Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung Welcome Twins

Double diaper duty! Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung revealed that they had secretly welcomed twins in the last few days.

The actor, who had never announced their pregnancy and never announced their role as parents on the 24th of October, Sunday through Instagram. Greenberg 43, who is a mother, shared an image of himself laying the newborns on his chest.

“We got double the trouble now @jamiejchung ,” the One Tree Hill alum captioned the video. Chung 38, who is a mother of two, replied with two heart emojis . shared the video on the her Instagram story.

Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung Secretly Welcome Twins: Double Trouble'
Bryan Greenberg poses with his newborn twins. Image courtesy of Bryan Greenberg/Instagram

The details weren’t revealed about the baby’s birth as well as Chung did not seem to give any hint about her plans at any of the recent events. The last time she was seen occurred in the Women’s Image Awards on October 14 in Los Angeles where she looked elegant in a red dress. On the 2nd of October she Lovecraft Country star showed off her toned abs wearing an oversized crop top and skirt at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles when she and Greenberg took to through the carpet in red.

In March of 2019, Chung opened up about her fertility struggles while she was freezing her eggs at the age of 35. She also shared that the Real World alum took her Instagram followers along as she learned how to give her hormone injections, determining eggs’ size, and much other things.

“I’ve been stewing over the idea of freezing my eggs for a couple of years now, and decided to move forward with the process only just recently,” she captioned the photo taken at doctors’ offices at the moment. “I conducted my own research about options and finally everything came down to these factors: I’m interested in alternatives. I’m purchasing time. I’m uncertain, scared, but also hoping. I’m the best life partner anyone could get and I’m sure I’d love to have a child with Bryan. I’m not sure when it will occur. But I realized that’s fine. It’s okay to be unsure of when the right time comes around.”

Before the freezing of her eggs Chung expressed her desire to have a child with Greenberg. Greenberg and Chung, who got married in February 2015 following their first date to date in 2012 didn’t have children prior to having twins.

The following time, Chung stated that she and her husband had a clear plan to grow their family. “We are in absolutely no rush, but absolutely [we want kids],” Chung said to DailyGossip in November of 2015. “He’s going to be a great dad!”

Then, a year after one year later, the It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong co-stars disclosed that they were getting ready to be parents through adopting a pet first. “We have a puppy, and it’s a lot of responsibility,” the Mindy Project actor revealed to Us in December of 2016.

Chung said that although puppies and dogs are certainly different, this was the first step towards becoming parents. “It’s an excellent baby-in-training. … This is an opportunity for us to start. It’s an important move towards our direction.”

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Via US Magazine

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