Brooke Muller Checks into Rehab

Although Brooke Muller and Charlie Sheen are no longer together, it seems that Brooke has not been able to overcome her addiction issues.

Charlie Sheen’s ex and the mother of his twin boys has decided to check into rehab once again. It has not been revealed why Brooke needed rehab treatment, but some reports said that the news on Sheen’s HIV diagnosis had been quite difficult for Brooke, making her relapse. 

Of course, this is linked to the confession that Charlie Sheen made back in November. The famous actor revealed that he had been diagnosed with HIV and had been suffering from the virus infection for about four years.

Sheen revealed that he did not know how he contracted the virus and claimed that he told everyone he had slept with that he was HIV positive. 

Brooke Muller and Charlie Sheen separated back in 2010. This means that at the time when the two were a couple, Sheen was not dealing with the virus. However, the news is said to have been devastating to her, as Sheen after all is the father of her twin boys, Bob and Max. “Brooke had a very difficult time in the immediate aftermath of Charlie’s situation going public,” an insider revealed according to Radar Online. 

“Even though she and the twins don’t have HIV, it just brought back a lot of very bad memories of the time when Brooke was married to Charlie,” the same source went on to add. The insider also claimed that Broke was the one who decided to check into rehab after relapsing. The insiders claimed that this was a very positive thing for her. “Within two weeks of the relapse, Brooke decided to go to rehab herself. This was a huge step because Brooke recognized it,” the source said. 

Brooke has not officially confirmed the fact that she entered rehab. Furthermore, there is no word on how much she will spend at the treatment facility. However, it has been rumored that she will need to complete at least four months of treatment. 

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