Brooke Mueller Hospitalized after being accused of beating her Children

It appears that things are not going well for Brooke Muller. The star was just hospitalized, after being accused of beating her children. So, what has been revealed at this point is that Brooke is under psychiatric evaluation after running off with her twin sons. 

Brooke allegedly beat the children at a car wash after which she was admitted to hospital. Brooke Muller has twin children with her former husband, famous actor Charlie Sheen. The fact that she is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation has actually been confirmed by the Utah Department of Public Safety. 

So, how this happened? Well, the incident occurred on Tuesday night when the star accompanied by her children and their nanny were seen in a Salt Lake City bar. Allegedly, Brooke was barefooted and at one point she got into an altercation with her children’s nanny. As imagined, the police was called at the scene of the events, but Brooke ran away with the children. 

The very next day, someone called 911 reporting that the star had beaten her children at a car wash. The police finally found the family and it has been reported that they were all safe. The police found them in a SUV. Not much has been revealed at this point on this subject, but, as expected Charlie Sheen was very worried. 

The famous actor stated that he was trying to “get my kids home safe. I have no other details that relate to the ongoing event,” the famous actor went on to add. Well, Sheen can rest assured that the children are fine, as a statement from the Utah Highway Patrol revealed. 

“The children are safe and will be released to family. Mueller was taken to an area hospital for evaluation,” an official statement said. “The State Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the incident. We do not have any more information to release at this time.” Exactly what determined the argument between Brooke and the nanny and why the star acted like this is something that remains unknown for the moment. However, this is not the first time when Brooke has been linked to a scandal.

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