Bruce Willis’s house for sale for 15 million dollars

If you’ve got 15 million dollars, want a collectible item and are a Bruce Willis fan, you will definitely want to have his Idaho mansion. And for 4.5 million more, you can have his night club in the area, as well. Associated Press announced that the famous movie star is ready to give up his estate, but not because he is some kind of a debt, but because he realized he doesn’t spend enough time there to be worth keeping it.
“Die Hard” star Bruce Willis is selling a beautiful mansion placed in Idaho that he no longer needs. The actor has been spending too little time there.

The estate includes, beside the mansion, a guest house a gym and a huge pool. It is perfect for parties, for family get-togethers, or for spending the holidays. A child would have the time of his life there on his birthdays as the pool has water slides.

The house is placed in the Sun Valley area and is Willis’ since the ‘90s. He also has a bar/ nightclub there. And he is trying to sell that, as well. The Mint bar, which is on Hailey’s Main Street is on sale since last year. Its original price was 6 million dollars, but due to the financial crisis, Willis found no buyers for the place. This year, he dropped the price to 4.5 million dollars.
As reported, the actor is trying to sell a major part of his properties in the area. The only one he is still keeping is the Soldier Mountain ski area, which is located west of Hailey.

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