Director David Aronofsky leaves the set of “The Wolverine”

Director Darren Aronofsky (42 years) abandoned fiction project “The Wolverine” produced by 20th Century Fox, a sequel of the adventure drama “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in 2009, which was directed by Gavin Hood, from a script that bore the signatures of David Benioff and Skip Woods.

Famous for cryptic film, shocking and difficult to decipher the lines like “The Fountain”, “Pi” or “Requiem for a Dream, Darren Aronofsky has been regarded from the beginning an unusual choice by fans of the franchise” X-Men ” movies , his art films have nothing in common with an adaptation of a comic series.

Even if many times, this excuse is used to mask other misunderstandings, it is possible that Aronofsky’s case to be true, especially as he recently divorced by actress Rachel Weisz, and in present he is in the process for custody of their boy. Surely Darren wants to be with his boy and close events, to solve in a amicable way their family problems. Another reason may have to cancel for moment shooting would be the place where it should filming: Japan. And as at this time, Japan is in a state of national emergency because of earthquake and tsunami that occurred last week, is not the best place to start filming.

Who Should Be The New Director?

Of course, there is an unofficial version of the story, circulated by a source that Aronofsky would have demaded those at Fox to turn over full control of production (just as Christopher Nolan now controls everything related to franchise Batman), especially after the Black Swan has received an Oscar nomination for best film and Natalie Portman earned the award for best performance. Producers  agreed and offered more money but without success, so let him simply to leave.

Although nobody knows the name of the person who will replace Aronofsky in the director’s chair, 20th Century Fox officials rushed to declare that the sequel “The Wolverine” is a priority for them and they will move forward without Darren Aronofsky, Hugh Jackman still remaining faithful to the project: “Both Hugh Jackman and Fox remain fully involved in the film The Wolverine. We’ll regroup and move forward aggressively. “

This is not the first time when Darren Aronofsky  abandons a project which initially he gave his consent.Recently he gave up to “Robocop”of  MGM’s production company, but also to “Batman: Year One” of the company Warner Bros.

Darren Aronfonsky is considered one of the most talented directors in Hollywood, although it is known to audiences for several years. But his films were considered absolutely outstanding, winning numerous awards. Its best-known titles are “Requiem for a Dream” (2000), “The Fountain” (2006), “The Wrestler” (2008), “Black Swan” (2010)


Lady Gaga goes back to PETA with her dress in raw meat

She had worn PVC, latex or bulbs … Tuesday is a more carnivorous Gaga who made the cover of Vogue Homme Japan, in a dress (or a bikini, there is debate) of raw meat attached to his red-to-face.

Obviously, the association of animal rights PETA does not appreciate. “Whatever it is aesthetically well presented, the flesh of animals tortured remains of the flesh of animals tortured. Raw meat is bloody violence and suffering. If this is the look they were seeking, it is successful, “the organization wrote in a statement.

So far, the diva was rather in the good graces of PETA. In 2009, she donned a dress made of stuffed Kermit the frog to protest against wearing fur.

Soccer Superstars: new video

The production company Gamevil has released a statement through a new video game on the App Store that will be named Soccer Superstars. This is a game that will have all the characteristics of a football game, through which we bring a team to victory in the path of play. Are many modes of play that the gaming application makes available for our entertainment. This is specifically the exhibition mode, my league season, cup and dramatic. All these options will be very exciting.

Our goal obviously is to win the various competitions with our team and continue in the path of play. The differences between the various game modes include the ability to play on mobile platforms Cupertino company in several ways, coordinating the actions of one player or the whole team.

The movie shows us a test of the game are also several pairs available in the menu JPA gaming that will surely soon on the App Store of Apple. In particular, this Asian Cup, the European Cup, American Cup, International Cup and Cup Gamevil

Among the special game that makes available to us to remember is probably the best gaming graphics product, colorful, engaging and inspired by the anime style, that will certainly appeal to many gamers around the world.

Great importance is given then the characters, each with its own different path from that of others with different characteristics, both physical and character. We’ll have to find them all then certainly in the game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Blur stores

Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced that Blur ™ is now available in Italian stores. Created by renowned developer Bizarre Creations, Blur, an experience of innovative course that is aimed at gamers who like to neophytes through immediate and intuitive controls and the ability to enjoy driving tactics and combat new car.

“Our goal with Blur is to bring the fun in racing games and make the experience more intense and exciting racing there is,” says Gareth Wilson, lead designer at Bizarre Creations. “With 20 cars on the course in the contemporaneous version of multiplayer, a first for the racing genre, and an arsenal of power-ups, each race is a” battle “unpredictable from start to finish.”

Blur is the experience of racing with the final power-ups, in which players collect intense power-ups along the way, including the ability to wipe out car on its path with great bursts of energy, increase speed with Turbo launch Mines and create defensive shields to free more than their opponents.

With over 50 licensed cars and more than 30 realistic tracks, a deep single player career, a four-player split screen mode and multiplayer immersive experience that has a progressive ranking system that rewards the most active players, offers a new Blur automotive gaming experience for everyone.

Moreover, Blur brings the social experience in both singleplayer and multiplayer mode via an advanced system of sharing – the button “Share” – which allows players to send “Challenges Friends” by Dashboard Xbox 360 and PlayStation ® Network, or using the integration of Twitter and Facebook to ignite competition among friends.
Blur is now available for Xbox 360 ®, PlayStation ® 3 and Windows PC. For more information about Blur, visit the official game site

Game Button: an infinite number of games for Chrome

For users Google Chrome, the browser’s most popular search engine, today we present a new extension that will help relax your notebook or desktop. As for the quality and quantity, Chrome is to overcome Mozilla Firefox! Indeed, “Game Button” is an add on with a multitude of video games, what better way to relax a few minutes between a business break or simply if you have nothing to do.
It ‘a collection of 250 games developed with Flash technology, and with one bottonte, precisely Game Button, these games are a click away. Many categories including being able to choose the best flash games: classic, sports games, driving simulation games, shooter, adventure, action, games for kids, toys for girls and other categories. So there is something for everyone. And to use the Button Game?
Nothing more simple, click on this link and then click Install. Once installed the extension, the button with all games will appear on your top bar of Chrome by clicking on the category you choose, and will open a new window where you can choose the games in the category that you selected.
Clicking on the name of the game in a few seconds a window flash will load and you can have fun with “Super Mario” for instance! Among the most famous, besides the classic Mario, including Tetris, Pac Man and Sonic. So we hope you’ll enjoy Game Button.

Full weekend in Rimini

Full weekend at the house in the hotels of Rimini: the expected movement of the faithful Church Renewal in the Holy Spirit and tourists who decided to spend May 1 at the sea
Rimini (TT) – Weekend congested the Riviera of Rimini, during the weekend, will host the faithful of the Church Renewal Movement in the Holy Spirit and all the tourists, because of the good weather in recent days, spend the bridge – as a tight – the sea.
“Over the past two days – said Patrizia Rinaldis, president of the Italian Rimini hotel – we started receiving phone calls requesting information for the families who stay during the weekend. Unfortunately there is a bridge interesting and currently guests are booking to spend a couple of nights with the formula of bed & breakfast and visit amusement parks. You can not talk about peak calls but are starting to move all now. Many hotels, however, are already booked by the faithful Renewal in the Spirit. “
From April 29 to May 2, in fact, are expected to Rimini 20 thousand faithful ecclesial movement of Renewal in the Spirit for the XXXIII National Convening Group and the Community. The number of participants than last year which stood at over 25 thousand attendance is slightly down though, as indicated by the organizing secretary, “the estimate of this year refers to the reservations already made in the hotel and takes no account of those involved to actually call and book privately. A definitive figure will be released until the end. “
On the weekend of May 1, then, between the arrival of the charismatic and tourists eager to spend at least two days on the Riviera, the total attendance at Rimini tap fee should reach 30 thousand.

James Cameron: “My Avatar is symbol of struggle “

These days, James Cameron is a man torn between two planets.In order to understand just look at his two most important commitments this week. Five months after Avatar is playing at cinemas, hailed as a paradigm shift in movie history, beating all records relating to collection (so far, 2.7 billion dollars) will be launched today in Blu-Ray and DVD, without a trailer, without advertising, without so many introductions and behind the scenes. “Maybe the film pure, with a resolution that is one hundred percent of that seen in cinemas,” assures the director-producer-writer, who meanwhile is already immersed in pre-production of Avatar 2. “We will not be only on Pandora, but on the whole system Apha Centauri – continued -. In the second film will try to create a new environment, focusing on the ocean of Pandora that will be equally rich and varied and imaginative and crazy tropical forest. I’m not saying we will not see what has already been seen, but longer. “
The inspiration of Cameron is short again on the planet inhabited by Na’vi, but above all his thoughts there is one in which we live. And Sunday 25, at the fortieth anniversary of the ‘Earth Day’, the Earth Day will be a speaker at a major event to be held in Washington, where he will announce that part of the proceeds of his film will go on a program to plant one million trees in 15 countries, including Italy. “This is the greatest challenge of our time, save our planet from ourselves – says -. Avatar takes place in a distant world, but it is really miraculous that we have here on the planet with us and it’s time to take a stand and become warriors of the Earth. “
Avatar is designed as a product to boost profits and that plan has obviously reached and far exceeded its objectives. But in the mind of Cameron is also a call to arms to save itself from the planet and now that the film gave him a megaphone to express his ideas are widely using it, to stand up for nature protection in China Brazil, where he was twice last month to add her voice to those who protest against the construction of Belo Monte dam, in the Amazon, which could dry up rivers, flooding huge areas and put an end style lives of hundreds of tribes. Like the Kayapo Xikrin, where Cameron showed up recently with lots of face painting. “In one of my meetings with tribal leaders were in a village deep in the forest. And it was a bit ‘like being in Avatar – reminds -. The film has created an emotional response in people, not only environmentalist, so much so that few days ago were also painted blue Na’vi Palestinian protesters. It ‘really interesting that people see their reality reflected in the film. I hope especially that Avatar will help to demystify this idea promoted by the right and lobbies having to choose between a strong economy and the environment. It ‘s ridiculous. Nature is reaching its limits. And the nation will become a leader in renewable energy will lead the world in ten or twenty years, according to projections that the country will be China. “
But as he continues to deal with saving the planet in which he lives, Cameron never forgets its source. “I am first and foremost an artist,” repeated. And while preparing to return to Pandora, then promises that there will be 2 Avatar special effects that exceed those of the first film set between the Na’vi, but we would also like to stress that will be secondary. “First is the story – makes clear – and the characters.” And this craze for 3D, as you see it? “The public has spoken and said that he likes and is willing to pay more for a ticket, but this technique is well used and should not contaminate the market. And now there is little choice for the filmmakers. Can shoot with the basics, a camera and some actors. They can go the other extreme, as we did with Avatar, fabricating a new world. Or they can choose a middle ground. It ‘s the beauty of cinema. “

TV Program

The addicted to Dr. House found their preferred doctor, with three new episodes of the fifth season of the eponymous series. This time, House, victim of a motorcycle accident occurs in the patient’s skin. In the second part of the evening, Pascal, big brother is back on the first string after two months of absence. Teenagers rebel he will try to get back on the right path had better behave.
For its part France 2 offers an innovative program that night: a play staged by Robert Hossein to revive the famous trial Seznec. Viewers will act as a juror and the verdict will participate via SMS, telephone and internet. At 22:30 David Pujadas focuses on teens addicted to drugs in its issuance of the undercover investigation.
The evening will be lighter on France 3, with the British comedy Mr. Bean’s Holiday, played by Rowan Atkinson, alongside Emma de Caunes. In the second part of the evening, the chain offers fans a documentary on the life of the actor-comedian.
Arte investigate a silent epidemic, multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, one of the most contaminating bacteria in hospitals. Next, two episodes of the series Jekyll.
At M6, both teams still in contention Beijing Express attempt to climb Chimborazo in Ecuador, the highest volcano in the Americas. 22:45, chain back on the scenes of this extreme race.