Casey Kasem Dies at 82

The famous host of American Top 40 has passed away. Casey Kasem was 82 years old. He was the star of one of the most popular pop music shows on the radio. 

Reports reveal that Casey Kasem has passed away on Sunday, in a hospital in Gig Harbor, Wash. Apparently, the sad news was confirmed by Danny Deraney, a spokesman for the family. Danny claimed that the star of American Top 40 suffered from dementia. Dementia is a serious, progressive condition. 

In his final months, Kasem has been in the middle of a legal battle. In fact, his family battled over the terms of his death. Actress Jean Kasem, the wife of the star, and his three children from a previous marriage have different views on what should happen. Casey Kasem has lived for months in a nursing home in Santa Monica. However, Jean Kasem decided to take her husband from that institution and took him to live with some friends in Washington State. 

American Top 40 first aired in the summer of 1970. The popular show actually made history and introduced a new concept to the audience, which everyone absolutely loved. Casey Kasem actually modelled this show and offered it a unique format. His signoff always gave good advice: “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars,” he said. 

Even though Casey Kasem was the image of the show, his role in American Top 40 ended in 1988. Apparently, Casey has been through a contract dispute with his syndication company. Consequently, Casey left the show and started a new one, Casey’s top 40. This radio program naturally aired on another network. As expected, much of the audience who loved American Top 40 started to listen to this new show. 

Years later, Casey Kasem had the possibility to once again host a show named American Top 40, acquiring this name. In 2009, Casey Kasem decided to retire from his career. He managed to make a very successful career, although Casey always told interviewers that rock ‘n’ roll has never been his passion. “I’m just counting them down as they appear on the chart, 1 through 40. What really matters is what I say between the songs,” Casey claimed in an earlier interview.

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