Bryan Singer under Investigation for Sexual Assault

Famous movie director Bryan Singer is currently under investigation for sexual assault. Singer is widely known as the director of X-Men. 

The star is actually accused of sexually assaulting a man back in 2013. Apparently, everything happened in New York City. The man who accuses the star of assault is in his 20s. The complaint against the star was already filled. In the complaint it is claimed that Singer abused this man on March 23, 2013. 

The complained was filled with the NYPD on May 9, 2014. According to the papers, Bryan Singer forced this man into a sexual act against his will. Although no charges have been filed until now, Bryan Singer is under investigation. So, depending on the findings, the star can be charged or not. This is not the first time when the famous movie director is accused of sexually assaulting a man. 

Two other civil lawsuits have been filled against Bryan Singer, indicating that the star has abused teen boys. However, these lawsuits were dropped and the story ended well after all for Singer. It is yet to see what will happen in this case. 

What is certain is that two men have previously accused Singer of sexual assault, claiming that this really happened. One of these men said that everything happened in a London hotel room, when he was just a teen. TMZ reported that this alleged victim decided to withdrew the case on July 5. The accusations were made in May. 

In April, Singer was hit with the first sexual abuse claims. Another man said that the star sexually abused him during a trip to Hawaii. This first alleged victim said that he was just 17 years old when this happened. This guy also decided to drop the case against Singer. It has been claimed that the reason which made him take such a decision was the fact that he could no longer find a lawyer to represent him. 

No official comments have been made by Singer or his reps. It is yet to discover if charges will be filled against the famous movie director.

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