Call center becomes a concentration camp

The whip beaten on his legs a few phone calls to call centers that beat the weak, the prohibition to get up in the bathroom if they had already made a number of calls and getting appointments with vendors to introduce the anti-mite vacuum cleaner , in steps from door to door. Humiliating reminders in front of all those who do not achieve the objectives set and, conversely, awards, certificates of applause and praise for those who improve their performance: “I admire you so much, never try to disappoint,” reads one of the scrolls seized by the Guardia Finance company in Florence Italcarone Incisa Valdarno. It seems to be in the film Virzi or between the pages of the book’s autobiographical Michela Murgia, “The world must know” guide to one month past the phone to make appointments of selling hundreds of home vacuum cleaners of an American multinational. Almost the same method and same brand of appliance.
The complaints of abuse made by a dozen former switchboard and former trader at Federconsumatori and the Financial Police have opened an investigation lasting three years that led to the arrest of five people at the top of Italcarone. The charges are conspiracy to commercial fraud and tax evasion. As explained by yellow flames, black sales company with branches in Arezzo and Massa would amount to almost four and a half million euros. The workers were recruited with newspaper advertisements from persons without specialization needed to gain and were drawn by promises of bonuses and commissions. Even the good life that led the coup leaders was: luxury cars and villas (a Reggello kidnapped would belong to the family Gucci).
The morning began at the call center on the national anthem and chanting slogans, holding hands or motivational. Phone calls, explained to investigators, had to take multiple appointments can, sellers enter into contracts and place the vacuum cleaner that was imported for a real value of 350 euros was sold to more than 3,500 euros or in installments of 94 euros for 60 months. Also, allegedly, the appliance was presented demonstrations door to door as “electro-medical-surgical anti mite” with permission of the Ministry of Health, denied authorization from the same department.
Each new vendor was accompanied by an “elder” and the recommendation was to point to the beginning to relatives and friends, easier to convince people to buy. Prizes (including exotic trips) were waved in the event of goals – for example 60 demonstrations a month – but in fact were often unreachable. If you failed the minimum sales goal of the roof, jumped compensation. Turnover was high and many a few months after leaving that job insecurity. They start so early records, stories exhausting shifts (up to 14 hours per day in telephone point) and psychological and physical harassment. The Prosecutor opened an investigation, the Guardia di Finanza acquires films, taking control. Among the items seized in the first search, a year ago, the firm in Valdarno a whip and signs like: “Successful people do what failures do not like. Never forget who we are: the best.”

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