Caroline Manzo accuses Teresa Giudice of destroying her family

RHONJ star Caroline Manzo accuses in a blog post her co-star, Teresa Giudice, of destroying her family. According to Us Weekly, Manzo posted on her blog her thoughts after the reunion of RHONJ that took place on Sunday night. And they were not very complimentary on Giudice’s address.

It seems like the problems in New Jersey have a tendency to escalate. Bravo’s show, “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, is spicier with each episode. But this time, it looks like the girls took the fights too far. In a recent post in her blog, Caroline Manzo answers to all the attacks Giudice launched towards her, including the mean things her co-star wrote about her and her family in her latest cookbook and the scandal between Caroline and Dina Manzo, that Giudice reportedly tried to unveil for a while now.

Caroline calls the Sunday night reunion “miserable” and says that even though she cannot reveal too much about what happened, “I can tell you that there was an incident, which led to an ugly confrontation that destroyed a friendship and quite possibly put an irreparable divide between families.” She says that she is not sorry for anything that she said to Teresa Giudice, as all the things she told her were true.  And although she says she would take back the revealing made about Teresa’s reconciliation with Joe Gorga, Caroline assures her readers that is was not a secret to begin with. According to her, Teresa has told other people about it, too. But the reason she is sorry for “outing” it, is that she hurt Joe. “He’s a great guy with a huge heart”, Manzo concluded on the matter.

One other thing she wrote about is Teresa’s urge to unveil the war between Dina and Caroline Manzo. Although it was a private matter between the two, Caroline says that her co-star tried “numerous times throughout the season and through her blogs to reveal it”, and finally had the chance at the Sunday reunion. She accuses Giudice of the intending to destroy her family, when he always tried to help her reunite hers. “Unlike you, Teresa, I can look in the mirror and hold my head high knowing that I have always given the best of myself to my family and friends” Caroline concluded.

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  1. If you are so worried about your own family. Why are you always fighting them. Why did Jacqueline slap the crap out of you, because you are so nice?

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