Carrie Underwood Criticized Over Gay Marriage

On the overall, artists try as much as possible to stay away from politics. However, certain issues get their attention too and are so significant they cannot show their support. It’s the case of Carrie Underwood who recently has backed up gay marriage.

During her London tour, Carrie Underwood was criticized over gay marriage pledge. Although Carrie Underwood made a stand for her beliefs, her recent pledge for gay marriage has sparked controversy with some people. In fact the Internet features several angry comments made by anti-gay marriage supporters blasting at the country music singer.

The UK newspaper The Independent sat her down for a short interview and asked her, among others, about the scrutiny she’s been facing after voicing her support for gay marriage.

The Associated Press writes Carrie Underwood is in London where she is currently promoting her first UK release, “Blown Away”. “I was asked a difficult question in the last five minutes of an interview and I answered it the best way I knew how” said the 29-year-old singer.

“I do what I do and I love making music and I generally try to stay out of any kind of controversy” she told the Associated Press. The country music singer also confessed she’s not very comfortable with her being a role- model.

She said the word “is really scary to “ her, “because no matter what happens in your life, something you do, wear, say, sing, whatever – somebody somewhere is probably not going to like it too well”. In a nutshell, for Carrie Underwood it’s all about music and not politics.

“I just really try hard to do what I do and try to be nice to people and make great music and if people think they can look up to that, that’s wonderful. If not, that’s OK too” she added.

Of her current attempt to break into the British music market, Carrie Underwood hopes people will accept her there. “We’re kind of being invaded right now, in the U.S., in a good way. I do think it would be really cool if I were loved and accepted here, that’s the hope for this week” said Carrie Underwood.

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