Carson Palmer New Addition for the Raiders

Carson Palmer is the newest addition for the Raiders team, as his wish to be traded was granted on Tuesday morning. The former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback is supposed to join his new team’s efforts to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

The Raiders have high expectations from their newest acquisition since they had to trade for him a 2012 first round pick and a second rounder in 2013, who might just as well become an new first if the team gets an AFC title in one of the next two years.

Palmer says he understands what is expected of him and he plans to contribute as much as it stands in his power and do whatever it takes to help his new team. He is replacing the injured Jason Campbell.

Raiders’ coach Hue Jackson considers Palmer to be a perfect fit for his team, since he was the one who recruited and coached Carson at Southern California. The athlete has the strong arm that is always needed in a good quarterback. Jackson considers that a teams offence takes its cue from the value of his quarterback and Palmer is one of the best at the moment. “I didn’t bring him here because he was just a guy sitting out there. I brought him here because I think he can help this team win a championship”.

Palmer’s former owner Mike Brown denied his request for being traded repeatedly as he considered that if he had agreed he would have only rewarded Carson constant holding out on the field. The big offer he got from the Raiders though seems to have done the trick and changed his mind after all.

Yet, Brown assigns the trade to one more important factor, rookie Andy Dalton’s recent performance. He stated that the players he will be getting for Palmer will add value to an already doing well team, thus furthering their chances of good results during this year’s competitions and next ones.

Campbell injury was sustained Sunday during the winning match against Browns, he fractured his collarbone, thus leaving his team with only two quarterbacks on its roster, Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor. He had surgery on Monday and will be out of the field for almost two months.

Jackson led his team this year with only one thought in mind “the time is now”, and so he didn’t think twice about trading for Palmer. Carson had his new contract renegotiated and received a $2.5 million guaranteed deal for this season and a $12.5 million contract with a $5 million guaranteed for 2012.


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