Bruce Jenner opens up during new Interview

Finally, Bruce Jenner has decided to open up about the experience he has been going through. The star talked in a two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer and shared his story. The interview is set to air this week. This actually is the first time when Jenner talked about the reports saying that he is transitioning to a woman. And it seems that the reports might be true, after all. 

Meanwhile, sources claimed that the star has already got breast implant surgery, as part of his sex change transition to a woman. Sources claimed that the whole story will be featured in a new rumored reality show that will be focused on Bruce’s life. “Cameras were there during Bruce’s breast implant surgery,” a source alleged. “The days leading up to the surgery were very emotional for him, and there was talk about canceling the surgery.”

“Cameras were also present during post-operative visits to the plastic surgeon,” the insider went on to add. “Bruce will have the final approval about what footage will be shown on the docuseries.” Well, this is not the first time when reports indicate that Bruce Jenner underwent a medical procedure, as part of his sex change transition. Recently, it has also been said that the star had a nose job, which he is really pleased with, making him look more feminine. 

The entire process, as well as Bruce’s struggle, is rumored to be documented in a new reality series, which will most likely air sometimes during the summer. According to reports, Jenner has hidden the fact that he is transgender for no less than 50 years. However, after his divorce from Kris, it seems that he wants his true self to come to life, being tired of living a lie. 

“He had enough of trying to fool himself and others,” a source claimed. “Once he realized he was done taking a backseat in his own life, he knew it was time to be honest with himself.” So, Bruce wants to live as the woman he felt to be since ever. How will the Kardashian-Jenner clan see this entire story is yet to be found out. Previously, it has been claimed that the whole family supports Bruce and his decision.

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