Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman

Some very shocking reports have indicated that Bruce Jenner is actually in the process of transitioning to a woman. The reports emerged soon after it has been revealed that Bruce is set to star in his own reality show, documenting his journey. 

For months now the change in appearance of the reality show star has been much debated. Now, it seems that Bruce Jenner is actually ready to be living as a woman. A source confirmed that he is in the process of becoming a woman and he is really happy. “He is finally happy and his family is accepting of what he’s doing. He’s in such a great space. That’s why this is the perfect time to do something like this,” a source told People. 

“He has come out to those closest to him,” the same source added. It seems that this is what Bruce has always wanted. Well, the body changes of the star are quite shocking, so the news can be true after all. Furthermore, sources claimed that to make the transition process easier for everyone, Bruce just takes everything slowly. Of course, his famous family needs time to be able to adjust. 

“He’s being very smart about and also respectful about his transition,” the insider explained. “Instead of completely shocking everyone, his changes have been subtle, and his family has had the chance to slowly get used to his new looks and life,” it added. 

What has his family to say about this? Well, it seems that they understand and accept his wish, so they are giving Bruce the time and space that he needs. It seems that his kids just want their dad to be happy, so they can only support him. Bruce is also said to be willing to share his story with the whole world, so probably he will talk about the changes through which he has been when he will be ready for that. 

In fact, during a recent appearance, Kim confirmed that Bruce will share his story when the right time comes. “I think everyone goes through things in life, and I think that story and what Bruce is going through, I think he’ll share whenever the time is right,” Kim said. 

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