Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Deal with Marriage Problems

It seems that things are not going that well between Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden. The two are reportedly dealing with some issues in conceiving a child and this is impacting their marriage. According to a new report, Cameron Diaz is struggling to become a mom and she feels insecure and becomes very controlling because of this. 

Of course, Benji Madden could not be happy with this whole situation and this is the reason why their marriage is on the rocks. The news was reported by OK! Magazine, which indicated that it talked to a source close to the famous pair. This insider said that Cameron and Benji are dealing with infertility issues. Actually, the insider claimed that because of her issues in conceiving, Cameron is commonly in a very bad mood. Moreover, the famous actress is allegedly going through some fertility treatments. 

“Benji has done his best to be understanding towards Cameron and everything she’s gone through with fertility treatments, but she’s simply exhausted and rarely in a good mood,” the source told the celebrity site. “She’s put her career on hold, and she knows how much Benji wants a baby, so she’s frustrated and feels like a failure,” the same insider added. 

The insider also explained that Cameron and Benji might also have some problems because Benji is spending a lot of time away. He is currently working in Australia, where he is serving as a coach on this country’s television show The Voice. 

“Cameron’s insecurities have made her controlling, and it’s driving him crazy. Some friends are saying they need to see a therapist or better communicate and get their marriage back on track,” the insider explained. Well, the pair has not talked about the marriage issue rumors, but it seems that Gossip Cop decided to deny the claims.

A source talking to the site said that OK’s report is completely untrue and the pair has no issues. And the fact is that Cameron and Benji have seemed to be very happy and Cameron even took to social media to share how proud she is of her husband. 

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