Can You Wear Red Lipstick?

Wearing red lipstick has always been my secret longing, so every once in a while I buy a red gloss hoping that it will be the one that will make me look like beautiful girls in the magazine. That never happens, but I guess no lipstick can work miracles. Just when I was getting ready to abandon my quest for red lipstick, I have come across an article on the Internet teaching women how to choose the correct shade of red based on the color of their skin, hair and eyes.

It is important to make the right choice when using powerful shades of gloss; otherwise, you will end up emphasizing your wrinkles and flaws instead of hiding them. The natural color of your lips is a good indicator of the red shade you should use. Women with purple lips should opt for cold tones of red, whereas those with pink or coral lips look better with warm shades of red.

The previously mentioned distinction between cold and warm tones of red is the most important aspect when choosing not just a lipstick, but also your entire makeup. Stylists recommend women with dark hair, medium or dark skin and light-colored eyes to use bright shades of red because they can draw the attention upon the eyes. Megan Fox and Miranda Kerr are known for the fiery makeup they usually wear on their lips.

Women with porcelain skin and dark hair are usually afraid of wearing red lipstick because they think the contrast is too powerful. However, Dita von Teese, the best example in this case, has managed to find a cool shade that seems perfect for her. If you fall into this category, make sure you use tones of wine or carmine and avoid as much as possible orangey shades.

Coral, vermilion and tomato are the nuances of red that work best for women with golden undertones, that is, women with brown or red hair, amber skin and hazelnut or brown eyes. Although they have blue eyes, Angelina Jolie and Mila Jovovich are the actresses who often don warm tones of red.

When it comes to red lipstick blondes don’t have so much fun as they have to stick with a palette of very soft oranges, such as, papaya, peach and apricot. These shades, however, work best with honey and warm blonde, so avoid using them if your hair has ashy undertones. You can follow Charlize Theron and Blake Lively’s examples as they are the blondes who best represent this category.

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