Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde, the apple of discord

A new episode of the conflict between French and Dutch language has once again plunging Belgium in a political crisis. On 22 April, the coalition government led by Prime Minister Yves Leterme has collapsed.
The Prime Minister, the Christian Democrats and Flemish (CD & V), has submitted his resignation to King Albert II after the Open VLD Flemish party, one of five teams represented in the government slammed the door. The sovereign has not yet indicated whether he accepted the resignation.
If elections are called, they will take place in June, just weeks before that Belgium take the rotating presidency of the European Union.
The poll also occur at a time when support for Flemish independence movement progresses in public opinion. Polls show the independence of Flanders training seduce currently some 40% of Flemish voters.
Yves Leterme had already offered his resignation in July 2008 against a background of linguistic crisis, but the king had refused. He had however accepted a subsequent resignation in December 2008, related to political and financial scandal of the dismantling of Fortis Bank. He returned to office in November 2009.

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