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Can You Go Nude?

Most women are afraid of going nude because they mistakenly think this type of makeup will pinpoint all their complexion flaws. Others think that they will look washed out if they give up bold cosmetic shades in favor of more soft and natural ones. Experts, on the other hand, reassure women that they won’t encounter any of the above mentioned problems as the nude make up is all about matching and highlighting your natural skin tone.

Lipsticks represent the key element when wearing a nude makeup which is why you need to carefully choose them depending on your skin color. Make sure you get a lipstick that contains a hint of color, so your face won’t look too pale. Women with pale or fair skin tone should wear pink or peachy hues, whereas olive skin tones can opt for darker shades of caramel. Light coffee color and deep honey are more appropriate for dark skin tones.

The best way to emphasize your natural beauty is by wearing the perfect foundation. For that, you need to determine what the closest shade to your skin tone is and what formula you need to enhance your best facial features. When it comes to the color of your blush, there is a test you can perform to see what shade fits your complexion. Experts use a simple trick: they gently pinch their models’ cheeks and then, select the shade depending on the natural rosiness of the cheeks.

Nude eye shadows have become the favorite item of most celebrities in Hollywood because they illuminate the eyes and they do a wonderful job concealing dark circles. The secret to create a “nude glance” is to apply the same rules as in the case of the lipstick.

Although red and cherry nail polishes are still in fashion, there is also a growing preference towards nude shades. Unlike previous years when nude hues were usually equaled to French manicure, this year, beauty experts recommend beige and peach varnishes for women who want to adopt a more natural look.

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