Burger King To Switch To Cage-Free Eggs And Pork

Had it not been for the struggle of social advocates regarding the actual ingredients in the highly successful yet affordable fast food products, costumers would have found not even half of what the companies in the business are putting in our food. Each month brings a fresh insight in the industry and some reports are quite significant. Take for instance, Burger King’s latest food promise: to switch to cage-free eggs and pork.

If you’ve ever took a minute to really think about what’s inside your burger or why fast food is so damn addictive and cheap, you’re bound to have reached staggering conclusions. The concern is that as consumers we can’t even begin to understand what some companies use in our end and smelly products.

Burger King is on a revamp strategy and is working hard to set itself apart from other industry peers such as McDonalds. Apparently the next move was to swear off using controversial ingredients, such as eggs and meat coming from animals raised in cages. My only question to their believed heroic act is why is this happening just now? Or better off, why hasn’t the menu label read by now their products are based on animal products produced in controversial contexts?

Many social advocates have worked hard to get more companies to switch over to using cage-free chicken meat and eggs. Wayne Pacelle is president of the Humane Society of the United States, and he believes Burger King’s latest decision is going to ensure that “many tens of thousands of animals will now be in better living conditions. Numerically this is significant because Burger King is such a big purchaser of these products”.

Now, don’t imagine Burger King’s promise to switch to cage-free animal products will become effective immediately. The move will be gradual. At the moment about 9 percent of the company’s need for eggs comes from cage-free animals.

Just like other fast food companies making steps towards a healthier way of eating and living, Burger King is looking into the market mostly for revenue purposes. The more educated the customers are, the more it becomes harder for fast food companies to deliver. Thus, it only made sense for these players to adapt to the market and embrace fresh products and healthier ingredients.

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