Call App Could Help Facebook Sales

Ever since share prices started to drop, Facebook’s chief executives have been preoccupied to find new solutions that could help the company. According to Reuters, a new call app will soon be adopted because analysts think it’s going to increase Facebook sales.

Facebook announced on Thursday that the company will launch a new call application that is expected to generate large revenue. Based on analysts’ estimates, the application is going to add $800 million to the social network’s annual income. In addition, Facebook will thus be able to develop a direct-billion relationship with millions of users.

The service charging for calls will be incorporated in traditional phones; thus, enabling Facebook to develop a new telecom network. If users adopt it, the application could become the world’s second largest telecom network preceded by China Mobile and followed by Vodafone. Andreas Bernstrom, the chief of mobile calling firm Rebtel told reporters that the serious step that Facebook is about to make could have significant consequences on operators.

Analysts have taken into consideration the report of Rebtel, the world’s second largest Internet calling app after Skype in order to determine the revenue that Facebook might produce thanks to the new service. As a consequence, the social network could get more than 8 million credit cards once the application is brought into effect.

The existing Internet-based provided by Microsoft’s Skype, Rebtel, Viber and Tango have shaken the stability of Europe’s traditional phone companies. Although the social network did not make any declarations in relation to the future service, analysts think it will be similar to its messaging and photo apps. In fact, the company might sign a deal with an existing call service. Bernstrom told the press that he was not contacted to sell his service to Facebook.

There could be other advantages that Facebook might get from the new call application besides the large revenue. Experts believe the giant database of credit cards will also encourage future cross selling opportunities.

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