Brooke Mueller’s Relapse Gets Her Back Into Rehab

When it came to living next to Charlie Sheen, drugs, alcohol and hardcore parties were ordinary. For Brooke Mueller, his ex-wife, life was even more challenging as she’d hear about her hubby latest affair from the media. Basically, it’s really no brainer that she got her own share of rehab. Unfortunately, Brooke Mueller’s recent relapse got her back into rehab, voluntarily this time.

Only a week ago, Brooke Mueller was being sentenced to probation over drug possession charges. Her rep was telling the media she was ready and happy to put “this chapter of her life behind her”.  Her longtime cocaine addiction became an issue after she divorced Charlie Sheen three years ago. The mother of two spent more time in rehab, in courts and in police stations for drug possession and even misdemeanor assault.

Rep Steve Honig announced today that Brooke Mueller checked herself voluntarily into rehab after suffering a relapse. Apparently the relapse and rehab came shortly after she paid a visit to her ex-husband’s home in Los Angeles. TMZ writes that Charlie Sheen was so touched by how bad Brooke Mueller looked that he recommended her to see an addiction specialist.

A source close to Brooke Mueller said: “she met up with Charlie again, partied for four days straight at his Mulholland Estate home and ultimately fell off the wagon”. The source added that the relapse occurred around Mother’s Day which she didn’t even spend with her kids, Bob and Max.

The same source added in a chat with Celebuzz: “Brooke’s family is hoping that she finally understands the consequences of her actions. That is, she risks losing all of her rights to the children is she doesn’t get clean – once and for all”.

Mueller might be looking at some time in jail if the court finds out she didn’t stay within the terms of her probation. She is forbidden to drink alcohol and has to pass tests on a regular basis. But her rep, Steve Honig, says “Brooke is doing well and is grateful she has a strong support system on which she can rely”.

According to Steve Honig, “as part of her ongoing treatment and as planned, she voluntarily checked herself into a rehab facility several weeks ago”.

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