Candace Cameron Bure Is Preparing for the grandkids

Preparing for the grandkids! Candace Cameron Bure had the most elated reaction to her 23-year-old daughter Natasha with a fake baby bump in the new film.

“I sent [my parents] a bunch of pictures of me with the little baby bump and my mom was like, ‘I can’t wait to be a grandma!'” the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff star revealed to Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, October 14. “She’s eager for us all to have children. She was all”This is the cutest thing that’s ever happened I’ve probably many more photos of me sporting an unborn baby than any other pictures from, say behind the scenes, because I was obsessed. It was adorable and tiny.”

For Natasha’s father, Valeri Bure, who was a former professional hockey player 45, believed they were “super cute” and thought the fake birth pictures are “super cute.”

Natasha said she conducted herself “own research” for her character Jazzy on the Lifetime film, instead of soliciting Candace who is also 45 for assistance.

Candace Cameron Bure Is 'Dying to be a Grandma Daughter Natasha Says
Courtesy of Natasha Bure/Instagram

“I’ve definitely heard it all before,” the Home Sweet Home star told the publication. “I always inquire about her because of curiosity. In family meals I try to discuss things with my family, such as”What was happening while we were kids or ‘What was the most significant thing that happened during your pregnancy?”

The Fuller House Alum is the mother of two sons Lev 21, and Maksim 19 and she’s made it clear that she wants to become an “hot grandma” someday.

“It is so exciting to me,” the former View co-host spoke exclusively to DailyGossip in November of 2020. “I can’t wait until the day I do become a grandma, whether that’s a few years or five years or 10, whatever, I love children.”

“The Kind” Is The New Classy author also said she would like her children to be social “more,” telling Us, “That sounds so weird! … They’ve got a great heads on their shoulders. They’re all in search of good people to spend time with, or to date, seeking the perfect wife, and looking for an heir and I’m very proud of it.”

Natasha said on Thursday that she’s likely to experience a “tough pregnancy” in the near future.

“I don’t know, I get, like, sick all the time and I get nauseous,” she explained. “So with the nausea in the morning and everything this I’m sure that it’s not something I want to do. It’s cute.”

Via US Magazine

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