Gucci dresses Charlotte Casiraghi for the race riding

Let’s go talk about Gucci, this time we are talking about riding. The collaboration between the fashion house and the horse world is renewed this year with a collaboration with multi Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco. The young rider taking part in the Global Champions Tour 2010/2011. An event with the participation of the best names equestrian world that will bring the first caravan in Valencia, then Hamburg, Torino, Monaco, Estoril, and Chanlilly Valkenswaard and ending in Rio De Janeiro at the end of August.

Charlotte, as shown in the photos, participate in show jumping competitions wearing clothes specially designed by fashion house led by Frida Giannini.

One love, one for horses, which the designer house of Gucci evidence from small and is behind the decision of the maison to return after 20 year hiatus, the sponsorship of the horse world.

“Even I’m riding since I was a child, then share the passion of Charlotte. When I sat down with Charlotte to design the wardrobe for the Equestrian there was just a natural understanding between us that made our work together for a walk “, said Giannini.

Roberto Cavalli, leader of Cruise Collection 2011

The fashion brand Roberto Cavalli presented his interesting collection Cruise 2011. In our gallery you can in fact see some leaders of the Cruise Collection, the Italian fashion brand has created for all women who love his style, certainly very original, which is expressed by articles of apparel and accessories truly glamorous and fashion . Also in this collection of fashionable color is the main protagonist, along with basic colors that can not fail in any respectable collection. Garments that can not not love, such as suits, very elegant but easy at the same time.
The Cruise 2011 collection by Roberto Cavalli speaks of nature: the Tuscan designer, in fact, drew inspiration from the wonderful world around us. Mother Nature has given us many ideas that the designer can gather, representing them on the heads of fashion that will soon become the must-have. Clothing and accessories in perfect harmony with nature around us, perfect to be worn at all times.

The collection of fashionable branded Roberto Cavalli offers us a number of leaders for our wardrobe essentials: we have beautiful suits, perfect to be worn both day and evening. Colorful overalls or more basic, to combine with precious accessories or more casual, to constantly change our look, using the same head. Then we have the denim shorts, big players in every collection for the hot season of respect, but skinny jeans, to delineate the curves of women, jackets and blazers show off at every opportunity and to pair with pants or skirts. And if it’s a bit ‘cool visible, the fur shrug.

A 44 Magnum for Lindsay Lohan

Still problems for Lindsay Lohan, who has posted on his Twitter profile where a picture holding a gun, making up a fuss that frightened even her, the queen of irremediable mistakes this time seemed to have got big, bigger than those is used to do, but instead seems to be saved for a corner by declaring that the image is artistic, or one of many snapshots taken by renowned celebrity photographer Tyler Shields that are part of the photographic book called The Dark Side of Glamour.

The actress, who never really “crush” a movie screen from the distant 2007, when she starred in the thriller ever released in Italy I Know Who Killed Me, he underlined that the offending pictures and other shots (like her underwear in front of a wall covered in blood and a man holding a gun) are not soft porn, like someone had dared, but art with a capital.

Despite his defensive speech, controversy remains in the wake of the many blooming this spring, the month of April was a real condensate of trouble and trouble for Lindsay, who was first accused of having stolen a Rolex 35000 dollars, then was thrown from the set of The Other Side by director David Michaels, icing on the cake, his daddy hated Michael wrote on Twitter that his daughter is HIV positive.

Although Papa Lohan has denied soon after, claiming that those messages were the work of a hacker who breached his profile, LiLo for the month of April when it was instead a sweet sleep period nightmare with open eyes.

Fifteen minutes of fame prophesied by Andy Warhol

The first page the first page and even the first page … it seems to become the terrifying obsession of all.
The fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol prophesied is now a “sweetener” are crumbs, crumbs negligible. No longer enough. It is not enough even to be in the pages of “deepening” it seems that “almost nobody” laws.
So away with the scoop and sensational events and sensational, the hype and exaggerations. The law of marketing is categorical: “No matter why, no matter how, the important thing is that if you talk to.” A rule without “proper” by all, one of those “unwritten”, “no taxes” yet systematically applied: a genuine commercial law regime ….
The world of classical music, sadly, is “adequate.” Lately the most acclaimed pianists and pianists are very specific: that, or have an “exotic”, or are much more “beautiful” in the “media” town. Model and fashion models at the piano: the covers of ‘cd’ now have closeups delicate, fascinating, gorgeous, oscillating between the romantic and fatal, with a few, reserved for the male to the “cursed”.
The image above everything, and now the music. Often they are musicians of great level, no doubt, but perhaps not the “best” and certainly not ‘unique’. How many of us know dear, musicians that define the “Series A limited edition”, yet the market fails to “see”. Or rather, has no interest in listening only …
Why hack a ‘cd’ is more or less like a scoreboard. You must have certain characteristics, physiognomic, precise, without any correspondence to the world of music …
An example of this new culture (general) where the sensitivity “visual” has now overcome the “hearing”, even in an environment “conducive” to the ear like music, has the scoop, the “moment” sensational that necessarily must participate in appointments of many young talents, inevitably. Even a young performer already acclaimed worldwide (and deservedly) as Lang Lang was able to “avoid”.
The young Chinese pianist, sounding almost “perfect” temperament whimsical and captivating musicality is (perhaps unwillingly) been “forced” to turn every concert into a “show”.
Latest idea is to have an encore run on a iPad suitably programmed to reproduce the sounds of the 88 piano keys.
Nothing wrong, you say, even fun. And who can deny it. But the ANSA news from which we took this article said something like: “The pianist has performed in San Francisco and its Ia-I was on a pad ….”

Ralph Lauren, the new boutique in Paris

Ralph Lauren has opened a new boutique. The city ‘choice and’ one of the most ‘romantic, glamorous and fashion from around the world, and one of the most’ visit. We’re talking about Paris, the place chosen by the American fashion brand to open its new store, we propose that ‘all the best collections of the fashion brand, season by season. After opening flagship stores a bit ‘all over the world, Ralph Lauren has decided to propose this new store in Paris, a city’ of the most ‘important in terms of fashion and trends. Not arbitrary.
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Many celebrities who attended the inauguration of the new Ralph Lauren boutique: the brand hosted a dinner, attended by many VIPs. First of all David Lauren and his wife were both presented with the black looks very interesting and elegant.
At the opening ceremony of the flagship Ralph Lauren, there were Michelle Yeoh, with a sky blue dress thirties, the American fashion brand (it is a leader of the Spring-Summer 2010), Melanie Laurent, androgynous style consists of a vest and a pair of trousers, very easy and chic.
And yet, here’s Abbey that you showed us a very interesting gold dress, vintage flavor, while Du Juan has opted for a dress very elegant and feminine!

Shannon Elizabeth joins the team of the Lebanese

The foxy actress and American Pie poker player Shannon Elizabeth will be in Las Vegas next May 19 to help launch the World Poker Team. The U.S. team was complete, the beautiful joined Team Lebanon, where his father was born.
It will therefore take place with members of his team at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas, to face the biggest names in poker.
Mainly known for its glamorous roles in movies like American Pie, Scary Movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, or Thit13en Ghosts, actress considers poker as a second career.
She is highly respected professional players, who regard it as one of the best poker players among the celebrities. Indeed, Shannon has already cashed four times at the World Series of Poker in 2006 and 2007 and finished 3rd in the NBC National Head’s Up Poker Championship in 2007.
So far his total earnings amounted to $ 125,000, not bad for a player who spends most of his time on camera and on the covers of magazines like Playboy or Maxim male.
Despite his statement: “I am half Lebanese, but 100% American” Shannon can not join Team USA, already includes Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Mike Matusow, Chris Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Erik Seidel, Allen Cunningham and Annie Duke.
Therefore, it will use its strengths player (I already see you smile), to give any chances for his team to win.
With players like Freddy Deeb, Danny George, Joe Awada, Mark Betor and a total of tournaments gains $ 7.5 million, the team from Lebanon to the skills necessary to challenge the American Goliath.
A total of 19 countries will compete in the first edition of the World Poker Team: Armenia, Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Greece, Iran , Israel, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland, Turkey, the United States and Vietnam.