Casey Anthony and Octomom – America’s most hated

A recent survey about who is America’s most hated figure revealed two top sports: Casey Anthony, the mother of the 2-year-old found dead in the woods, and Octomom, the mother of octuplets accused of searching for media attention due to her special social status.

The list of America’s most hated includes names of both famous and common people, which came into the public eye’s attention with stories that were far from being considered complimentary on their address. The top spot is taken by Casey Anthony.  Earlier this year, Anthony, who faced charges of murdering her own daughter for superficial and selfish reasons, was facing life in prison or worse: the death sentence. However, at the end of the trial she was found not guilty. Despite her proven innocence, she left an extremely negative image in the public eye. Conscious about her status, she has not made any public appearances since the end of her trial. 94 percent of the people questioned  did disliked her. 57 percent of them defined her as “creepy” and 60 percent of them thought she was just “cold”.
The second spot is reserved to Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom. The list includes former football star O.J. Simpson, “The Hills” reality TV star James Pratt, former “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Jon Gosselin and blonde socialite Paris Hilton. Mary Ann Farrell, Senior Vice President of Research at E-Poll explained The Post how the people in the top are chosen: “A lot of the folks on this list are people who are constantly in the news and have non-redeeming qualities.” Farrell explained that apparently, Americans are not willing to accept or understand mothers that abuse their children in any way. This is why, in her opinion, Casey and Suleman will have a secure spot in the top for years to come.

The survey was taken by 1,100 people with age 13 and older. The results were released on Wednesday Nielsen subsidiary E-Poll Market Research.

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  1. Sweet, shapely, seductive, super-sexy Casey Anthony is admired for her beauty & respected for her fortitude in adversity. “Most hated” sounds like a good fit for Nancy Grace.

  2. Nancy Grace’s hatred shows after berating Casey Anthony nite after nite for what….3 years solid. She should have been removed from TV.

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