Burger King’s New Menu Features Healthy Food

Five years ago nobody would have imagined that the like of Starbucks or Burger King would have in its menus real and fresh fruit smoothies, healthy foods and nutritionally balanced products. But meanwhile as consumers became a lot more educated with regards to what the fast food chains really have to offer, the big business players have decided to embrace the new trend. Burger King is making a huge step in the market as its new menu features healthy food too.

Fast food chains today are facing a huge challenge. As more and more consumers decided to be more careful regarding what they eat and are shifting from price and quantity to quality, the U.S. is now assisting to the birth of a new market. Starbucks has already decided to bring some of those customers to its own brands and released an organic juice store. Burger King has been quiet about its new menu for a year now, and hopes the 10 new items it added would be enough to make McDonald’s second in the market.

Today, Burger King released the new improved menu, featuring smoothies, snack wraps, made to order frappe coffees, chicken strips dressed in a flour tortilla with a seasoning of cheese and lettuce and three new salads with apple slices, cranberries and apple cider vinaigrette. Be honest, isn’t this menu a lot more appealing than its common chargrilled burgers, salty fries and high fat Whoppers?

Burger King’s revamp has impacted more than just the menu. The new management is looking to expand the company’s customer target by changing the uniforms’ design and even the wrapper the Whopper was commonly served in. So now, when you’re entering a Burger King expect high stools, leather armchais, plastic chairs and none of that grueling fast food smell.

Steve Wiborg, president of Burger King’s North America operations, said: “Consumers wanted more choices. Not just healthy choices, but choices they could get at the competition”.

So far, Burger King’s menu revamp isn’t particularly different from what McDonald’s brings to the table. However, the made to order smoothies and frappes might just be enough for starters. However, as consumers become more pretentious with their food and regulators warn about obesity and high fat products, it is likely that the fast food industry will change evermore, and Burger King is just beginning.

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