Tyga Says Kylie Jenner’s Child is His

Tyga seems to be the one claiming the paternity of Kylie Jenner’s first child. The famous rapper said the baby is his. Tyga made this statement shortly after some new reports have claimed that Kylie was actually pregnant with her current boyfriend, Travis Scott.

So, Tyga took to social media to reveal that Kylie’s child is his. Soon after sharing this post, the famous rapper decided to delete it. The post shared by Tyga actually included a screenshot of a news article talking about Kylie’s pregnancy. The rapper shared the following message alongside the post: “Hell nah thats my kid.” The post shared by Tyga is quite shocking considering that the two separated several months ago.

Tyga is said to be dating Kamilla Osman now, while Kylie is in a relationship with Travis Scott. Tyga and Kylie separated earlier this year, after on and off dating for no less than three years. The relationship between Tyga and Kylie dealt with a lot of criticism at first because of the age difference between the two. Furthermore, it had been claimed that the former couple started dating when Kylie was only 16. The two officially revealed their relationship only after Kylie turned 18.

At the time of the breakup between Kylie and Tyga, sources claimed that the reality show star decided to end things with her boyfriend because she felt that she was too young to be in such a serious relationship. Kylie also confirmed that during her show, Life of Kylie, saying that there was no drama and that she will always care for Tyga.

“Now she’s having a baby with a guy she just started dating. People around her are really surprised. It happened really fast, but for Kylie, being with Travis is so different than anyone else. She’s so in love with him. She’s really excited,” an insider said according to People. The baby news were allegedly confirmed by Kylie in the presence of some of her closest friends. She allegedly told her friends that she is very happy to become a mom and that she will be welcoming a baby girl.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant with Travis Scott?

It seems that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are ready to become parents. According to the latest rumors, the two stars are set to welcome their first child. Allegedly, the pregnancy was not expected by Kylie and Travis, but the reality show star couldn’t be happier with the idea of becoming a mother in the near future.

TMZ reported that Kylie has told her close friends that she and Travis are going to have a child together. Furthermore, the same report said that Travis has also told his friends about the pregnancy, and even more than that he actually told them that he and Kylie are going to have a baby girl. Apparently, the pregnancy rumors are supported by the fact that Kylie has most recently decided to stop revealing so much of her body. The reality show star was spotted in some oversized outfits instead of her revealing clothing choices.

The rumors have also said that most likely Kylie will give birth sometime in February. Well, if the two have started telling some of their friends, it is safe to say that their families are already in the loop. “They started telling friends a few weeks ago,” an insider said according to People.

“The family has known for quite some time. She is really excited and so is Travis!” the source said. “It is an unexpected but completely amazing turn of events that she could not be more excited or thrilled about. Everyone is overjoyed for her. This is the happiest she’s ever been,” the same source went on to add.

This is not the first time when some rumors indicate that Kylie is pregnant. In fact, the first such rumors have emerged in August. The star began dating Travis in April, after her separation from Tyga. She and Tyga were a couple for about three years. The fact that Kylie is pregnant with Travis so quickly after the two started dating is quite shocking and unexpected.

The baby news have not been officially confirmed for the moment, so it is yet to see if Kylie and Travis are really going to become parents in the near future.

New Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Baby Rumors

Some new rumors have once again talked about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, saying that the two are really going to become parents in the near future. Allegedly, the two famous stars will welcome their third baby via surrogate. The new rumor is not shocking at all, as previous rumors have talked about this third pregnancy a lot and have claimed that Kim and Kanye will welcome another child soon.

Well, now a source talking to People magazine said that Kim and Kanye hired a surrogate to carry their child and the surrogate is now pregnant. Of course, the entire family is very happy with the news. “The entire family is over the moon. Kim had been looking for a surrogate for months until recently when she found the perfect candidate,” the source said according to the magazine.

The same insider claimed that Kim wanted to hire a surrogate because she was not able to carry the baby herself because of her past health issues. “Given her health scares in the past, Kim felt the need to hire a surrogacy agency that helped serve as the liaison in finding a healthy woman who would be a great surrogate option for her and Kanye. Both of them have been super involved in the process,” the insider explained.

The source also said that both Kim and Kanye are ready to do anything to make sure that their baby will be as healthy as possible and this is the reason why Kim is so much involved in the diet of the surrogate. “They want everything to be perfect and for the baby to be extremely healthy. They don’t want any complications and Kim is providing an ideal eating regimen and diet so everyone knows what the baby is consuming before it’s born,” the source said.

First rumors on Kim and Kanye’s intentions to become parents once again emerged a few months ago. Kim opened up about her health issues during a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode and said that she was thinking about turning to the help of a surrogate. However, the star never confirmed if she really made that decision or not.

Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up about not talking to Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians always manage to remain in the media attention. The famous family has been through a lot of changes in the past few years and without a doubt the most shocking one has been the transition of Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner.

This transition has not been simple for the famous family to deal with and it seems that the book that Caitlyn wrote regarding her journey led to some serious consequences and the end of some friendships. At least, the friendship between Caitlyn and Kim Kardashian had to suffer. Caitlyn decided to open up about her relationship with Kim during a new interview with Good Morning Britain.

The star claimed that she is very proud of her memoir book, Secrets of My Life, but she is unhappy that the Kardashians did not react in the desired way to her book, mostly her former wife, Kris. In the book she claimed that Kris knew about her gender identity crisis.

“I went overboard to be nice, to be friendly, to be open, but also tell my story and my side of the story,” Caitlyn explained during her interview. “Since the book came out, I’ve never talked to Kris again. Kim, I haven’t talked to in six, nine months, whatever it is,” she added.

When Caitlyn announced her transition in 2015, The Kardashians actually supported her, although many members of the famous family admitted that it had not been easy. However, their relationship broke when Caitlyn started launching a series of accusations against Kris, which her daughters could not accept. Caitlyn went on to say that she is very sorry for not being close to Kim any longer because Kim is a “great person.”

“I have such respect for her as a mother, as a businessperson, but like Kris, she is very opinionated, but that’s okay. I love that about her. It’s unfortunate, because actually Kim was the first one I talked to about this issue. She was very straightforward with me. … She’s been very, very good on it. It’s a big loss in my life, not having her there anymore,” Caitlyn said.

Caitlyn also explained that only the Kardashian side of the family do not want to talk to her. Her daughters, Kendall and Kylie, are still very close to her and spend a lot of time together.

Kim Reveals North Does not Like her Brother

Kim Kardashian is the happy mom of two beautiful children. However, the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently revealed that the children don’t get along very well. She actually said that North does not really like her brother very much.

Kim opened up about her family during a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest. The star claimed that this is very hard for her, as she is very close to all her siblings. “I don’t know if it’s because she’s the older sister, I don’t know what it is. I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother,” the star said. “It’s so hard for me. I thought it was like OK, a couple of months, she’s just warming up to it. She gets so jealous when I would breast feed and all that kind of stuff. Now the phase isn’t going away,” she went on to add.

Kim also said that her daughter believes that she can trick her, and North is not nice to her little brother. “Her thing is she thinks she’s outsmarting me. She’s like, ‘We’re having a tea party mom. No boys allowed. Dad can’t come too then,'” Kim said. “And she’ll just slam the door on her brother’s face. He’ll just start crying,” the star added.

However, Kim said that her son does not get upset with his older sister and he is finding ways to be amused despite all. “When they both are standing there, he likes to imitate her now, so if she’s crying he’ll just start fake crying,” Kim explained “I’m like ‘One of you! I can’t pick up both of you!’,” she added.

Meanwhile, a new report has claimed that Kim does not only have issues in making her children love each other, but she is also dealing with some problems with husband Kanye West. The report, shared by Radar Online, said that the star and her husband are no longer sleeping in the same bed. The same report claimed that Kim is still very fragile following her Paris robbery and she is still working to recover from that.

Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant?

According to the latest rumors, Khloe Kardashian is expecting a child. However, this might be the only reason to bring joy to the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. It has also been claimed that her famous boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, plans on leaving the famous reality show star.

The latest rumor came from Star magazine, which claimed that Khloe is pregnant with Tristan’s baby. The report claimed that the star is 12 weeks pregnant, and of course she couldn’t be happier as Khloe wanted to become a mom for some time now. However, despite the pregnancy, Tristan allegedly wants to end his relationship with Khloe.

“Khloe had been trying to lock Tristan down, angling to move in together and get pregnant,” a source said according to Star, adding that this was the moment when Tristan decided to end things with the star. As imagined, Khloe is very disappointed, as she believed that Tristan was her soulmate. “Plus, her clock was ticking pretty loudly,” the source said. “There was nothing she wanted more than to have a baby with him,” it concluded.

The fact that Khloe wanted a child is no secret. The popular star has previously talked about her intentions to become a mom and has revealed during an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she and Tristan have talked about starting a family together. However, there were no previous indications that Tristan and Khloe could be dealing with some relationship problems.

Of course, the rumors were not confirmed, so it is yet to see if the two really are planning on separating. However, when it comes to the baby news, there is no confirmation either, but we can surely say that Khloe has been linked to baby rumors for a while now. A previous report from Hollywood Life said that the star has been ready to be a mom for quite some time. The report also said that Khloe has been working with a fertility specialist for a few months.

Kendall Jenner Impacted by Pepsi Ad Criticism

Kendall Jenner has enjoyed a lot of successful projects this year, but the star also underwent some very difficult moments. One of those moments apparently was playing in a controversial Pepsi ad. The famous model revealed this in a promo for the 10th anniversary special for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In a short moment in this promo, Kendall is seen saying that because of the controversy she felt “like my life is over.” This is actually the first time when Kendall has talked about this. So, without a doubt the star’s fans are anxious to find out what else she thinks, as this is all that the promo video revealed. The Pepsi ad controversy happened about five months ago.

Kendall opened up in front of her sister Kim, who is actually the go to person for the members of the famous family. “You made a mistake,” Kim told Kendall. Well, although Kendall has not talked about her feelings following the Pepsi ad controversy, her sister Kim did. So, during an interview with Andy Cohen, Kim said that Kendall felt really “awful” after starring in the commercial.

“She totally understood at the end of the day, and she felt really awful for it,” Kim said during the interview. “She just wants to move on from it. I think anytime someone does anything, they don’t have a bad intentions of doing it a certain way, especially because Kendall is so sensitive. She would never mean for anyone to perceive anything in a negative way,” she added.

Pepsi was highly criticised for the commercial for using resistance protests to sell its products and trying to diminish the importance of these protests and the importance of major issues such as police brutality. The commercial was soon withdrawn after the criticism. Of course, Kendall was also criticised for starring in the commercial and accepting to promote Pepsi’s products in such a way.

Tyga Regrets Relationship with Kylie Jenner Ended

Tyga and Kylie Jenner were a couple for quite some time. However, their romance ended and since then it seemed that both Kylie and Tyga have moved on. However, now, it appears that maybe Tyga has not completely forgotten about his former girlfriend. According to a new report, the famous rapper actually regrets that he let Kylie go.

Apparently, Tyga’s regret over his former relationship with Kylie has become stronger after the star saw some recent nude photos that Kylie did. Kylie posed naked for the latest issue of V Magazine. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star showed her breasts in some sexy photos. Apparently, Tyga liked a lot the photos and started thinking about what he lost.

“Tyga was going crazy about her recent photos, he thinks she’s smokin’ hot, and he kicks himself every day for letting her go,” an insider said according to Hollywood Life. The same source went on to explain that Tyga still likes his former girlfriend and he actually believes that Kylie is the perfect woman for him. “Kylie is the embodiment of what Tyga believes to be the perfect woman, her body, her face, her personality, everything ticks all the boxes,” the source explained.

However, maybe Tyga’s feelings are not shared by his former girlfriend. So, it has been claimed that Kylie is actually not very much interested in getting back together with Tyga. In fact, she is quite happy with the new man in her life, Travis Scott. Kylie has not directly talked about this relationship, but she did hint to the fact that she is very happy with Travis.

“I’ve had more fun this past month than I have in, like, years,” Kylie said during an episode of her reality series, Life of Kylie. “Like, the last three years of my life were just like a blur. I just stayed in the house all day. Now it’s like, I feel like I can be more myself. I feel way more free. I’m just like really, genuinely happy right now,” she added. She also said that her separation from Tyga was amicable and she claimed she will always care about and have a bond with the famous rapper.

Tristan Thompson Not Sure about Marrying Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian have been a couple for about a year now. The two famous stars seemed to be getting along so well that numerous rumors indicated that they were even ready to get married. Khloe herself previously confessed that she and her boyfriend have been discussing about family.

Well, now, a new report has claimed that Tristan might not be sure that he wants to marry Khloe. The new report, from Radar Online, said that Tristan is not convinced that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is the one for him. Apparently, the main reason why Tristan is upset is given by the fact that Khloe has not been trying at all to bond with his son, Prince, who is 8 months old. Although Khloe has previously said that she wanted to become a mom, apparently, she is not showing any interest in the baby.

“He’s fed up with her ‘loving to death’ her own nieces and nephews, but she acts as if like Prince doesn’t exist,” a sources said according to the celebrity site. “At the end of the day it’s Khloe who’s pressuring him to marry her, but there’s no chance in hell unless she makes more of an effort with Prince,” the same insider explained.

Apparently, Khloe has a good excuse for that. “In Khloe’s defense, it’s a very awkward situation, as she doesn’t want to step on [Prince’s mom] Jordan’s toes. It’s bad enough she stole her baby daddy away, but to then encroach on her kid too, well, Khloe thinks it’s a bad move. It’s not doing her any favors with Tristan though. He’ll walk if she’s not interested in playing stepmom,” the source claimed.

This is not the first time when a report talks about Khloe and Tristan’s relationship. Speculation on the fact that they might want to marry and have children started after Khloe revealed during an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she and Tristan have talked about family. Some reports have claimed that she has been pressuring Tristan to marry her because she wants a family and children more than anything. None of these claims has been confirmed.

Kylie Jenner Opens Up about Tyga Separation

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are no longer a couple. The two separated some time ago and it surely seems that they both managed to move on. However, the reason why the pair separated was not revealed, at least until now. Kylie decided now to open up about her breakup from the famous rapper.

Kylie opened up about the separation from Tyga during the latest episode of Life of Kylie. She actually had a lot of good things to say about her former boyfriend. Kylie revealed that the relationship ended amicably and there was not much drama when it comes to the separation. Kylie also claimed that she feels that she will always have a bond with the popular rapper.

“There was absolutely not one thing wrong with me and T. He and I will always, always have a bond,” the star said during Life of Kylie. “There was no crazy fight, we just decided…Well, I decided that I’m really young,” she went on to add. “I don’t want to look back in five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he’s really not that type of person,” the famous reality show star explained.

Furthermore, more and more lately it has seemed that Kylie has been dealing with some issues in accepting her life as a public person. And it seems that living in the media attention has not been so simple for the young star. “The hardest part about having a relationship, for me, is just that it’s blasted all over the Internet,” Kylie said. “I feel like I’m in a relationship with the world sometimes,” she added.

However, Kylie claimed that despite the fact that people always comment about her personal life, she will not get discouraged and she will not stop from starting new relationships. Kylie has not talked about her relationship with Travis Scott. The two have been a couple for a few months, although she never officially confirmed it. However, they seem to be getting along really well and some rumors actually said that they were even planning on starting a family together.