Casper Smart Makes It As Choreographer

I bet you there are hundreds if not thousands of men who’d love to be in Casper Smart’s shoes. And no, it’s not because Casper Smart made it as a choreographer. It’s because he has one of the hottest girlfriends in the world. With Jennifer Lopez by his side, the sky’s the limit!

Although they’ve become official for some time now, J Lo keeps her boyfriend out of the shinny media spotlight. There still are people wondering who is Casper Smart and what’s his deal with the hot and famous Jennifer Lopez. Chances are Casper Smart is going to become more popular given his new gig as choreographer in Jennifer Lopez’s new tour.

The announcement was made this Monday and J Lo Almost blushed when pronouncing Casper Smart’s name. She said: “I’m working with Jamie King, also Beau ‘Casper’ Smart is my new choreographer”. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Lopez added that Casper is in fact appointed as choreographer to give a helping hand and more.

The much younger dancer got a great job thanks to Jennifer Lopez. Not only did Casper Smart make it as choreographer, but he gets to supervise everyone. “He’s supervising choreographer and we’re just working together to make the best show that we can make” explained Jennifer Lopez for Entertainment Tonight.

Casper Smart looked quite thrilled with his new gig. He told reporters he is going to be “in charge of all choreography” given his status as “lead choreographer”. Nice to be the boss’ favorite employee, right? Wonder what the rest of the staff has to say about Casper Smart’s abrupt promotion to lead choreographer? Let’s just give it some time.

It’s likely that Jennifer Lopez has other big things in mind for her boy, Casper Smart. A source told Us Weekly that she’s even thinking to marry Casper. “She’s certain she wants to be with Casper forever” said the same source.

Jennifer Lopez’ tour will start July 14th, with a gig in Montreal. Later that month she is going to perform on the same stage with Enrique Iglesias and Winsin Y Yandel. Lopez thinks the 20 date tour is “ground breaking”. “I don’t think that there has ever been something like this that these Latinos have come together like this as family, international. English and Spanish”.

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