Calvin Harris Might have moved on from Taylor Swift breakup

After numerous rumors indicated that Calvin Harris has felt betrayed with the fact that his former girlfriend, Taylor Swift, started to date someone else immediately after the former pair separated, now it seems that the popular DJ might have already moved on. 

Calvin Harris decided to refollow Taylor Swift on Instagram and Twitter. The star previously unfollowed her after rumors on Taylor’s relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston emerged online. Allegedly, Calvin’s move to refollow Taylor indicates that he has managed to move on from his former relationship. 

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift separated earlier this month. The pair has not confirmed the reason of the split, but it seemed that they remained in good terms. The musician claimed that he still had “a huge amount of love and respect” for his former girlfriend. However, all of the sudden, Calvin unfollowed Taylor from his social media accounts and deleted all photos and posts with the star. 

Soon after, reports indicated that Calvin was very upset with the fact that Taylor was in a relationship with Tom. However, Calvin dismissed the claims by saying that “it’s all good. She doing her thing.” The reason of the split remains unknown, but some insiders have claimed that the pair separated because of Tom. Taylor and Tom danced together at the Met Gala and from there things might have evolved between the two. 

Other rumors said that Calvin ended the romance because he was not ready for marriage and Taylor wanted commitment. Of course, the former couple has not addressed any of these rumors, thus, the reason why things ended is yet to be found out. 

Taylor and Tom were spotted together for the first time earlier this month. And it seems that things are going really well between them. After being spotted dancing at Selena Gomez’s latest concert, Taylor and Tom were seen holding hands when leaving the venue. Without a doubt, Taylor and Tom are ready to let everyone know that they are a couple. The pair was photographed by Mail Online. They seemed quite happy and relaxed. 

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