Caroline and Dina Manzo no longer speaking to each other

The co-stars of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Caroline and Dina Manzo are no longer speaking to each other. The source of the conflict seems to be another co-star, Teresa Giudice.

Sunday on the Bravo show reunion, Giudice will have to face the audience and the show’s fans from the sit of the outcast. Both co-stars have iced her out completely, Us Magazine reports.

Manzo was terribly affected by the imagine depicted of her by Giudice in her cookbook “Fabulicious”. “Teresa is a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, Caroline told the reporter during an interview for Us Weekly. In her book, Teresa called her former’s friend Italian heritage as false and insulted her son, Christopher.

After spending almost an entire season 3 in a continuous effort to get Giudice to make peace with her sister in law, Manzo came to the bitter conclusion that all her work was in vain. There was no intention on Teresa’s side to ever allow that to happen. She described Giudice’s attitude towards the whole issue as a horrible charade.

Furthermore, Manzo has now to make amends to the Gorga family, who she has treated so badly without getting to actually know them for herself. When she tried to keep a friendly composure towards the family at the beginning of their relationship, Giudice exploded and turned against her former friend. “I welcomed the bad guys, so I became the bad guy”.

Giudice’s behavior influenced for the bad Manzo’s life in more than just one relationship. Aside from her attitude towards the Gorga family, Caroline considers Teresa as the main reason she and her sister Dina stopped talking. During the first part of the reunion she describes her former costar as a vicious person, who used the people around her for her own goals then discarded them. Even though Manzo can understand that them both are human therefore open to making mistakes, Teresa’s premeditated actions designed specifically to harming and insulting the others are unacceptable.

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  1. I don’t know why Teresa felt a need to put those statements in a cookbook. A cookbook. It’s interesting because it appears as if Teresa has turned into someone similar to Danielle, someone whose actions Teresa had problems with.

    I hope Caroline and Dina make up; they both know that family is extremely important.

    I wish them all the best.

  2. first of all caroline manzo is a fake a&& friend. she showed her true colors.. a friend stick with their friend and by their side NO MATTER WHAT– miss matriarch Caroline Manzo. she is a back stabber.. what season 3 all over and see how caroline talk badly about teresa. instead of talking to her either off camera or one.. one-on-one.. she talked behind teresa’s back and made fun of her.. that’s no true friend. i am truly sorry bout the friendship with jac and teresa tho.. i truly hope they can make amends.. that greg guy was also planted on the show to bring out the worse in teresa… Melissa word of advice: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… grow up and realize that it’s ok to admire your sister in law and stop hating on her so much….

  3. Caroline Manzo she’s jealous of Teresa Giudice ..only because she was able to publish the cookbook….she did not.
    Christopher Manzo looks like a Dumbo with big ears.Caroline she has become the ”satan” of the show….following with her Kathy and Gorga.

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