Cadillac to Recall over 600 ELR Models

Cadillac has also announced the recall of some cars. It seems that the manufacturer will actually recall no less than 656 Cadillac ELR models. 

2014 has started with a series of recalls when it comes to different car models produced by General Motors. Naturally, this is most debated cases of all, involving the recall of millions of cars produced by General Motors. Earlier, Toyota has also announced the recall of some cars. Now, Cadillac claims that over 600 of its vehicles need repairs. 

The defect traced by the company in 2014 Cadillac ELR cars involves a fault with the electronic stability control system. Apparently, this system lacks a safeguard, which means that drivers will not be alerted when the ESC is turned off. 

The fix that Cadillac has planned will recalibrate the electronic break control module, this being part of a software fix, as reps for the company have claimed. Moreover, it seems that only 55 cars from the 656 models in question have already been delivered to owners. Naturally, this makes the whole repair process simpler. 

Luckily, no incidents have been linked to this issue so far. And there are no injuries, either. Cadillac models that will be recalled now are just the last on the list of recalls of General Motors vehicles. A series of other cars have been called in for repairs by the famous company. They include Chevrolet, Saturn and Pontiac brands. 

Reps for the company said that repairs are set to start for Cadillac cars on April 17. General Motors have already claimed that they are extremely concerned with the safety of their customers. It seems that this principle has determined the recall of Cadillac cars now. Earlier this week it was revealed that the number of recalled General Motors cars has reached no less than 4.8 million. 

General Motors is still in a big scandal, as the company is actually accused of knowing about the issue with some of its vehicles since 2004, but failed to react and call the cars in for repairs as fast as possible.  

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