Calvin Harris Spotted with Mystery Woman

It seems that popular DJ Calvin Harris has finally managed to move on. The star was recently spotted with a mystery brunette, as he was partying in Cabo. Calvin Harris was said to be very hurt following the separation from Taylor Swift, but it seems that the star has managed to move on. 

So, Calvin Harris was partying with a group of female fans on Wednesday. The popular star was seen in Cabo, San Lucas, enjoying a great time with the group of girls. Some photos obtained by Mail Online showed that the DJ has surely managed to move on, as he seemed to be having a wonderful time. 

At one point, it seemed that Calvin Harris was focusing on just one of these ladies. He and the mystery brunette were spotted laughing and flirting. Furthermore, it looked like the two got very close, as the woman was seen resting her hand on his chest. She looked into his eyes and the two laughed throughout the night. 

Calvin really wanted to show everyone that he was having an amazing time, so the star also shared a photo on Snapchat. In the pic, he is seen surrounded by a series of beautiful ladies on a private yacht. “I write songs” the musician shared along with the pic. 

Without a doubt, Calvin Harris seems to be fine, at least now. After the separation news from Taylor Swift emerged, insiders claimed that the musician felt betrayed by Taylor, who started to date actor Tom Hiddleston almost immediately after the split. Of course, Calvin Harris has constantly been followed around by the paparazzi since the split and the star seems to be really bothered by the media attention. A couple of days ago, he said that because of a paparazzo he slammed the door of his car to a wall. 

Well, sources have claimed that following the split from Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris is no longer interested in dating famous women. Reportedly, he thinks that celebrities, including Taylor, are narcissistic. The reason why Calvin and Taylor separated has not been revealed. 

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