Bruce Springsteen Opens Up About 1980s Depression

Bruce Springsteen has agreed to open up about his 1980s depression in a recent interview that will be released in the upcoming issue of the “New Yorker”. The material covers the singer’s entire career from the very beginning to this year’s rehearsals for the “Wrecking Ball” tour.

Bruce Springsteen fans can find out many interesting things about their favorite star in the new issue of “New Yorker”. Like many artists, Springsteen has had an interesting career evolution, which is why the magazine decided to dedicate a special edition to him.

The most interesting aspect that was revealed during the interview is the fact that Bruce Springsteen suffered from a powerful depression at the beginning of the 1980s. The artist confessed that it was very hard for him to stop all the suicidal thoughts that were haunting him. His therapist explained that the negative feelings he had against himself were caused by his success and his popularity. Bruce had gone from being nobody to being somebody and the constant praises made him think he was not worthy of people’s admiration. In the end, the “Streets of Philadelphia” interpreter overcame the difficult period and managed to focus on his career.

Springsteen’s manager, Jon Landau, has been through a difficult situation, as well. He underwent a delicate surgery to remove a growth near the optic nerves. Bruce was very supportive the whole time; the two spent a lot of time together talking about deep subjects. Thanks to the moments they shared together, Landau got rid of all of his fears.

“The Boss” has also revealed that he and Steve Van Zandt had a massive fight over the lyrics of the 1987 “Ain’t Got You”. Van Zandt didn’t like Bruce’s intention to brag about his wealth in the song, so he wanted to change the lyrics to make them reflect the audience’s needs. Springsteen, on the other hand, claimed that everything he wrote in the song was true and refused to change the lyrics. In the end, it was Bruce who won the battle.

Saxophonist Jake Clemons was recently selected to replace his uncle, Clarence Clemons, so the E Street Band has a new formula. Jake confessed he is afraid he can’t live up to the expectations of the audience because his uncle was very talented.

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