Bruce Jenner Reveals Reason of Divorce from Kris Jenner

Bruce Jenner has just revealed his new identity. The star claimed that he would be referring to as Caitlyn from now on and it seems that he was ready to show the whole world the new person he has become. So, it seems that Caitlyn revealed the reason why Bruce and Kris broke up after no less than 23 years of marriage. 

Caitlyn talked about the transition during a new interview with Vanity Fair, also being featured in the first photo shoot as a woman. Well, despite the fact that Caitlyn always felt like a woman, Kris, who spent all her life with Bruce, never had an idea of what he really wanted. Moreover, from what Bruce and the other Kardashian-Jenner family members said, Kris actually was one of the last members of the family to find out about Bruce’s plans. 

However, these plans were not actually new. Allegedly, Jenner has always known that he wanted to be a woman and actually in the 1980s, he started hormone treatments for the transitioning. However, soon after starting the treatment, he met Kris and had a change of heart. Then, the children came, and the former Olympian sacrificed what he really wanted for the sake of his family. 

However, if Kris knew about this treatment or not is something quite debated. Some claim that there is no way Kris was totally unaware of this, although the reality star claimed that she never imagined what Bruce was feeling. Well, Bruce told Vanity Fair that Kris has always known, moreover, he claimed that there is no was Kris couldn’t have noticed the effects of hormone therapy, such as B-cup sized breasts. Kris, on the other hand, claimed that Bruce had man boobs. 

If Kris claimed that she never knew, Bruce’s first two wives, Chrystie Crownover and Linda Thompson both said that they knew that Jenner wanted to be a woman. Linda said that Bruce told her after about four years of marriage and they even went into counseling. However, Linda finally opted for the divorce. 

Bruce also revealed that the reason was he and Kris separated was actually given by the fact that his wife changed after she and her daughters started to make their own money. “Twenty percent was gender and 80 percent was the way I was treated,” Bruce said. 

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