Buff Bagwell Involved In Serious Car Accident

Pro wrestling games look seriously intense at TV and some of the blows the wrestlers are hit with seem to have the impact force of a truck crashing into a wall. But despite how much damage pro wrestlers are put through in training and on stage, nothing compares with what Buff Bagwell is now going through. Former pro wrestler Buff Bagwell was involved in serious car accident.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution writes that former WCW pro wrestling celebrity Buff Bagwell had a serious car accident that might leave him with more than just a broken jaw. The former wrestling star has flipped over his Jeep during an accident that left him with several damaged bones in the neck and face.

TMZ writes that the accident took place late Monday, just minutes after Buff Bagwell called his wife. The police report says that during the call made at 1:30 pm, Buff Bagwell told his wife “he was getting ready to have a seizure”.

Ron Gossett, the head of Universal Championship Wrestling, told reporters yesterday night that the wrestler’s car flipped over after going across a raised median on Towne Lake Parway. The 42 year old former wrestling legend had to be sedated by employees at the WellStar Kennestone Hospital. Despite the concerning injuries, Ron Gossett hopes Buff Bagwell will “make a full recovery”.

Although this isn’t the first time Buff Bagwell has to recover from a neck injury, given the age this time recovery might be a bit too tricky. In 1998, the former pro wrestler had a broken neck during fight which he initially thought it will be the end of his career. However, only 10 months later, Bagwell recovered so successfully he could safely go back in the ring.

Back in the 1990s, Buff Bagwell on his real name Marcus Bagwell was a living legend. He won the World Tag Team championship for five times. The most popular winning team he was a part of included Scotty Riggs and 2 Cold Scorpio. By the time, the wrestler suffered the first neck injury he was already renowned for a signature move called Buff Blockbuster.
At the moment, the 42 year old wrestling legend is still in intensive care in Atlanta.

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