Britney Spears Walks Off “X Factor” Set

The news that Britney Spears was going to join the new “X Factor” season has been widely spread across the Internet giving birth to numerous speculations. The singer’s first day of auditions was even more controversial as Britney Spears walked off the “X Factor” set giving the impression that she was going to end her collaboration.

Viewers who disliked the idea of Britney Spears judging contestants on the “X Factor” show must have reached nirvana when the singer left the set during the first day of auditions in Austin, Texas. According to insiders, one of the contestants tried to interpret Spears’ 2011 hit “Hold It Against Me”, but the outcome was disappointing. The singer stood up and left the room without providing any explanations to her colleagues. Despite this, the auditions continued and the rest of the judges, that is, Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, and Demi Lovato listened to four more interpretations.

The judges took a break and when the auditions started again, Britney Spears was back in her chair. To some viewers’ disappointment, I may add. The organizers of the show claim that the singer was not upset because her song was massacred; she was just tired and needed a break. Later on, the singer wrote on her Twitter account that the judges discovered numerous talented people in Texas. She then, added that she loves the “X Factor” auditions hoping that this declaration could make people forget about her brief departure from the show.

Simon Cowell must be regretting his decision to invite Spears on the show as the public was not very pleased with the pop star’s presence, either. The crowd started to boo the singer when she criticized someone for having a poor performance on stage. Reid, however, tried to calm spirits down and told the audience to stop booing.

As soon as the “Ups I Did It Again” interpreter heard that people thought she was going to leave the show, she tweeted one more time letting people know that she was only having a small brake. The singer reassured everyone that she is having her “BEST time”, so she will remain on the show.

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