Cameron Diaz to Talk about Cheaters

If Cameron Diaz has something to share, that is an advice linked to cheaters. So, the beautiful star decided to talk about cheaters and offer ladies some good advice. 

Cameron Diaz is the star of the already famous movie The Other Woman. The actress claims that boozing up with the girls is actually the best way to deal with unfaithfulness. The actress went on to add that throughout the years she learned how to deal better with men and she actually became more mature. 

Cameron Diaz claimed that she knows now when to leave from a relationship and when it is worth to invest in. “Boozin’ it with the girls…just walk away. In my wiser years, I know now you just walk away…Do something good with my life. After I sobered up,” the actress revealed when it comes to the way she deals with breaking up. 

Well, Cameron Diaz wasn’t the only one to talk about being cheated on. Kate Upton also revealed that she had been in such a situation, even though it may be hard to believe that Hollywood beauties experience betrayal. 

Still, Kate claimed that being heartbroken is something that can happen to anyone. “I personally think the best revenge is just walking away and not wasting another second of your time with someone who’s clearly emotionally handicapped,” she claimed. 

Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton, along with Leslie Mann, star in the new movie The Other Woman. The movie is already in theaters and it is expected to be quite successful. The movie is a comedy about female revenge due to cheating. This comedy probably inspired Cameron Diaz to make these latest statements. 

In the movie, Cameroon Diaz plays the role of Carly, who actually is a high-powered Manhattan attorney. The movie is quite interesting, so it may be really great to watch. If you are a fan of Cameron Diaz, you need to at least check out her performance in the new movie. Both Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann were much appreciated for their performances in the new movie. So, The Other Woman can be seen in theaters by all fans who want to see the famous actresses in this story. 

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