Bulimia made Chantelle Houghton infertile

UK Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton confesses that her struggle with bulimia has not left her unscarred: her erratic eating habits have caused her to be infertile at age 27.

The British model and winner of the Big Brother reality show in 2006 tells Heat magazine that according to the doctors, she is not able to conceive naturally anymore. Her extreme eating patterns have weakened her body and she is now regretting it. “I’ve punished my body, and now it’s punishing me. Ultimately it’s my fault. I hate myself and can never forgive myself,” Chantelle says. She expresses her remorse regarding her lifestile and her priorities. All the time I was making myself sick, I was thinking: “Yes, I’m getting skinnier.” I thought I was winning, but I was losing. It’s cost me the chance of a family”. She admits that her obsession with dieting has led to the impossibility of “having a baby naturally”.

Houghton confesses that her eating problems started in her teenage years. She has been struggling with bulimia since she was 14 years old. She says that in order to keep herself away from food she would drink up to 1.5 litre of water to fill her stomach. At one point her period stopped for almost one year.

In 2007, the separation from her husband, musician Samuel Preston, caused her to lose a massive amount of weight. Two years later she confessed that her weight problems are a “constant battle” and “I’ll always have an issue with it”. Houghton has also explained how she dieted. She says she was aways paying attention to everything she ingested and “I was making myself sick a lot, so food was just coming straight back out of me.” After starving herself numerous times, at 27 years old, she found out that her chances of being a mother are considerably diminished. She told Heat magazine that her encounter with fertlility expert Dr Amin Gorgy offered her a scary perspective.“[Dr Gorgy]  said that if I’d waited another three years, I would never be able to have children at all. I wouldn’t have any eggs left.”

Houghton hopes that her story will open the eyes of other young women who think that crash diets are the answer to the perfect body.

Eating disorders often lead to fertility problems. Womens who suffer from anorexia or bulimia are experiencing more difficulties when trying to get pregnant. Around 80 percent of the women are tought to try an extreme diet at least once in their life and 10 percent of them are thought to have bulimic behavior at some stage in their life.

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