Casey Anthony not guilty; Nancy Grace is shocked

The case of the 25-year-old mother Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her toddler has been in the center of attention of the world. Now, after the verdicts says that the nicknamed “Tot Mom” is not guilty of murder, Nancy Grace, who railed against Anthony says she is shocked regarding the blindness of the verdict, Huffington Post reports.

After a trial that lasted 33 days Nancy Grace lost the case. Defendant Casey Anthony, mother of Caylee, who was two years old, was found not guilty of murdering her own daughter. The conclusion was that the little girl has drowned. If Anthony were found guilty, she would have faced the toughest sentence in the American law system: the death penalty.

After the verdict, Grace speaks out. “It’s tough when you think about Caylee and you think about this evidence and you think about all those days that Tot Mom went about partying as if Caylee had never existed.” She sais that she is as stunned by this case and the way it ended as everyone was when in 1995 O;J. Simpson was found not guilty for the murder of his wife and a friend of hers. When talking about what Tot Mom – as she nickanemd her – has got waiting for her now, that she is free, Grace says that Anthony may be taking profit of her story: maybe a “big fat book deal” or a “made for TV movie.

Casey Anthony’s daughter was found dead in the woods near her family home in December 2008. The prosecutors argue that the mother killed the baby because she interfered with her partying and love life. The defense lawyers believe that these motifs are shallow, as she could have left the child with her grandparents. In addition, there is no evidence that states the mother was present at the scene where the body of Caylee was discovered.

Even though she wasn’t found guilty for murder, Casey Anthony is still waiting for another sentence, after being judged fro lying to law enforcement.

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  1. I am writing this from Canada, I sit here and see the defense partying after the verdict. I find this very repugnant and wish the U.S. did not have the “Double Jeopardy” rule.

  2. so sad, who killed Caylee? If not Casey then WHO? Poor baby girl thrown away like trash, Now the lies will continue because she and her lawyers have been able to convince a jury she is not guilty. 12 people that chose to ignore the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE….liar,liar liar…this jury made a BIG
    BIG mistake…..GOD will take HIS judgement at the time He chooses…it will happen. She should be rendered sterile
    because she will do it again…if she should feel the need.
    Little Caylee rest in peace baby girl…….
    the one that took this precious little girls life WILL PAY GODS WAY.

  3. My theory is that Casey did murder her daughter. Maybe not intentionally. Could she have used the method of using chloroform to put the baby to sleep so she could go out and party? No babysitter……no unwanted criticism from her parents as to her lifestyle if they were babysitting little Caylee. But, possibly using the chloroform method the last time proved to be too much for this little one’s body and died. Casey panicked and disposed of Caylee’s body. No matter which way you look at it……this so-called mother is a piece of work. Throwing her dad under the bus. Throwing her brother under the bus. This girl has no shame……no morals… soul.

  4. When the jury was picked and I saw a nursing student on the list (plus other nurses on the short list) I was worried. Very worried. Not the brightest. I’m around nursing students every day. Trust me—not the brightest.

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