2008, he was injured before the Beijing Olympics, so he failed to reach the 100 final. There have been, however, many successful competitions since then as Tyson managed to defeat Bolt on several occasions. In July 2011 he was forced to cut back on physical activities to recover after a surgery.

The fact that Gay took part in the London Games and pulled 9.80 during the race is a big accomplishment, according to Gatlin. He told the press that Tyson should be proud of his results because he had a very good performance in spite of his physical injuries.