Four New Teams Enter College Football Poll

USA Today reports that four new teams have entered college football poll according to the results published on Sunday. The first eight teams did not register great modifications, whereas the following eight squads stepped up one position.

The sport competitions held this weekend determined various changes in the structure of the college football poll. Some teams managed to maintain their top positions, but they are now threatened by other college squads coming up through the ranks.

The Alabama Crimson Tide continues to be on the first position of the poll due to the 57 out of 59 first-place votes they obtained. On the second position is Oregon’s Ducks who scored 51 votes, 30 more than it did a week before. LSU tightened its grip on the third place, whereas the Tigers lost the forth place to Florida State falling one position behind.

Georgia and South Carolina have fallen on the next two positions, but things may take an unexpected turn when the two teams meet next week. They are currently ahead of West Virginia and Kansas State which may be found at No. 7 and 8.

Texas had a good evolution this week which enabled players to climb up to the ninth position. Notre Dame, too, surprised analysts because it is for the first time when the college football team is among the top ten squads. Other teams climbing up the polls were the Unbeaten Northwestern which is now at No. 22, Cincinnati at No. 23, Texas Tech and Boise state on the 24th and the 25th position, respectively.

There were several teams who lost many points in favor of their rivals dropping several ranks in poll positions. Stanford, for instance, fell nine places and is now at No. 18 in charts. Oregon State’s Pac-12 North squad managed to get on the 17th place thanks to the 1-point difference separating it from Stanford. 

Tom Osborne Steps Down As Nebraska AD

The sports world echoed yesterday as legend Tom Osborne decided to step down as Nebraska AD after a career filled with impressive achievements.

Yesterday, football legend Tom Osborne announced that he is resigning as Nebraska athletic director. Osborne, now 75, said Wednesday that his retirement will be effective as of Jan 1st 2013, and that’s only 3-4 months for the team to find a good enough replacement.

Even though Tom Osborne spent only five years with Nebraska as its athletic director, the team had a lot to gain from the man’s expertise. The 75-year-old sports legend explained he is making sure that the team won’t be left behind and will be there to help select the best replacement until July 30, 2013.

When news about Tom Osborne’s retirement first hit the media, some voices said it was the athletic director’s health state that made the call. The man is 75 years old, in the end and he already had heart issues before. But although Osborne had a heart intervention almost two decades ago the athletic director said that health issues are not related to his decision and that he is now feeling better than ever.

“At some point, whether you’re able to function or not, just the perception that you’re getting old can get in the way,” explained Osborne. “I don’t want to be one of those guys everybody is walking around wringing their hands trying to figure out what are we going to do with him? That happens sometimes” said Tom Osborne.

It’s not the first time Osborne is retiring. From 1973 to 1997, Tom Osborne won three national championships as a coach. Then he retired, leaving behind an impressive record, as none of the teams he coached had less than 9 wins.

After his first retirement, Osborne went into politics. However, things didn’t go so well and he even experienced an incredible fail in 2006 when running for Nebraska Governor. It was most likely that stress that had him experience heart issues. For now, at least, Tom Osborne says he feels better than he did before.  “I’m probably healthier today than when I was a member of Congress,” he said. “That takes a big toll on you”.

Osborne’s retirement pokes a huge gap in the American sports world. His departure from Nebraska is definitely felt like the sports world is losing one if its pillars.

Billy Gillispie Forced To Resign As Texas Tech Coach

Although team’s fans hoped the coach would be there to save the day, Billy Gillispie is forced to resign as Texas Tech coach by health problems.

It was a difficult season for Texas Tech men’s basketball team, fans and even the coach. Red Raiders won just one Big 12 game in the first season Billy Gillispie took over after he replaced Pat Knight. The hope was Billy Gillispie would deliver the same turnaround for Texas Tech as he did at UTEP and Texas A&M. But Billy Gillespie resigned as Texas Tech coach to focus on his health.

It looks like Texas Tech Red Raiders are in the market for a new coach. Billy Gillispie had barely started work with the basketball team and managed to give fans just enough hope for a great second season. Unfortunately the coach that would do that won’t be Billy Gillispie.

“Billy has decided to focus on his health, and we wish him a full recovery. We are proud of the young men that he has brought to this campus” said Kirby Hocutt, athletic director at Texas Tech.  “Billy’s decision allows him to concentrate on his well-being and allows us to turn our attention to preparations for the upcoming season” added Hocutt.

For the moment Billy Gillispie hasn’t come forward with a statement, but assistant Chris Walker will take charge of the team during Billy Gillispie time off. The 52-year-old coach will receive the rest of his paycheck for the year, about $467,000 for seven months worth of contract.

Earlier this month, the 52-year-old Texas Tech coach took an indefinite medical leave. Last week, Billy Gillispie received four days of treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. In a statement for Lubbock Avalanche – Journal, Billy Gillispie explained he received treatment for stress and high blood pressure “amongst other things”.

On August 31, Billy Gillispie was taken to the hospital where he received treatment for six days. He told the Lubbock Avalanche – Journal his health was so bad he believed he was having a heart attack or a stroke.

The onset of Billy Gillispie’s health problems coincides with an investigation by Texas Tech into practice time limits last year. The practice time limit allowed by the NCAA is 20 hours, but in October 2011 that limit was exceeded by 12 hours and 20 minutes.

Could Tim Tebow Be Obama’s Future Political Opponent?

Based on a recent report published by Huffington Post, Tim Tebow could be Obama’s political opponent in the future. The popular quarterback is considering a start in a political career because he is ready to embrace any avenue that will get him to make a difference.

NFL football player, Tim Tebow has agreed to release an interview for ESPN New York revealing his future career plans. Much to everyone’s surprise, the polarizing backup quarterback declared that he doesn’t rule out the possibility of getting involved in a political career. He further explained that becoming a politician would be a big step in his career, but he would do it, nevertheless, because he feels he can make a difference.

The declaration is reason enough to alert all U.S. politicians considering the large number of fans supporting Tim Tebow. However, the football player added that he won’t run for a campaign any time soon because he is not prepared to do it.

Several newspapers, including “The Hill” noticed that Tim’s recent declaration about a possible political career is much more firm than the previous ones. When David Feherty of Gold Channel asked him whether he plans to become a politician, the football player replied that he never considered it and was uncertain whether he would ever do it. He concluded that he might consider taking this road if he cares enough about it. Thus, Tebow has passed from “If it’s something I care about, possibly” to “it’ll be something I’ll at least look at and consider”.

The idea that the 25-year-old would make a great politician has been mentioned by people close to Tebow on various occasions. His former high school football coach, Craig Howard, told the press that Tim will most likely run for public office once he is done with football. Joshua Green has also noticed Tim’s ability to handle the New York media all by himself in his article “Why Tim Tebow Will Make A Great Politician”. According to Green, these qualities are all that Tebow needs to become a great politician and, possibly, a president.

Politicians, too, have indirectly acknowledged Tim’s success in politics. Rick Perry has declared himself the “Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses” and Obama publicly admitted that Tim is a “wonderful man”.

How Broke Is Vince Young?

Vince Young declared himself broke after he was left without a team and with just part of the money he was supposed to receive from the $26 million contract. The NFL quarterback and his legal representatives are making investigations to determine who could be responsible for the loss of money, according to the Associated Press.

Vince Young is now in a terrible financial condition after reports showed that the quarterback is broke. He was left with very little money from the $26 million contract he had signed in the past. The future looks just as dark as the present as the quarterback didn’t receive any deals this year, so he is currently without a team.

Young’s legal representatives want to find out who is responsible for Vince’s bankruptcy. Some of them think the football player likes to spend money on expensive products, whereas others think the NFL quarterback was ill-advised by his financial consultants, his uncle being one of them.

Back in 2006, Vince’s career evolution was on the rise as he helped Texas score a Rose Bowl victory. Despite this, things took a bad turn and now the football player is just hoping for a new contract. Trey Dolezal, Young’s attorney, told the press that his client needs a job, when he was asked to provide a description of Young’s current financial situation.

Young used to be a player for the Buffalo Bills until he was cut out by his third NFL team in August. The fall was all the more powerful as he made it to the Pro Bowl with the Tennessee Titans twice in his career. After he was released from the team he posted a message on his Twitter account thanking the Bills and their fans, but he refused to speak with the media ever since.

Vince Young is now suing his former agent, Major Adams, and a North Carolina financial planner, Ronnie Peoples in an attempt to recuperate some of his money. His reps told the press that the player accuses them of misappropriating $5.5 million. 

Yunel Escobar Sits 3 Games For Homophobic Slur

Sportsmen should know better when writing messages on their shirts or faces. Yunel Escobar sits 3 games for a homophobic slur written on his eye-black. Three games on the bench is quite a hole in your debt, isn’t it?

The Toronto Blue Jays star-player Yunel Escobar has been accused that he transmitted anti-gay messages via his eye-black. The event was recorded during the Blue Jays last match with Boston.

Even though Escobar insisted that it wasn’t meant to insult anyone, he still apologized to his team and ‘’to all those who have been offended.” The anti-gay slur written in Spanish costs Escobar three games on the bench, meaning around $82,000. According to his club, this money will go to two advocacy groups, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and You Can Play, an organization focused on equality and respect for athletes regardless of their sexual orientation.

Eye-black has been often used by players to send messages. That’s why NFL banned this custom because of discussions that appeared after players put on Bible verses and offensive messages.

Even if Yunel Escobar tried to explain that his message was an inside joke saying ”It was not anything intended to be directed at anyone in particular” he must pay the price of a stained honor and a quite important hit for the team. Escobar also tried to excuse himself saying ”I don’t have anything against homosexuals”.

Team member Ozzie Guillen, who was also suspended five matches because of a joke which regarded Fidel Castro, tried to show support for his colleague. He explained that it’s all about an inside joke saying ”In my house, we call (each other) that word every 20 seconds. I’ve got three kids”.

Also Guillen said that he doesn’t think that Escobar could launch such a message on purpose. He described Yunel as a guy that couldn’t hurt someone’s feelings and not “that stupid” to do that in public if he intended to.

Escobar was traded from Atlanta to Toronto in July 2010. He is hitting .251 this season with nine home runs and 49 RBIs.

Derrick Rose In Tears At Adidas Promotional Event

He’s one of the most respected and powerful players in the NBA, but Derrick Rose’s dramatic injury seems to have left deep emotional scars. Derrick Rose was in tears at an Adidas promotional event during a talk about rehab.

On Thursday, Chicago Bulls’ star player Derrick Rose appeared to be overwhelmed by his recent injury. He appeared at a promotional event organized by Adidas to launch Derrick Rose’s new signature products. During that time, Derrick Rose began talking about his recovery. When he watched himself on video getting injured, Derrick Rose broke down in tears.

Before the actual press event for the new Derrick Rose Adidas shoes, organizers ran a promotional clip that documented No. 8’s recovery so far. Seeing the hurdles he had to go through these past months overwhelmed Derrick Rose to the extent he actually broke down in tears.

“This is truly a blessing. With all this stuff that’s going on in this city, a kid from Englewood [has] something positive going on” said Derrick Rose after tearing up to the video. “I went through so much and to have true fans, that means a lot to me. And I know it means a lot to family. Because we’re not supposed to be here at all. But God made a way” the player added.

Earlier this year, Chicago Bulls lost Number 8, Derrick Rose. The player was injured during their game against the Philadelphia 76ers. On May 12, Derrick Rose had surgery after he tore a ligament. Doctors recommend a recovery time from eight to 12 months. He is half through his recovery, which he says it “has been good”.

During the Adidas promotional event, Derrick Rose confessed he is “rehabbing every day, five times out of the week”. For instance, Tuesdays and Thursdays are for “lower and upper body and bike workout”.

“I’m starting to shoot now, I started to jump a little while ago, like a couple of days ago, where I’m still improving every week”, Derrick Rose said. “My leg does get sore sometimes, but I’m able to fight through it, but my trainers and the people that have been working on me have been making sure that I’ve been doing a great job…I’ve been good” Chicago Bulls No. 8 added.

Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Receives A Liberty Medal

It was a glorious day in Philadelphia this Thursday as boxing legend Muhammad Ali received a Liberty Medal for his longtime fight for humanitarian causes, civil rights and religious freedom.

Today, 30 years after his time of glory, Muhammad Ali was back in the spotlight. The boxing legend received the Liberty Medal in honor of his supporting of everything from civil rights, to humanitarian causes and religious freedom. Muhammad Ali now awarded with the Liberty Medal joins an A-list featuring names such as Bono, Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter.

After ending his career in 1981, Ali traveled round the world helping people and contributing in humanitarian causes. He received the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in 2005. The boxing legend was also the one who established the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center in Phoenix and set up an educational and cultural institute in his hometown, Louisville, Ky.

After 30 years of dealing with Parkinson, the 70-year-old Ali needed assistance during his Liberty Medal acceptance ceremony. His daughter Laila Ali was by his side all the time.

“You know, my father loves people and people love my father, and I learned that at a very young age, as people would always come up to him wherever we went” said Laila Ali. “My father has always lived his life to make this world better for others” Muhammad Ali’s daughter added.

Born Casius Clay, Ali changed his name after converting to Islam in the ‘60s. Because of that, he couldn’t fight in the Vietnam War and suffered through the scrutiny for a long time. Muhammad Ali was even stripped of some of his medals for his decision that the politicians of that time though to be cowardly. Almost a decade later he regained his heavyweight boxing title, in 1974 and again in 1978.

 Joe Louis Barrow II, the son of boxer Joe Louis, was in Philadelphia today to support Muhammad Ali. “Knowing you since I was a little boy has given me a ringside seat to history,” an emotional Barrow said. “But it’s your character outside the ring that speaks to the hope of the least and lost among us.”

Serena Williams Takes Fourth U.S. Open Title

The only unforeseen challenge in Serena Williams’ journey to take her fourth U.S. Open title was Victoria Azarenka. But even the surprisingly tight game didn’t putt Serena Williams off from ending a great summer with a new U.S. Open title.

Since the first days of the U.S. Open title, Serena Williams was obviously determined to win. She dominated all her contenders from day one. Sunday’s final brought on a surprise, as Victoria Azarenka had Williams running all over the court and tired her to the extent where the A-list tennis player began making unexpected errors.

By the end of her match with Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams herself couldn’t believe she actually won. The Serena Williams – Victoria Azarenka game finished with 44 winners and 45 unforced errors. It was for the first time in 17 years that a U.S. Open women’s final saw a three sets battle. It was without a doubt one of the most thrilling finals the U.S. Open has seen for years now.

“I honestly can’t believe I won” confessed Serena Williams as she was just realizing she won her fourth U.S. Open title. “I was preparing my runner-up speech, she was playing so great” Serena Williams told the 23,771 people at the Arthur Ashe Stadium of her final rival Victoria Azarenka.

“Feels like there is no room for mistake. There is no room for a wrong decision” Victoria Azarenka said after the final. However, the 23-year-old tennis player managed to surprise one of today’s most dominant athletes in tennis. Azarenka pushed Williams so far, the 15 Grand Slam singles titles winner made errors that were so uncharacteristic of her.

But in the end, Serena Williams ended the U.S. Open final against Victoria Azarenka and left home with $1.9 million. It was experience that set the score straight. Williams won the match ahead by only two points. “Obviously, I never give up” she said after the final. “I never, never quit. I’ve come back so many times in so many matches. I wasn’t too nervous” added Serena Williams.

Patrick Mouratoglou, one of Williams’ former coaches, said if it was any other player than Serena Williams on court against Victoria Azarenka, the U.S. Open final would have had another winner. “She’s very, very motivated and feels she can win every tournament” Mouratoglou said of Serena Williams, the first woman to win both U.S. Open and Wimbledon in the same season in ten years.

Gabby Douglas Told Oprah Other Gymnasts Bullied Her

Gabby Douglas might now be a celebrity in the United States and nationwide appreciated for her achievements, but things haven’t always been this great for her. Gabby Douglas told Oprah other gymnasts used to bully her. The 16-year-old gymnasts talked about the challenges, injuries and sacrifices in her career.

Before the Olympic Games this year, Gabby Douglas was virtually unknown for the most part of the United States. Since she made a blast at the 2012 Olympics, Gabby Douglas became a symbol.  At only 16 years old, Gabby Douglas had to make incredible hard sacrifices and put up with bullying and racism to eventually achieve her dream of being a gold-medalist at the Olympic Games.

Gabby Douglas’s interview with Oprah is set to air this Sunday on “Oprah’s Next Chapter”. The 16-year-old gymnast will be joined on set by her mother, Natalie, her other three siblings and Liang Chow, her coach. Gabby Douglas agreed to come forward and talk about her journey in the hope the story of sacrifice and hurdles will be an inspiration for viewers.

“I wanted everyone to know my story, know where I came from, know my background” confessed Gabby Douglas. “It was not easy. I had to face a lot coming through this journey, a lot of sacrifices, difficulties, challenges, even injuries” she added. In a nutshell at 16 years, Gabby Douglas successfully overcame a lot more hurdles than most of today’s content adults.

“So I wanted everyone to know it still is possible in any sport for anyone. I wanted to make them know, never give up and just keep fighting because though times may be tough, sacrifices are not in vain and they do pay off” Olympian Gabby Douglas said.

In the end “just keep pushing toward your dream and just love it at the same time and enjoy it” the gymnast concluded. Coming from a 16-year-old this kind of advice is surely inspiring.

Part of the hurdles is coping with bullying and racism revealed the 16-year-old. “I felt I was being bullied and isolated from the group” Gabby Douglas says of the time she was 14 years old and in training. “Just they treated me, not how they would treat their other teammates” she added.