The Truth About John Kiefer’s Carb-Back Loading Diet

Next week, reporters at Daily Gossip will subject John Kiefer’s manual to a thorough analysis in order to put an end to the debate that has been circling it.

John Kiefer is the author of the Carb-Back Loading manual which has been very criticized due to the remarks it has made in relation to well-known fitness and sports practices. The author recommends himself as a reputed physicist and scientist who has studied the structure of the human body for a long time and is, therefore, capable of providing the correct information to people who want to lose weight and increase their muscle mass without making too many efforts.

According to reviewers at Daily Gossip, John Kiefer’s diet is a scam because it does not provide enough evidence to convince people they should adopt a lifestyle that is completely opposite to the practices recommended by doctors. Kiefer advises people to stop worrying about their fat level and eat as many carbs as possible. The body will not store fat; on the contrary, excessive weight will be eliminated through insulin stimulation, that is, by eating specific products at specific time intervals.

The author claims to have discovered what the entire community of scientists has been unable to find after centuries of researches: the secret to getting full control of body substances. Kiefer states that carbs can be easily burned and turned into muscles if people consume them during different time intervals than the ones that have been already suggested by trainers and nutritionists.

There is no real evidence or example that can support Kiefer’s theory; therefore, the Carb-Back Loading manual has been labeled as unsubstantial by reporters at Daily Gossip. Their declaration is partially based on the fact that the book does not contain advices that could guide readers and help them change their lifestyle. Moreover, the theory is not supported by a sound argumentative base and a rich reference list to be taken into consideration.

Carb-Back Loading – A Rip Off Guide To Getting Scammed

A new rip off guide signed by John Kiefer, a guy who likes to call himself an experienced physicist, has been spread around the Internet these days. The author of the Carb-Back Loading manual claims to have discovered the secret to the perfect body; his recipe is supposed to contradict all the previous medical practices, but lacks the solid argumentative stage that could convince us.

Download Carb Back-Loading Book

John Kiefer has stirred the whole fitness and health community with the hypotheses he has put forth in his recent manual “Carb-Back Loading”. It is fairly easy to understand nutritionists and trainers’ reaction to Kiefer’s manual, given the statements he has made. The so-called physicist and scientist claims to have discovered a secret diet that allows people to load as many carbs as possible without getting fat. Not only do people lose fat with the help of his regime, but they also chisel their bodies to increase muscle mass and develop a lean figure, in his opinion.

Carb Backloading testimonials- Check Results

So far, so good. The theory looks rather promising and I’m sure it got lots of people daydreaming about the things they could do if they could only master John Kiefer’s secret diet. Problems and question marks begin to appear when Kiefer starts explaining his theory and, more particularly, arguing why his diet should work. The author does not provide solid evidence that could convince us the theory is indeed real.

According to John Kiefer, people get fat and have difficulties in shaping their bodies because they don’t eat the right products at the right time of the day. He claims he has lost great part of his youth obsessing over diets, while constantly struggling in gym to get the perfect six-packs abs that everyone dreams of. Until one day when he discovered that carbs are not necessarily bad as long as you know when and how to eat them.

Based on the alleged researches that the author has made, our body has the ability to burn fats even without exercising. There is a certain time interval during which you can eat as many carbs as possible without increasing the fat level by simply manipulating the insulin levels in your body. While these hypotheses seem interesting and appealing, they are not supported by sufficient evidence to determine us to ignore everything that health and sports experts have taught us so far. John Kiefer’s manual is an unsubstantial presentation of the Carb-Back Loading that does not provide any real advice.

The Baltimore Ravens Win The Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl cup was full of surprises, especially for the fans of the San Francisco 49ers, who were hoping their team will take the Vince Lombardi Trophy home. The game ended with a 34-31 score in favor of the Baltimore Ravens, but fans’ patience was put to test during a 34-minute blackout, the Associated Press reports.

The Ravens were crowned the winners of this Sunday’s edition of Super Bowl after more than ten years since their last victory in 2001. The battle between the two teams was temporarily interrupted by an unexpected blackout which took place shortly after the game had started. Lights came back on after a 34-minute break, enough to give the Baltimore champions the possibility to recover their energy and defeat the San Francisco 49ers. The score difference, however, was not very big; only three points prevented the 49ers from winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Aside from the power outage, there have been many other white-knuckle moments on the field as the players of the two teams competed over the possession of the ball. Joe Flacco was the first to throw three touchdown passes in the first half of the game, whereas the second-half was dominated by Jacoby Jones’ record 108 yards. Ray Lewis made an unearthly effort during the last part of the game and thanks to him, the victory was on the Ravens’ side. The linebacker was very proud of his performance, especially since he decided a month ago that he would soon put an end to his football career and retire. “To me, that was one of the most amazing goal-line stands I’ve ever been a part of in my career,” he confessed during his post-game interview.

In spite of the rivalry between the two teams, the football players left all their grudges aside during the power outage. As a matter of fact, they all gathered on one side of the field and spent the entire 34-minute break talking about the blackout. Supporters were all surprised to witness this unique scene, but they, too, acted more or less in the same manner. Even though the lights were out, fans at the Superdome either chatted among them or used the break to buy more drinks and food.


Blackout Super Bowl: Reasons Behind Power Outage

Super Bowl viewers were on the verge of losing their patience when an unexpected blackout caused them to sit in the dark for 34 minutes. The reasons behind the power outage remained unknown until the end of the game when the spokesperson of the Superdome explained that the power system was automatically shut down as a result of an “abnormality”, the Associated Press reveals.

The biggest sport event in the United States almost left fans speechless by the end of the Ravens – 49ers game. It wasn’t so much the tactics used by the players of the two teams, but rather the power outage which kept spectators at the Superdome and viewers at home in sheer darkness for 34 minutes. Fans didn’t seem to be bothered by the temporary blackout as they could, thus, practice the wave and refill their cups by the time the glitch was solved.

Organizers at the Superdome were the most disturbed by the incident. This was the first time the Super Bowl was held in New Orleans since 2002 and organizers wanted to prove that it has been completely rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina. The blackout was described by Mayor Mitch Landrieu as “an unfortunate moment in what has been an otherwise shining Super Bowl week for the city of New Orleans”. The mayor and the entire city of New Orleans have many reasons to regret the power outage during this Sunday’s Super Bowl. The event could have negative consequences on their decision to bid for the title game in 2018, the year when the Superdome will celebrate its 300th anniversary.

Two hours after the Super Bowl ended, organizers issued a press release explaining what might have caused the power outage. Although the reasons behind the blackout haven’t been completely disclosed, the spokesperson of the Superdome thinks an “abnormality” in the power system was responsible for the 34 minutes of darkness. Beyoncé’s halftime show featured extravagant lighting and video effects, which might have been responsible for the power outage, in the spokesperson’s opinion.

The San Francisco 49ers had many more reasons to be disturbed by the temporary glitch as they lost the game. However, the Baltimore Ravens think they would have obtained a better score than 34-31 if the power hadn’t run out.

It’s Time to Choose Your Favorites and Bet on Super Bowl

With only a few weeks to go before Super Bowl 2013, tensions are high, egos are strong, odds are considered and bets are placed. In the world of the sports fan, betting on their favorite team is all about sending the players their good juju.

For the sports fan that hasn’t placed a bet on Super Bowl before, the best place to start is reading a guide that explains Super Bowl betting terms. Get friends and family to explain it to you, but if you’re betting against them, your money is safer if you make your research by yourself before requesting any advice from other “competitors”.

The annual NFL championship game is not only the moment world champs are announced. It is also the time of a tradition enthusiast sports fans have been following with almost religiosity. The Super Bowl bet among friends, via an online sportsbook, through Las Vegas casino sports and so on, is like the Christmas eggnog or the Thanksgiving Day turkey.

Nobody will predict the future for you, but if you’re really interested in winning actual money over your bet on Super Bowl, research the teams, check out sport analysts’ views and make sure you look at the line. This is the term for the listed odds on a game, and that should be a good start when you’re trying to figure out how much money you can safely bet on your Super Bowl favorite. Make sure you get the line from Las Vegas casinos and not the one circulated by the media.

A bet on Super Bowl isn’t illegal if you’re placing it through Las Vegas casino sports book, online such sports book and betting pools. Placing a bet on Super Bowl also isn’t illegal if it’s among friends. But let’s get back to the matter at hand, learning the ins-and-outs of placing a bet on Super Bowl. A Favorite is the team that will likely win the game, the longshot on the other hand is the team that will mostly likely lose, but if by some miracle the team wins the game, your bet is going to deliver significant revenue.

The actual bet on the Super Bowl game has several different versions. For instance, you can prop bet on something that could happen during the game, such as how long will the National Anthem moment be, or who will be the first player to score, not to mention the whacky bets on the color of Gatorade the coach of the winning team will be soaked in. A lot of Super Bowl veterans will prefer betting against the public, trusting their bookies and not the average or beginner Super Bowl gambler.

If you want to bet on Super Bowl online, make sure you find a website that delivers all betting types and maybe a little something on the side. For instance, Bovada has a Super Bowl 2013 promotion that gives betters a 50% free bet welcome bonus up to $250.

Lionel Messi Breaks Record for Most Goals in a Year

Lionel Messi, the star of Barcelona, has long gained a reputation of being somewhat “supernatural”. Not surprisingly, Lionel Messi broke the record for most goals in a year this Monday, three games before the end of 2012.

Gerd Mueller used to be the soccer player who scored the most goals in a calendar year. With Lionel Messi getting better and better at yet (without getting older), no soccer record is safe now. It was the game against Real Betis that gave Lionel Messi the opportunity to break Gerd Mueller’s record for the most goals in a year.

Lionel Messi scored in the 16th and 25th minutes of the game against Real Betis in the La Liga. With those two goals, Lionel Messi broke Gerd Mueller’s record by two goals, giving the 40-year-old soccer legend a well deserved “rest”. And although Lionel Messi’s nickname is “The Flea”, Gerd Mueller, aka “Der Bomber”, is surely appreciative of the man who managed to break his record.

“As I have said many times, the record is nice but the important thing is the victory that keeps us on the patch we want to continue on” Lionel Messi said on Facebook of his latest achievement. “As I always say, my objectives are on a team level: to win the league, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey again” he added.

You don’t have to be current with European soccer to know Lionel Messi works magic on the field without even breaking a sweat. Or at least, that’s how things look from the outside. Lionel Messi is for the European and Argentinean fans an amazing player with skills we haven’t seen for years. 

“Leo is supernatural. He doesn’t have limits” said Gerard Pique, defender for Barcelona. “We’ll always have to remember everything he gave us. We have to enjoy every minute we have with him” Pique added.

Tito Vilanova, the Barcelona coach, is without a doubt appreciative of the fact Lionel Messi isn’t with the adversary teams. “We won’t see another player like [Messi]. Not just because of his ability to score. But also for his ability to pass, play defense, and his understanding of the game” said Tito Vilanova. Lionel Messi “is a global star that helps us in so many ways” he concluded.

Colts Cheerleaders Shave Their Heads To Raise Awareness for Leukemia

It’s nice to see a team really supportive of each other. Colts cheerleaders shaved their heads to raise awareness for leukemia and show support for the team’s coach Chuck Pagano.

During the weekend’s game Colts – Buffalo Bills, Megan M., cheerleader at the Colts joined others who decided to show support for coach Chuck Pagano in a more unusual way. During the game, Colts’ cheerleader had her head shaved by the team’s mascot, Blue. Crystal Ann joined Megan M. in raising more than $22,000 for leukemia research by choosing to lose their hair.

NFL’s Indiana Colts’ coach Chuck Pagano has been battling leukemia for the most part of the season. He had to take time away from the team to undergo leukemia treatments that lead to him losing his hair. The Colts’ players have shown their support too by shaving their heads after Pagano paid them a visit in the locker room and were shocked to see how much his appearance has changed.

Cheerleaders now have joined a cause and helped raise $22,000 for leukemia research funding. It was the team’s mascot, Blue, who asked the team’s cheerleaders if they’re willing to lose their hair for leukemia research. #OperationShaveMegansHead was on then fellow cheerleader Crystal Ann decided to help raise money.

“It’s about to go down Colts fans! Thank you for all of your support and may god bless all those affected by Cancer” tweeted Megan. “I’ve just had personal experiences with people who have had cancer” she later told Daniel Miller on 24-Hour News. “I’ve had mentors and family members and volunteer at Riley and met little girls who have lost their hair and heat cancer multiple times” she explained. “Just seeing struggles they went through and how they could overcome that and still have confidence and fight this fight without their hair – they are really my inspiration for doing this”.

Fans were impressed with the team’s cheerleaders losing their hair for a good cause. “Lots o you tweeting that the Colts Cheerleaders are ‘still hot’ without hair… I contend they’ve never been nor looked ‘hotter’” tweeted Dan Dakich. “Mad respect for the two cheerleaders that shaved their hair off for cancer during the colts bills game #respect” wrote Alex Sexton.

Tim Tebow Is America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Guest

Based on a recent survey, Tim Tebow is America’s favorite Thanksgiving Day guest. The majority of the respondents chose the New York Jets quarterback over any other famous personality including Lady Gaga and President Barack Obama, the Inquisitr reports.

Barack Obama may be a family man with a strong sense of humor, but that’s not what Americans want when it comes to their Thanksgiving Day guest. A recent survey showed that Tim Tebow’s charisma and, let’s face it, his strong religious beliefs have helped him conquer Americans’ hearts. Although the quarterback did not receive any invitations from his fans for this Thanksgiving Day, figures show that supporters would love to have the NFL football player over for dinner.

Tim Tebow obtained the biggest percentage as 23% people named him as a guest. Big Bird, Lady Gaga and Barack Obama were the other options people had in mind when asked about their preferences. The least likely to be invited for a Thanksgiving dinner was the American statistician Nate Silver who obtained only 5 percent of the votes.

The survey was performed on 700 adult respondents, who were supposed to answer various questions in relation to their Thanksgiving Day practices. Apparently, roasted turkey is America’s most favorite dish during this holiday as 88 percent respondents confessed they would serve this meal during their dinner parties. Smoked or deep-fried turkey was only voted by 9 percent people.

In case you still needed reassurance for this particular aspect, Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for the family. 63 percent of the respondents confirmed this by stating that the best part about this holiday is that they can have the entire family and the dear ones under the same roof. Others, however, can only think about food when it comes to Turkey Day (53%), whereas spending time with the family was chosen as the third most important significance of the holiday.

Ben Roethlisberger Welcomes Son On Thanksgiving Day

Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB, Ben Roethlisberger had one more reason to give thanks this Turkey Day. He and wife, Ashley Harlan, welcomed their first son on the eve of Thanksgiving Day, according to a recent report published by Us Weekly.

Big Ben, as he was nicknamed by his team mates, spent the entire Thanksgiving Day with his wife, Ashley and his newly born son, Benjamin Roethlisberger Jr. The two-time winner of the Super-Bowl broke the news on Thursday morning informing fans that his first child has seen the light of day on Wednesday at around 10:06 p.m. He further added that Little Ben weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and over 19 inches long at the time of the birth.

The Ohio-native quarterback was relieved to announce that both the mother and the child were doing well, so they would soon be able to return home. In the end, he thanked all his friends and fans for their thoughts and prayers.

Big Ben was forced to skip some of Pittsburgh’s games after suffering a severe injury in a bump with linebacker Justin Houston during the third quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs competition on November 12. Roethlisberger was diagnosed with a sprained shoulder and a rib injury, so he could not take part in his team’s competitions or trainings.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ coach was unable to estimate when Roethlisberger will return on the field. The quarterback is now undergoing various medical practices to recover from his injury as the team fears their postseason berth could be in jeopardy.

Either way, the newly dad was glad that he could spend some time with his wife and his son. In fact, the quarterback declared during an interview last summer that he would rather miss a game than be absent at his child’s birth.

David Beckham Ends Contract With L.A. Galaxy

As of next month, Los Angeles Galaxy is losing one of its most financially prolific players. David Beckham has decided to end his six-year contract with L.A. Galaxy.

Former England midfielder has announced his departure from L.A. Galaxy, right after the end of the MLS Cup. The 37-year-old football superstar leaves at the end of a six-year stay at L.A. Galaxy and is looking forward for “one last challenge before the end of” his “playing career.

For his stay at L.A. Galaxy, David Beckham was one of the superstars that draw in revenue. With David Beckham out of the picture, L.A. Galaxy is out looking for a new superstar to fill this player’s shoes, although it’s going to have to look hard for a man that could work wonders for the team’s popularity as the British man did.

“I’ve had an incredibly special time playing for the LA Galaxy” said David Beckham this Monday. Although he is out looking for a bigger challenge by the end of his career as a football player, ending the contract with L.A. Galaxy isn’t “the end of my relationship with the league as my ambition is to be part of the ownership structure in the future”.

David Beckham was one of the few European soccer players that were actually popular in the United States, although the sport itself isn’t exactly drawing crowds. “In my time here I have seen the popularity of the game grow every year” says David Beckham, “I’ve been fortunate to win trophies, but more important to me has been the fantastic reception I’ve had from fans in L.A. and across the States”.

Commissioner Don Garber says David Beckham made the MLS cup “far more popular and important here and abroad than it was when he arrived”. “David has achieved great things on and off the field during his time with the Galaxy, and he will always be an important part of our history” added Garber.

David Beckham will play his last game at L.A. Galaxy next month in the MLS Cup against the Houston Dynamo in Carson, California.

In the meanwhile, Snoop Lion is looking forward to invest in football and has hopes David Beckham would go back to play football in Scotland. “I asked my man David about Celtic and he was like, ‘Yeah, teams don’t come much bigger”.